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Title : Mismatched
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ISBN : 9781939455567
Language : English
Format Type : ebook
Number of Pages : 291

Former college roommates, Erin and Ridlee, leave Boston for Ireland to track down an inheritance and end up at a matchmaking festival in Lisdoonvarna. Ridlee's a newly minted attorney, and Erin's part owner of the Pot O' Gold Pub, hoping to buy out her new, mysterious partner, some old Irish guy she'd never heard of before the reading of her late grandmother's will. It seeFormer college roommates, Erin and Ridlee, leave Boston for Ireland to track down an inheritance and end up at a matchmaking festival in Lisdoonvarna. Ridlee's a newly minted attorney, and Erin's part owner of the Pot O' Gold Pub, hoping to buy out her new, mysterious partner, some old Irish guy she'd never heard of before the reading of her late grandmother's will. It seemed like it would be an easy thing to do: show up, find the guy, and make him an offer … But the magic that is Ireland and the people who speak the lilting Irish brogue are as unpredictable as the weather, and things get a little more complicated t


Mismatched Reviews

  • Mo

    So, the lovely Wendy recommended this book to me. I read her review and her blurb on the recommendation and sort of rolled my eyes and said… OK, another fecking clichéd book to keep the fecking foreigners happy. Then I read the book description and saw that it was set in Lisdoonvarna (no, not a fictional village). This place is literally half an hour away from the village I grew up in. So I was a little bit excited but also a little bit worried. I one-clicked the pre-order and promptly forgot [...]

  • Wendy'sThoughts

    4 From Pot O' Gold to Pot O' Love Stars * * * *Oh, the desire to say all of the silly phrases we, Americans, think are Irish right nowI will not. First, because I have more discipline than that and second, because I have learned well from my Mentor of all things Irish, Mo never to feck around with that shite.This was a very sweet and fun story done by accomplished authors. They took two friends from collegedifferent from each other but bonded for all eternity. One was a granddaughter to a savvy, [...]

  • NinaReader

    This was a cute story about two best friends, Erin and Ridlee. It's unique because it's told in alternating POVs from them both. They are funny, sassy, and real. They get snippy with each other and tell each other things that aren't always nice but true. But they really do look out and love each other. And their banter and conversations are so funny!!! They are a hoot!Erin is left with only half of the Irish pub that she's worked so hard to bring back to life. Her late grandmother leaves the oth [...]

  • Meagan

    Forget green beer, the best way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day is a hottie with an Irish brogue. So in preparation of March 17th I snuggled up with not one, but two Irish charmers in Mismatched.The start of Erin and Ridlee’s story, while cute, was a bit slow. I like my romance with substance, and a good backstory goes a long way, but I felt a lot of the first 1/3 of the novel was a bit jumbled together. The story surrounding Erin and her pub back in Boston (her grandmother kicked the bucket [...]

  • ..Ciel.. ~ Catty Reader

    3/5 starsI'm not sure, I think for the most part, this book just isn't completely my cup of tea.It was really hard to get into and I actually only started to enjoy it after about 40-50%. That's a long time before I actually liked it. The Irish language made it harder for me. there's also a bit of insta-love mixed in and I feel like there's not really an end to the story. I want to know what happens to Donan. But I guess that's reserved for the next book.Anyhoo, It was an okay read and I am curio [...]

  • HJ

    Ugh. Did not like the mix of the two authors writing styles, nor did I like the trade off POVs between the 2 heroines. Not to my taste at all.

  • Deniz

    Mismatched and I did not get on the right foot when we started offI just didn't feel it. I wasn't even sure what it was I just couldn't deal with it.So just put it aside- I had a couple of let's struggle through it books before that. I simply just couldn't struggle through another one.Then more than a week later I picked it up again. And wonder of wonders suddenly this was less of a chore and way more fun.The first half of this seemed so cliche. The whole insta-lust.Ridley's view of Ireland- and [...]

  • Natalie

    Sad to say but I just could not get into this book I have loved all of Elle Casey's other books but this book just did not hook me. The first quarter just waffled and I found myself doing some speed reading to get through the gaping holes in the story. The two main characters have no substance, and I just could not make myself like either of them - no effort was put into seeing how they felt on a deeper level, their thoughts and comments seemed so silly at times (more often than not). The men di [...]

  • Southern Belle Book Blog

    So I was all excited to write this raving review. I still am. But I have to put this out there first. The ending left me hanging. It felt so incomplete. There was so much left open. And best I can figure out, it’s a standalone. And because of the ending, I’m feeling kind of down. But up until the ending, seriously the last page, I loved this book. The humor of Mismatched is awesome. I laughed so much while reading. I especially loved the all the talk about Big Dick. You see, Big Dick, is a h [...]

  • Samantha Julmisse

    First, I just want to say that after I finished this book I found myself talking with an Irish lilt. That's very important, considering I spent half an hour calling my sister a " wee lass". Mismatched is a love story filled with humor, romance, and all that legal mumbo jumbo I can't wrap my head around any way. The first lines caught my attention from the very beginning, and at times I found myself tearing through the book with a fierce need to know what happened next. Our main characters Erin a [...]

  • JBird831

    There were definitely some funny parts in this book but overall I just couldn't connect with either main character or the storyline The flow was of the story was all over the place, some of it was predictable and at times it felt like there was a lot of fluff I wasn't really happy about the ending, it felt rushed and things felt unfinished We get Erin's semi HEA but what about Ridlee?

  • Karen

    Fun in Ireland!!!

