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The Roots of the Self
Title : The Roots of the Self
Author :
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ISBN : 9780062507891
Language : English
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 256

In this work, the author marshals the evidence for a new science of the self that tries to understand the myriad ways in which individuals become who they are. Drawing on examples and scientific studies, Ornstien sets out recent findings from genetics, evolutionary biology, and psychology to take us on a guided tour of human develoment.


The Roots of the Self Reviews

  • Georgia Roybal

    This book fits my philosophy of life and education to a tee. For several years now I have been tired of terms like "normal," "dysfunctional," and "at-risk." What good are labels with no options available to correct problems? A second reaction to these terms, which this book reinforces strongly, is that each of us is so complex, that a simple term like "normal" can't begin to address who or what we are. Normal is really just that middle 2/3 of the bell curve. We each may be normal in one category [...]

  • Mary Mathews

    This book was one of the favorite "eye-openers" for my students when I used it as one of the texts in a college course. Grounded in sound science and research, it demonstrates how much of our personality is hard-wired in the biology we are born with. I found this information extremely helpful in my psychotherapy practice. It increased my understanding and compassion for the differences we meet in others. I also think every parent and teacher should be aware of this information. Did you know that [...]

  • Maura

    1993 - its a little outdated now - but was an interesting read. My favorite quote out of the whole book was" (page 180 hardback):"I've tried to show that we need to analyze the human personality and know oursleves in a new way, one based on our physiology rather than our ideology. Knowing about how our physiology disposes us toward life may provide us with a way to enact real change that is in line with our character, rather than in line with some artificial or arbitrary system. The brain and th [...]

  • Martha

    bizarre illustrations