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The Mark of the Midnight Manzanilla (Pink Carnation, #11)
Title : The Mark of the Midnight Manzanilla (Pink Carnation, #11)
Author :
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ISBN : 9780451414731
Language : English
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 481

In the latest Pink Carnation novel from national bestselling author Lauren Willig, rumors spreading among the ton turn deadly as a young couple unites to solve a mystery....   In October of 1806, the Little Season is in full swing, and Sally Fitzhugh has had enough of the endless parties and balls. With a rampant vampire craze sparked by the novel The Convent of Orsino, itIn the latest Pink Carnation novel from national bestselling author Lauren Willig, rumors spreading among the ton turn deadly as a young couple unites to solve a mystery....   In October of 1806, the Little Season is in full swing, and Sally Fitzhugh has had enough of the endless parties and balls. With a rampant vampire craze sparked by the novel The Convent of Orsino, it seems no one can speak of anything else. But when Sally hears a rumor that the reclusive Duke of Belliston is an actual vampire, she cannot resist the challenge of proving such nonsense false. At a ball in Belliston Square, she ventures across the


The Mark of the Midnight Manzanilla (Pink Carnation, #11) Reviews

  • Laurel

    A new Pink Carnation novel is always the highlight on my reading season, though the anticipation for The Mark of the Midnight Manzanilla was stifling. How could Lauren Willig’s eleventh addition equal or surpass her previous highly-successful novels seeped in Napoleonic spies, romance and burlesque comedy? Yes, comedy. They say "dying is easy; comedy is hard" and it is so true. There are few authors in the genre who will even attempt it. Willig excels.One of the main reasons I enjoy the Pink s [...]

  • Holly

    Wow! I wasn't expecting to love this book as much as I did. I don't know why exactlyI think the vampire angle threw me off. It ended up being different than that--thank goodness! I simply loved Sally and Lucian. They had humor, witty banter, they had chemistryey were perfect. This one didn't really deal with spies like the others in the series, which worked quite well for this book. I loved the storyline (won't give anything away). Even Eloise and Colin didn't annoy me like they have in the last [...]

  • Lover of Romance

    This review was originally posted on Addicted To RomanceI found this through a online digital service "hoopla" that goes through my local library. I was thrilled, because I have been searching for something different in a historical romance, and Lauren Willig is simply wonderful. Although this story was a bit different than any historical I have ever read/listened to. It has two story lines that are involved here. First we have Eloise who is a student in modern times, working on research for Pin [...]

  • Caz

    I've given this an A for both content and narration at AudioGals, because it's just THAT good!The Mark of the Midnight Manzanilla is the penultimate in Lauren Willig’s highly entertaining Pink Carnation series, and, as with the books that precede it, has a dual storyline which switches between the early nineteenth and twenty-first centuries as American grad student Eloise pursues her research into the life and times of the Pink Carnation as well as her relationship with her English boyfriend, [...]

  • Jaclyn

    This latest installment in the Pink Carnation series reminded me of what I love about this series so much. It's intellectual, funny, and just plain entertaining. This one is zany and it tackles the absurd with wit and sly historical references. It may not show the true experience of spies during the Napoleonic Wars, but if it did, I doubt I would be reading it. I like history, but it needs to be captured in an engaging way for me to enjoy it, and that is certainly true of this book.The Mark of t [...]

  • TL

    I never get tired of this series :)Sally is the sister of our beloved "Turnip" Fitzhugh it was nice seeing Arabella/Turnip/Sally and "Parsnip" (aka Jane)'s family life, their daughter was so adorable! A loving, sometimes chaotic family.Sally, a strong/sensible/determined/kind-hearted girl, can hold her own whether in a ballroom with suitors, her family, or Lucien's LOVELY relations.Lucien: A good man who's been dealt a bad hand in lifehis parents were 'murdered' when he was young, though everyon [...]

  • The Lit Bitch

    This was the book I was least excited about reading in the series. It sounded completely out of Willig’s usual formula…ke so far removed from her usual style that I just wasn’t thrilled about it.Vampires? In this series. No, no, and just no.Plus the heroine, Sally Fitzhugh, is not one that has even been on the fringes of the series up until like the last book and even then it was minimal.However, as I have said before, I am continually impressed with her ability to hook me into a believabl [...]

