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Shadows Of Tomorrow
Title : Shadows Of Tomorrow
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ISBN : 9781843867692
Language : English
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 288

Earth is at war. Portals are opening across the planet and bringing creatures known as Outsiders. Their only desire is to eat, leaving a trail of destruction in their path. All that stand in their way are the Defenders led by Gareth Walker who can open portals of their own to target the Outsiders in minutes. Gareth's one advantage is an ability to see glimpses of his futurEarth is at war. Portals are opening across the planet and bringing creatures known as Outsiders. Their only desire is to eat, leaving a trail of destruction in their path. All that stand in their way are the Defenders led by Gareth Walker who can open portals of their own to target the Outsiders in minutes. Gareth's one advantage is an ability to see glimpses of his future. For the past decade the Defenders have held back the incursion, but now a new portal opens, bringing something that Gareth did not see coming. As he must find a way to stop this new threat, he starts a quest for answers. He must learn how the war


Shadows Of Tomorrow Reviews

  • Montzalee Wittmann

    Shadows of TomorrowBy: Jessica MeatsNarrated by: Jake UrryThis is an audible book I requested and the review is voluntary.I really enjoyed this sci-fi book. The characters were well developed and introduced in a way that was different and interesting, I liked it and found it flowed well in the story. The plot was always ahead of me, and never what I thought was going to happen. So many twists, turns, unpredictable but satisfying. Lots of action, adventure, of course great sci-fi, creatures, and [...]

  • Petra

    This exciting science fiction story had a bit of everything: ravenous alien creatures that appear through portals, a skilled group of "defenders" who attempt to protect earth from these monsters, named "The Outsiders"; special powers, fighting and action scenes, betrayal, secrets, and even some romance.The characters were well developed and I thought the group of defenders was made up of a good variety of different personalities. I enjoyed the relationships and the dialogue among the defenders. [...]

  • Vicki

    I loved the premise and the words that were used. They conveyed the heart of the characters and the pain of their knowledge of the future. Knowing that they could change that if they varied. The setting was dismal and brought reality to the story. The narration was wonderful, the tone of Jake Urry's voice was fitting for the emotion of the story. I enjoyed the tension and the emotion.

  • Lilyn G. (Scifi and Scary)

    Shadows of Tomorrow is a well-written science fiction book by Jessica Meats. There’s intrigue, action, imagination, and love all wrapped up into a frenetic ride that keeps you on the edge of your seat. I’ve never read anything by her before, but I’ll definitely be on the lookout for books from her in the future. The premise isn’t really ‘new’, but the way she writes it makes it feel as though it is. I didn’t have the “been there, read that” sensation that I have with so many bo [...]

  • Tamara

    Shadows of Tomorrow by Jessica Meats is a terrific book with interesting and believable characters that you can't help but feel for and become emotionally invested in. With the author's attention to detail, the reader can't help but be drawn into the story and the world in which she has created. This book is narrated by Jake Urry and with his lovely British accent took this story to a whole other level of enjoyment. This is the third audio book I have listened to that is narrated by Mr. Urry, an [...]

  • Elliem

    Shadows of Tomorrow is a highly entertaining ScFi adventure novel which explores the notion of what life might be like if you could see into your future. Sounds simple? well not really, not if it turns out that time is not a single, unbroken, continuous forward line. The story follows the exploits of Gareth as he struggles to lead his ‘Defenders’ against frequent extra-terrestrial attacks. The level of adventure is sustained throughout, but with small touches of geeky humour to lighten the m [...]

  • Norma

    ( Format : Audiobook)""A whole new Universe, a whole new life""For some years the earth has been beset by the sudden appearance of Outsiders, terrifying, ravenous creatures which pour out of opening portals "like a horde of zombies in a horror movie". And they are impervious to almost all weapons. Small groups of highly trained human Defenders, armed with unique and non replacable swords, are the only protection. What are these creatures and where are they from?We follow the core group of the De [...]

  • Colin Rowlands

    This book takes some interesting ideas such as alternate dimensions or realities, precognition and predestination and packages them into a book that seemed like a more human version of Pacific Rim. In this book you still had the demonic-seeming invaders coming from another world through portals, but in this case those defending the earth needed to rely on their own strength and skill to fight them off rather than being more safely locked away in mechs as the casualties throughout clearly demonst [...]

