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Big Red Tub
Title : Big Red Tub
Author :
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ISBN : 9780439672320
Language : English
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 32

It's bathtime for Stan and Stella, but too many friends want to join them in the big, red bathtub.Stan and Stella are having lots of fun in the big, red bathtub. And soon all of the animals want to join them. First Dog, then Lion, and soon Kangaroo wants to come in, too. But when Hippopotamus tries to fit, the bathtime adventure begins.


Big Red Tub Reviews

  • Charlotte Burge

    The Big Red Bath is a great book to read in the early years setting. It can be used as a main theme for topic work as there are lots of activities it can be centred around. It also investigates capacity and opens avenues for really good water play as well as volume exploration. The animals used in the book are recognisable to small children which creates familiarity and allows for discussions to be had about size as well as weight in relation to how much water will leave the bathtub when each an [...]

  • Kristina

    My 3 kids and I enjoyed reading this book. I thought that the illustrations were good. I enjoyed the kids imaginations in this book. I would recommend this book to others.

  • Kayleigh

    The Big Red Bath is such a fun book to introduce into the classroom. The front page of the book is full of colour and fun and excitement. The book already shows a wider audience being girls and boys as illustrated on the front cover in something they would be familiar with, a bath! The illustration overall is fantastic with most drawings spread over two pages; it subsequently draws in the children to want to see more through the use of bright colours and the animation used. The book is read in a [...]

  • Erin

    Stan and Stella are joined in the big red tub by all sorts of animals, until the suds and waves catapult them around the world (twice) and a flock of flamingos tows them home again.The imagination displayed is great, and it has plenty of repetition, which is fun for a storytime, but the rhythm of the words falters too often for it to be a great choice. I used it with preschoolers, and they really liked it, despite my stumbling over the text more than I'd prefer. This one takes far more memorizat [...]

  • Megan Mccormick

    This book is so cute, it would be a fun book to read to kids while in the bathtub and such or your students. The cute thing is that all the animal that jump ion the tub with Stan and stella are all animals that are in their bathroom. for example the first page has a stuffed hippo in the floor and a hippo eventually jumps into the tub with them so all the animals in their bathroom are brought to life and its so cute the adventure they go on. ]]]

  • Kayleigh

    Jarman and Reynolds have created a captivating story for children to read before and after bath time at home. My daughter loves the illustrations and can relate to the repitition throughout the book, 'splish, splash, splosh!' The repitition allows for music to be created through rhyming which all children love, and this makes the story memorable. The adventure throughout the story enables children to encounter animals from all around the world. I would recommend this book.

  • Emma Dickinson

    Tonight's bedtime story. A fun book with clever use of everyday objects that come alive - lion, penguin and their friends all want to get in the bath with Ben and Bella. In terms of school use, I think this book may make an interesting science experiment in terms of seeing how many animals can fit in a set space, but apart from this I'm not sure how useful it would prove as a basis for further exploration. With that said, munchkin and monkey enjoyed it so that's enough for me tonight!

  • Aleece

    This is a cute rhyming story about friends/animals that join you while your in the bath. The illustrations are nice and bright and kids will enjoy the big pictures with lots of colors. This book also shows how much fun kids can have at bathtime and they can go on an adventure without even leaving the bath. This is also a great story that shows just how imaginations can run wild and can create their own worlds full of fun things all while getting clean.

  • Tam

    Cute, rhyming, book for my 4-year-old. Stan and Stella are playing in the tub when several animals join them (dog, lion, duck, turtle, penguin, and giraffe). They have a little adventure. The last page shows mom holding Stan and Stella in their towels. Throughout the bathroom you can see dog (slippers), lion (toothbrush holder), duck (rubber duck), turtle (soap dish), penguin (slippers), giraffe (shampoo), hippo (wind-up toy), kanga (towel), and flamingos (around the mirror).

  • Abbey Brammer

    I think this book is a great example of imagination and it shows a rhyming pattern. It may also show children, who are scared of taking a bath, that bath time can be enjoyable. Also, it shows children different types of animals. Overall, I enjoyed reading this story and would use it in my future classroom.

  • EclStorytellers

    Fun. Two kids in the tub are progressively joined by a bunch of jungle animals. Repetition and rhyming, bright and cartoony drawings make this a fun read. The kids slapped their legs everytime we said "splash"--made it interactive.Not really sure why the tub flies into space at the end but whatever.

  • Ina

    The big bright illustrations had my storytime audience - even babies giggling. Two children splashing in the tub are joined by an incredible menagerie and take off on an adventure around the world. Each turn of the page reveals wilder and wilder guests: a dog, duck, lion, giraffe and finally a hippopotamus. The rhyming text has a great read-aloud rhythm. Definitely, an audience pleaser.

  • Heidi-Marie

    Fun imagination trip in a red tub. Loved that the creatures who all joined the trip can be seen both before and after the trip. It makes me want to take a bath with a bunch of bath toys. I do own Star Wars and block bath toys.Not quite what I was looking for in my Bubbles theme, but a good one to have on display in case someone wants to read more.

  • Lillie

    Favorite part: I like the mom and the sister best because they are so cute and pretty. And I like it when they FLYYYY to outer space in their bathtub! I can see the North Pole and the sea and flamingos coming their way! And I can see the green land and some stars!

  • Bari

    Adorable. I read this book to my story time group ages 18 months to 3 years old. The children loved it and couldn't wait to see which animal would end up in the tub. The book has bright colorful pictures and repetive text, which enabled some kids to "read along". Great choice for story time.

  • The Brothers

    Enjoyable little story of a bunch of animals joining the kids in the tub for a bath. Love the illustrations.

  • Jessica

    I think children would enjoy it but I found it just okay.

  • Philippa Rae

    Fun, quirky.

  • Mary

    One of my favorite picture books ever! Children taking a bath and imagine a lion, kangaroo, dog, and so many more flying in a big red tub around the world?!?

  • Paul Seville

    Extremely fun read for my 2 year old.

  • Mary

    Hmm. I don't think it would do for storytime.

  • Robin

    This is one of my kids' favorites. We check it out from the library so often I'm thinking of just buying ourselves a copy. Cute, fun story.

  • Katrina

    Cute pictures. Easy read.

  • Lindsay

    bathtime, wild animals, imagination

  • Paula

    Stan and Stella are joined by a variety of animals in a bathtime adventure.

  • Ingrid

    A nice story for a bathtime theme. Simple, bright illustrations, not too short, not too long. Not a favorite, but certainly serviceable.

  • Miss Sarah

    this would make a great extension activity. A brother and sister take a bath and go on an adventure in their bathtub with many animals joining them.

  • MCPLD Youth Department

    Bathtime becomes a real adventure for the boy in this story -- as each bathtime experience should be!! Great Fun!!

  • Jodie

    Fun story for kids. Helps kids who are ready to start reading learn easy words.