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The Gardener
Title : The Gardener
Author :
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ISBN : 9781905175345
Language : English
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : None

Lotte is in unfamiliar territory. After a painful divorce and a great deal of soul-searching she has uprooted her three children to take a job as head gardener to millionaire Brody Keegan. Brody is as ignorant about gardens as Lotte is knowledgeable so it's only a matter of time before the two lock horns.

The Gardener Reviews

  • Vivone Os

    Knjizi me je prvo privukla naslovnica. Također me je privukao i tekst s naslovnice: "Zanimljiva i zavodljiva priča o ljubavi, požudi i - vrtlarstvu."To što piše samo je donekle istina. Je to priča o ljubavi, ali decentna priča o obitelji, ljubavi prema obitelji, pronalaženju same sebe nakon teških životnih drama i najviše od svega o vrtu i vrtlarenju.I iako se ne razumijem u cvijeće, ne kužim u latinske nazive biljaka niti u poslove u velikom vrtu, iznimno sam uživala čitajući o [...]

  • Dale Harcombe

    Gone as far as I am going on this. I enjoyed this author's book Choral Society and was excited to find this one. Despite the fact that I am into singing and not into gardening, I thought it would be good. But the reality was I found I struggled with it and never wanted to pick it up and read it. I kept thinking it would improve. The mystery surrounding the gardens of Maddon Park sounded good. But the characters, oh dear! Brody is a brash, pompous millionaire, his wife Amber is a spoiled, selfish [...]

  • Zeta Dina

    Prvenstveno mi se svidjela radi opisa prirode, vrtova i svega vezanog uz to. Zanimljiva je i ljubavna prica koja s odmakom postaje sve kompliciranija. Bila sam ljuta u par navrata sto se glavna junakinja poigrava s osjecajima drugih, kao da i sama nije prosla kalvariju slicnoga; sto je odabrala Petera a ne voli ga; sto ima aferu s Brodyijem sve u svemu drago mi je sto se na kraju sabrala i ostala uz svoju obitelj. Odrzavala je aferu unatoc svemu, riskirala ali je ipak sve dobro zavrsilo. Autoric [...]

  • Liliflaj

    Za onog ko voli cvece i vrtove ovo je raj od knjige!

  • Carol W

    Lotte is newly divorced and it still stings. She has managed to pick herself up and makes the decision to start afresh with the children, new career path, new home but she is not ready for a new man. I instantly took to Lotte as she is a strong character who knows what she wantswell for her family, anyway.Brody, "Lord of the Manor", has more money than sense when he buys Maddon Park and has grand plans for the estate, along with his young model wife, Amber. Brody was not easy to like with his br [...]

  • Heidi

    I spent hours reading this while sitting in the shade in our city garden and that at Cranberry Cottage. It perhaps enhanced the feeling of this book to sit in a garden reading it.Lotte is looking for a whole new start with her three children after feeling unsettled and unhappy in London following her divorce. She applies for a job as head gardener at Maddon Park in Oxfordshire. Her past as an architect as well as her new education in garden history have made her very qualified for this position. [...]

  • Tasneem

    I thought this book was absolutely brilliant. I loved the way in which the heroine rediscovers romance and passion, and how she negotiates the waters of love, and being in love. I also liked that she didn't make a choice between the men, but did what she thought was best for herself. I did feel sorry for Brody though, I think he deserved more from her. But their passion and love was very real, and I think she was right in that he wouldn't perhaps have wanted her as much if they had married.I jus [...]

  • Jean

    I am afraid I could not finish reading this book. It was written quite well but Prue Leith was so keen to share her gardening knowledge that the book became tedious for me. Perhaps those more interested in gardening might enjoy reading this book, but I had to skip so many passages because the surfeit of gardening information bored me. Eventually I gave the whole thing up as a bad job!

  • LindyLouMac

    This is the 21st book that I have read published by Transita and it is one of the better ones.Charlotte Warren, known as Lotte, divorced mother of three, architect, garden historian and horticulturist is the protagonist of The Gardener.The novel follows Lott’s growing passion and obsession with Maddon Park after she takes the post of Head Gardener there. Working for the millionaire Brody Keegan and his spoilt young model wife Amber, she finds herself on an emotional rollercoaster. Brody is ign [...]

  • Marina Grbić Mlinarević

    Predivna i opuštajuća knjiga, pogotovo za one koji vole cvijeće,vrtove i sve vezano uz to. Knjiga koja mami da ju se čita negdje u prirodi žalost, ja sam ju čitala u sred zime, pa je ipak sve bilo samo u mašti.A wonderful and relaxing book, especially for those who like flowers, gardens and everything related to it. A book that mumbled to be read somewhere in nature unfortunately, I read it in the middle of winter, so it was all in the imagination.

  • Bev Taylor

    lotte has separated from her husband and has 3 children she gave up her career in architecture and followed her first love - horticulture now she is after a job as head gardener of maddon park, a wonderful estate that she falls in love with it is owned by brody, a millionaire. their paths cross frequently over what he wants and what she feels is best to restore the gardens to their former glory. plus a supermodel wife with dubious taste what she unearths is very historical - surprised she did no [...]

  • Susan

    An impressive book from Prue Leith, better known for her cookery expertise. Here the research and knowledge displayed of historical gardens, archives and the poetry that introduced each chapter showed a depth of involvement in the story that immediately appealed to me. Lotte is a strong character, I warmed to Peter, found Amber an irritating stereotyped and Brody the archetypal hero. The lengthy scene of the motorbike escapade and helicopter chase seemed out of kilter with the rest of the book, [...]

  • Julie

    This is about Lotte who gets her dream job of head gardener on a country estate. She juggles her job, working long hours, with looking after her three children and her friendship with Peter. But does she love him? Or is it Brody, her boss, who holds the key to her heart? Great story, with a lot of gardening/horticultural detail (a lot of which I skimmed if I'm honest)

  • Rachel Gilbey

    I think that by the end of this I was far more enchanted by Maddon and its gardens, than by half the characters in the book. That being said it had something of a must read the rest quality about it.

  • LindyLouMac

    I registered a book at BookCrossing!BookCrossing/journal/11579206

  • Adrienne

    Great story. Loved the detail about the garden and her passion for gardening.

  • Meteori

    Ne sjećam se previše, ali bilo je simpatično.

  • penelopewanders

    Here as a book ring Enjoyable story about the joys of gardening and a somewhat sober take on middle age affairs.

  • Jackie

    Good book nice story.

  • Barbara Day

    Loved thus book Could smell the flowers:-))