  • Shanna Tidwell

    I enjoyed this book very much. I noticed so many similarities to Game of Thrones that I imagine that Jessica Meats must be a die hard fan. No there weren’t any dragons or wolves but if you are familiar with the series you will see the way she pays homage to the series with this book. The narration was great. The story was a bit slow to start but once it is going it really kicks off. I love the idea of alternate universes, portals to other worlds & time travel. This book has some bad ass ch [...]

  • Sweetpea

    This story had so many different elements that I think that it would appeal to a wide audience, including teens. I appreciated that the main characters were so fully developed and I enjoyed their back stories. Portals, alien monsters, action, adventure and clean romance - great stuff! I've listened to Jake Urry narrate several audiobooks and he never fails to entertain me. Awesome as usual. I thoroughly enjoyed Shadows of Tomorrow and would recommend it to listeners of all ages.I was given this [...]

  • Athena

    I liked it, wasn't sure I would but it does grow on you, The action is a mix of slow and fast, it can be bloody but also not as power packed as other books.I received this book for free in return for my unbiased review

  • Melanie Lewis

    Ms Meats has written a thoroughly enjoyable and complex sci fi story, which is raised to greater heights by the brilliant narration of Jake Urry. I'm sure I would have liked this audio book, but the calibre of the narrator takes it up to a higher, superb level.

  • Deedra

    This is an amazing story filled with love, action,romance and sacrifice.It makes you also wonder how others see your heroes.Gareth was injured, dead really, but his hero saved him.After being sucked into a portal and told of his heroes indiscretions,he can barely believe it.People change,especially after a trip through death.Monsters that eat flesh also come out of the portals.This all sides can get behind to fight.Jake Urry is the perfect narrator for this story.I was given this book free by th [...]

  • Scott

    Portals, Powers, and MonstersIf you like science fiction stories that include fighting, portals, time travel, monsters, unique weapons and even romance, you will find it all in Jessica Meats book “Shadows of Tomorrow”. This may be one of the lost gems of the genre and I was glad I took the time to read it. This detailed story is only enhanced by the wonderful voice narration performed by Jake Urry. The book weaves a tale covering multiple worlds consisting of different time periods and dimen [...]

  • Audio Audits

    Gareth Walker is the leader of the Defenders, what he's defending is the planet against alien creatures called the Outsiders, who are entering the planet through portals which are popping up everywhere! There are four supporting characters helping him in this endeavor and each has a special set of skills, Cassie is a true warrior, Lizzy who I feel is really the glue that holds the group together, his close friend Khal and Richard a world class hacker and what you may ask, is Gareth ability? His [...]

  • Simona Nielsen

    Audiobook review: 3 STARS (Jake Urry 5 STARS)I have a hard time understanding the sci-fi genre and rarely it compells me. The sci-fi elements in this book went just like that, however, there's a lot more to this book than just sci-fi.The story also contains elements of real people struggles, suspense and a bit of romance. The characters are very well-developed, so I see this as a different take on sci-fi than other books of this genre. If you're a sci-fi fan please take my rating with a grain of [...]

  • April

    “This audiobook was given by the narrator at no cost in exchange for an unbiased review."Shadows Of Tomorrowby Jessica MeatsA futuristic novel about a group of "Defender," that are tasked with protecting Earth from the "Outsiders." There is plenty of action,suspense , and even some romance. The listener will think they have it figured out when twists and turns hit and you start over with a different idea. The narration was well done.The characters were well portrayed.I love Jake Urry's British [...]

  • Jean

    A Futuristic SuspenseThis book was a fast pace full of action with the main character, Gareth, having psychic abilitiesOverall, this was an entertaining read that covered just about everything from betrayal, action, and a bit of romance.Once again, Jake Urry did really well with the narration.Note:"This audio book was provided by the author, narrator, or publisher at no cost in exchange for an unbiased review."

  • Tim

    One couldn't help thinking that the defenders could easily have their own series or T.V show, this book was written to be made into a script.Plenty of action, a bunch of saviours, love, tragedy, betrayal. Was there anything this book didn't have?I wasn't over keen on the interspersed histories of characters but overall I enjoyed the read.

  • Paul

    Endlessly surprisingIt's quite rare to read a sci-fi and have absolutely no idea where it's going. Great characters, a very real world and a pace that'll keep you turning the page all the way.

  • Jessica Meats