  • Katie

    So I ended up really enjoying this! I think it helped that I ended up basically reading it as a historical romance rather than a Pink Carnation book.(view spoiler)[I loooove how super-casually they became fake betrothed! And that it wasn't really ever that fake.And I was pretty into the couple together. In a lot of ways, it was more the kind of historical romance I've been wanting in general, with a young heroine. So many historicals are about older heroines (and, mind you, "older" is still youn [...]

  • Jeffrey

    “They say he’s a vampire.” With a bang this opening sentence throws open the doors on what I dub as “Thriller # 11.” Part Sherlock Holmes, part Northanger Abbey and all Pink Carnation, The author subjects the unsuspecting reader to a regency murder mystery/romance that includes all of the classic gothic elements for a tale steeped in superstition.This is Miss Sally Fitzhugh’s story and her entanglement with the sinister Lucien, Duke of Belliston. Sally’s initial encounter with the [...]

  • Jess

    So first, this book has nothing to do with spies. Which is okay, really, because I like what Willig does with more mystery based plots. I still question her choice of heroine, but I liked Lucien quite a bit, and in the end, I was mostly charmed by the historical portion of the novel.If you have no interest in exploring a story outside the main spy thrust of these novels, you do not need to read this bookEVER.If you enjoy Eloise and Colin, I would absolutely suggest picking up a copy and skimming [...]

  • Jenny

    Poor Penelope Deveraux. She has been usurped as my favorite Pink character by none other than Sally Fitzhugh. To be fair, I've loved Sally since her appearances as Turnip's fairly reasonable, levelheaded sister. I really enjoyed her evolution through the book, and now I want a stoat of my own. A stuffed one, of course.

  • Karen

    I will never be able to say enough about Lauren Willig and her writing. This was mysterious, hilarious, and heartwarming, and it reminds me very much like an Austen, where all things end as they should.

  • Gawelleb

    (Je ne suis pas certaine des dates mais bon tant pis je l'ai eu en avril)Bref, c'est toujours bien écrit mais ici pour moi l'histoire a perdu de son originalité. Je lis de la romance depuis plus de 20 ans et je peux dire que c'était du déjà-vu et la grande partie du temps je me suis ennuyée 😔Bon point cependant pour l'histoire contemporaine dont j'aime beaucoup la tournure !

  • Elizabeth (Miss Eliza)

    Sally Fitzhugh spent all her time at Lady Climpson's Select Seminary dreaming of the day when she would leave Bath and get to go to all the balls she could wish for instead of trying to get out of doing homework. Sally has been out a year and she never thought the time would come when she would be bored with this life she dreamed of. If things couldn't get worse the silly people of the ton are enraptured with Sally's friend Lizzy's step-mother's book, The Convent of Orsino, and a vampire craze h [...]

  • Julie

    As the Pink Carnation series is winding down, these books are hit or miss. This one (for me) was a miss. For one thing, the heroine, Sally Fitzhugh was really annoying. It doesn't help that on audio, narrated by Kate Reading, she makes Sally sound like a first class, bratty, little bitch. Of course, after you're half way into the book, you realize she's not really, but still! Lucien isn't that great as a hero and I never detected any chemistry between the two of them (I find it hard to fathom wh [...]

  • Cathy

    I liked this a lot more than I'd anticipated. Not so much for the actual plotline (I could really have done without the entire ridiculous vampire business, to be quite honest) but I was very much invested in the romance. That just worked for me.(view spoiler)[ALSO. The preview for Jack and Jane's book!! It made me happy. (hide spoiler)]And yay, I finished a book. Now I really need to show some self-restraint and not start anything new until I've finished one of the other ones.

  • Jen

    This isn't a critical review, but an observation: Despite the fact that this story, aside from some adjacent characters, had nothing to do with the League of the Pink Carnation, it is one of my favorites of the series! I loved Mistletoe and I love the Fitzhugh family, so the return of Sally was a treat.

