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Once Upon a Haunted Moon (The Keeper Saga, #2)
Title : Once Upon a Haunted Moon (The Keeper Saga, #2)
Author :
Rating :
ISBN : 9781492857839
Language : English
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 242

Magic, ghosts and legend link the past to the present in this second installment of the Keeper Saga. The year is 1765 when eight-year old Eleanor Brown begins the fatal journey that leaves her orphaned. Befriended by a wolf, and adopted by an Indian tribe, Ella soon learns to believe in the magic around her. Though she grows up to find a love that will endure all time, sheMagic, ghosts and legend link the past to the present in this second installment of the Keeper Saga. The year is 1765 when eight-year old Eleanor Brown begins the fatal journey that leaves her orphaned. Befriended by a wolf, and adopted by an Indian tribe, Ella soon learns to believe in the magic around her. Though she grows up to find a love that will endure all time, she must also find the courage to live without that love when the Fire Witch returns. When history falls into legends nearly forgotten, the Keepers must search for the truth and find the answers before the same evil that nearly destroyed their people co


Once Upon a Haunted Moon (The Keeper Saga, #2) Reviews

  • Lana Axe

    Part two of The Keeper Saga continues the story of werewolves and Native Americans. We get further explanation of the history and culture of werewolf society, as well as a glimpse into the past through the eyes of new characters. There is just enough action to keep a reader engaged, but not so much that it becomes tiresome. There is a good balance here, even including some comic relief.I love to hate a good villain, and Zue quickly became my favorite character. Her scenes are expertly written, a [...]

  • Tracy Ehlers

    Five Bright Eyes Stars Another awesome book in the Keeper Saga Series. Ms Thompson has again created a fantastic world with adventure, action, drama and suspense I love the characters ( both human and magical) and I was captivated with the myth and legend I also enjoyed the flashback chapters in this book ( going back to where it began). All I can say is. Read it!! A wonderfully detailed and beautiful written, story that is a little emotional at times Well Done Ms Thompson on book that can be en [...]

  • Andrea

    I really enjoyed this fast paced, full of magical creatures story! It's a fast read, and you can't put it down, eager to find out what's coming next. Very creative, well written and with lots of great imagery, it's a must read for those who love fantasy!

  • Karlee

    During the second chapter, it was done through Brian's POV so I kept messing up because the previous book was done through Nikki's POV. I would say that that would be the only negative. But that was probably just a personal thing because overall, this was a great book. I have grown to really like this Author. This book also goes back in time to Ella's POV, she is known as 'White Wolf' her story and the present story eventually all tie together. In the first story when the Keepers went into the D [...]

  • Pam Newberry

    As hard as it is to imagine, I must say I believe Book Two is better than Book One of the Keeper Saga. Thompson has worked her magic to bring to life the questions that a reader would form reading Book One. Her ability to weave back and forth between two key characters from Book One was nothing short of magical. She held my attention. I'm so looking forward to Book Three. And, now I hear there is The Wolf, a prequel. Wonderful!

  • Linda C

    Enjoyed! A must read for everyone.

  • Valery

    Biggest complaint: anti-climatic endingBiggest praise: First 2/3rds was only slightly intriguing.Second try led to a massive workout of eye rolling and head shaking. Not because of the flipping back and forth between time, but because of the stupid insta-love. It started out fine. Tori, the new girl seemed to halfway have her head on straight. She was kind of rough in her own way and she seemed like she would be interesting. Her character seemed to be someone who wouldn't instantly fall for a gu [...]

  • wei ting

    the story of the white wolf and the perspective of Brian made it confusing for me. had to adjust to two things in one bookthis book is more on telling about white wolf? Brian perspective wasn't as captivating as Nikki's, could do with more side bits to bring more life to it. just started on Wynter's war and glad its back to Nikki.

  • Catherine

    I loved the plot and the back story of the "White Wolf". I just want to read more about Nikki and Adam.

  • Geena Marie

    Good readI chose this rating because I liked the content and point of view. I only disliked the fact that there were some slight mistakes in spelling and grammar. But hey everyone is human and they are easy to look past.

  • Julianne Redmon

    I've been trying to figure out how to say something besides "eeeeeeeeeeeee I loved this book!" And yes that exclamation is that high-pitched girly squeal heard from fan-girls everywhere. I can officially say that I'm "fan-girl"-ing over K.R. Thompson. The story is once again beautifully written. The author manages to make the magic, fantastical, and paranormal leap off of the pages of the book. This one focuses on Brian, who has discovered that he is a keeper more recently than the other five. W [...]