  • Mischa

    It wasn't bad and I really laughed at times. However, several things: - I did not particularly understand why was it a dual POV from two friends? I mean, I'd get it if they both found love and stuff, but Ridlee's pov basically just complimented Erin's (which could have been told from Erin's point of view) and her love interest in the book didn't even pan out.- the book was supposed to be about finding the person who's the owner of the bar and buy him out. It just felt like that for most of the b [...]

  • Rhonda Sanborn

    A crazy rideThis is a well written story, full of quirky jokes and innuendos. Anyone who picks up this book will be left in stitches all the way to the hea

  • Isabel

    Love this bookBest friends, travel, and romance. A very good read. This book deserves a follow-up book. I enjoyed the journey the book took me on.

  • Angela Kitchen

    really 3.5 -- the story varied for me. I didn't really get on with the alternating chapters from the two points of view

  • Cheri Franko

    Fun. Ending was pretty abrupt though. Wish it would've kept going. ;)

  • Jo - *✽*•.★Reading Is My Bliss★.•*✽*

    I love it when I come across a story that is nothing like anything I have read in the huge abyss of the book world. This book is the perfect read when you just want to rug up on the couch and get lost in a great story.Erin has spent the last few years working her ass off in a pub owned by her grandmother in downtown Boston. She has pretty much single handedly turned the whole business around and growing it into a successful bar. The Pot 'O' Gold pub is where her future is. When her grandmother p [...]

  • Jennifer

    I got this book because of reading several other by Elle Casey (which I loved by the way). This one is no exception, made me laugh and I loved the characters, even if some were cliche.Now I just want to keep reading to find out what happens with Ridlee and Donal and how does Erin and Michael fair.When is the next book?

  • ThatTransylvanianChick

    I have read the Rebel trilogy by Elle Casey and absolutely loved it; Rebel became an all-time fave BBF.Now, it was a little bit harder to get into this one - due to a funk I was in from another book I read before - but it picks up and gets you sucked in, after a while. It also takes you to Ireland, making you feel like you're there, seeing what the characters are. Erin and Ridlee go to Ireland, where they meet two sexy Irish men. The book is told from dual POV, so we get to know both girls' feel [...]

  • Stephanie Villere

    Love across the world?! This book is Mismatched written by Elle Casey. I have not yet read anything by Elle that I didn't love, and this book is no exception. It's about Erin, who's Grandmother has passed away and left her HALF of the pub that she has been running singlehandedly for the last several years, and her best friend Ridlee, who has just completed her training as an attorney, and their trip to Ireland. The ladies are in search of the other half owner of the pub so they can buy him out a [...]

  • Danielle

    Perfect Escape ReadI enjoyed this book even though I wasn't sure at the beginning as I have to figure out the Irish translation but once I did I fell in love With Erin and Ridlee. Erin is strong,independent, and sexy woman that has inherited her bar from grandma only to find out she has to share it. Erin and her best friend go on an adventure to find this partner all the way in Ireland. Adventures are happening and love finds you when you aren't looking This is a very good read and makes me want [...]

  • Kait

    Erin and Ridlee are two single successful women living in Boston. Erin's grandmother's sudden passing has left more questions than answers. Suddenly Erin is forced to go back home to Ireland to find out who else holds half the rights to the Pot-O-Gold bar. She and Ridlee hop across the pond and stay in a quaint B&B while hunting down the lawyer who can get them back to Boston. What Ridlee and Erin don't plan on is falling for blue eyes and brogues.

  • Shannon The Romance Addict!

    3.5 I'm Not sure how to rate this book. I liked it but it wasdifferent. First it dual POV, but it the two friends POV not the male and female characters. In the end it mostly Erin story. IDK I felt it ending pretty fast too. With a Happy for now ending.d what happened to Ridlee and her HEA? IDK it was like it was two books(Erin and Ridlees) then at the end it only told the ending of one of the stories??? Also I didn't feel the deep love or connection between them either?!?!

  • Tina

    3.5 stars. I nearly put this book down a few times but I am glad I persevered. The story is told from the perspectives of two friends Erin and Ridlee travelling to Erin's home country of Ireland to sort out her grandmothers will. Both have sideline romantic stories, these take a while to get to. Only one comes to fruition and to me the other is left with too many questions. Not sure if there will be another book.

  • Miss M Morrison

    Sorry too slowI was pretty disappointed I'm afraid to say there were some genuinely laugh out loud funny parts to this book and I have loved Elle Casey's other novels but I found this one painfully slowi nearly gave up quarter way thru but I hate giving up on a book so perseveredrry Elle this was not for me.

  • Michelle Clapp

    Amazing and addictiveI loved the characters, all of them. So much depth to them and you can tell that we didn't even find out about them all, which makes them more human and makes me want to read more. Learn more about them. I could totally see this become a tv show. I would watch the crap outta that show!

  • Diane

    I have read practically every book Elle Casey has written and can honestly say this is one my my favorites. I loved the Irish touch. The humor had me chuckling out loud. Makes me want to hop on a plane and visit merry ole Ireland. Thanks for a delightful read Elle Casey and I look forward to Book #2 in The Irish Matchmaker Series.

  • Sommertime

    Reading this book felt like taking a trip to Ireland. I really enjoyed the characters and the friendship between Erin and Rilee. I couldn't get into the alternating point of view between the two girls. Half the time I couldn't remember who was talking. And I was turned off by their business choices. Not cool. I wound up skimming a lot just to get to the end.

  • Danielle from Short and Sassy

    I am a HUGE fan of Elle Casey. Shine Not Burn is one of my favorite books of all time. That said, I didn't get the same feeling from this one. It wasn't really my thing. I thought it would be because of having a Boston theme and set in Ireland. The Irish language and slang made it hard for me to follow.