  • Jessica Howard

    I didn't love Blood Lily, or Garden Intrigue, so I was a bit nervous about where this series was headed.But I have LOVED the last two -- Purple Plumeria & Midnight Manzanilla are both tons of fun. I especially enjoyed Sally Fitzhugh's delightfully determined character in this one.

  • Beth

    1. Where were the spies?2. As far as this book's actual plot goes: derivative and boring, and yet there were glimpses of potential, mostly with regard to Lucien's backstory. Even that is wasted, though, or overblown.3. The best part of this book was the preview for the next book.

  • Bunbun

    3.75. I liked it, but because I really loved Sally since TMotM I was looking for MORE. It seemed really short in story compared to others in the series. I hate that I'm slightly let down by this book. Dang it.

  • Amber

    I keep trying with the Pink Carnation series, and they just aren't my thing. They should be, but they feel too Harlequin romance for me.

  • Adrielle

    I adore this series. This one centres on Sally, Turnip's little sister, and Turnip makes an appearance. In my book, that's a win! Hilariously dysfunctional and loving characters take you fir another wild ride of intrigue. What could be better?

  • Alix

    3.5 stars rounded up.Based on other reviews I read of the book, I went into it not think of it as an official Pink series book, which I think made me enjoy it even more.I really like the story and characters. I thought Lucien was a great hero and I like the dynamic with Sally. I also enjoyed the mystery, which Willig did an great job of setting and weaving through the story (even though it was pretty obvious).I LOVED all the Eloise and Collin sections. I am SO happy we're finally past all the Je [...]

  • Taylor

    4.5 starsI've been an avid fan of this series from the beginning, and the latest installment did not disappoint. Although having Jane's book follow Miss Gwen's book would have had a nice symmetry, I am thrilled that Lauren Willig decided to include Sally's story. I personally think the Fitzhughs' evolution over the course of the series is one of the marks of Willig's skill at storytelling. While Turnip is still a little silly, bringing him into the action and revisiting the bond between Turnip a [...]

  • Suzanne

    I am surprised by the number of good reviews for this book. I have read this entire series and thoroughly enjoyed all of them up until this one.As one prior poster asked "Where were the spies?" This entire story and plot seemed contrived and tortured as if this book doesn't belong in the series at all. Ms. Gwen makes a slight appearance but I was not entirely sure why she was even there.The book had great possibilities to develope the idea of the murdered couple as spies or counterspies.or somet [...]

  • Darbi Bradley

    I think this might be the weakest of the series. The two main regency characters are only dubiously connected to the main arc of the previous books. So it's only kind of a "spy romance." There was the brief idea of early 1800s Louisiana which would've made an awesome story and then we just quit that thread and went back to the ballroom. Sigh.Plus Eloise! Sweet Jesus, Eloise is an insecure mess of a woman, not an awesome super smart grad student. You're in your 30s! Sack up! Her and Colin have ma [...]

  • Jenni

    And now I'm up-to-date on my Pink Carnation reading. =)I think these books get better was the story goes on. I did like the departure from the regular story line and I have always thought Sally was hilarious, so this being her book was a lot of fun. It does still read formulaic like the rest of the books, though the plot twists in this one were different from those in the other books. I enjoyed both the historic part and Eloise and Colin's part of this book, something that I can't always say. I [...]

  • Maria

    Lucien, Duke of Belliston, is rumored to be a vampire, which is one of the reasons that you shouldn't believe everything you hear. Sally Fitzhugh is ready and eager to help him clear his name and catch the French spies who murdered his parents.Why I started this book: Some series are just really fun fluff.Why I finished it: I struggled to get back into the flow of the story, it's been so long since I read the last one. But it was fun and light, just what I had expected.

  • Sharyn

    My favorite so far! Only one more to go. The end of a wonderful series coming today. But "Mark" is just so funny. Sally Fitzhugh takes center stage in this one and she is just fabulous, smart and funny and loyal. Lucien does not stand a chance!! Gwen makes an appearance, as this is sort of based on her book, and a vampire craze right before Dracula becomes popular. A good mystery, many psychological truths, a lot of love. I will be sad when it comes to an end!

  • Meg

    These pink carnation books are frilly, silly fun!