  • Marsha

    While I was not overly impressed with the writing in the first Keeper Saga I did enjoy the plot. The problems that I had with "Once Upon a Haunted Moon" is the overuse of flashbacks and the absurdity of the plot with the introduction of the character, Tori.In this installment, although Nikki and Adam are a couple they face a new threat. It seems that something has awakened the Fire Witch in the Deadlands and she is on a mission of revenge. Apparently she was captured and held in stasis for hundr [...]

  • Sassy Beta Reading & Review

    This ia a Y/A paranormal story that can NOT be read as a stand alone.What a great continuation of the story. The only thing I missed was Nikki's pov. I was so used to her pov from book one that I kept confusing myself that it was Brian's pov instead of hers. I kept needing to go back and re read something to get it in my mind that it was Brian's instead. I loved how we learned about Ellie/White Wolf. The going back and intertwining her story among this story was really well done and I really enj [...]

  • Niki Driscoll

    Another awesome storyline by author K.R. Thompson. Once again we visit the keepers and continue from where we left off in book 1. This book is a little different as it is told from Brian's POV instead of Nikki's. In this segment we jump back and forth from the past to the present as we see how the original seer the white wolf came to be. Old evil seeks to destroy the keepers and they work to make sure history does not repeat itself. This is a fast paced gripping storyline sure to keep you on the [...]

  • Divya Bhat

    Amazing amazing 2nd installmentWell what can I say about it!! The book is very well written and quite fast paced. It's full of magic, action and sweet romance. This book is mostly narrated through Brian's point of view and Ella's (you need to read the book to find out who she is). Wynter is very strong, helpful in her own way and conflicted between family and greater good. There is a new character Tori who is also a very strong character. Nikki is a sweet person in love and pining for Adam.All i [...]

  • A. Lonergan

    There were a few things that confused me about this boo, starting off with the fact that I didn't always know who's POV in each chapter. I felt like this one was better written than the first but I continued on reading the saga in hopes that it would be in Nikki's perspective by how the first book ended. It made me think that the next book would be in her POV. So I was really disappointed that it was in Brian's and a few other characters. Though now that I have finished it, I am glad that it was [...]

  • Darla

    what lovely second part to the keeper saga at first it was a little confusing when it started with ella but it soon came together of course the book follows the first as it continues with adam being captures and dies then how brian sticks with nikki for support in this story brian finds tori, future girlfriend, who is nikki friend from flordia.wynter the spiritblood is a major role in this book as she actually saves the alpha awesome twist in this book

  • Sherri Malia

    Were’s and Native Americans together make yet another hard to put down book from K.R. Thompson (who is quickly becoming one of my favorite authors). It was a smooth continuation of the first book, which you don’t always see in sequels, but she does it with such ease. I love that it kept going back to the beginning so it keeps your memory refreshed with past details and the way you came to know Ella and learned the way she fit into it all. Definitely a series I will read again & again.

  • Donna Langley

    Absolutely love it! Great book so into telling the story I can tell! Awesome story, loved everything about this book. So filled with magic from start to finish and she isn't finished yet!! Lol lucky us because I can't wait to be brought back into this story , I love nikki Brian,Adam and all the rest! Good riddance to the fire witch! One scary lady

  • Lexxi Kitty

    I didn't like that Nikki's POV was missing and we only had Ella and Brian (and bits and pieces of other POV's along the way). I almost didn't read because of that but I am glad I did read. It is/was a good second book in the series. The second sometimes being the weaker part of the overall story arc.

  • Gskm

    Just keeps getting betterI am still captured by this author's ability to weave such an interesting story. Book 2 met my expectations an makes me determined to read book three. I suppose you could read this as a standalone book but would be so much better if you read book 1.

  • Charlene Pratt

    ContinuesThe story continues to keep the imagination engaged. Looking forward to the next. Characters are interesting and the author tells a good story still clean. Well done K. R. Thompson.

  • Sue

    WolvesI am not a werewolf fan but I do love this series. No they are not as expected and become more interesting with each turn of the page. A satisfying book full of magical beings.

  • Teresa

    Seamless pickup from the last book. Love these characters and the storyline. Can't wait to pick up the next one.

  • J.L.

    3.5-4 Stars

  • Sondra Hicks

    Another amazing readI love this book it was amazing. I got lost in the story and it was playing like a movie in my mind. Such good writing would make for amazing movies honestly.

  • Annie Page

    Great adventureWonderful tale spread over years of sorrow and love. The author does how to write a tale to draw you end.

  • A.R. Von

    A 3.5 rounded to a solid 4 rating.

  • qiana

    It's getting deepJust when you like it ok to be happy again some terrible happens. Fantastic adventures and twist and turns. Always something new around the corner and surprises.