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Treecat Wars (Honorverse: Stephanie Harrington, #3)
Title : Treecat Wars (Honorverse: Stephanie Harrington, #3)
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Language : English
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New York Times and Publishers Weekly Best Selling Young Adult Series. Book Three by international writing phenomenon David Weber. Two young settlers on a pioneer planet seeks to stop a war and to save the intelligent alien treecats from exploitation by unscrupulous humans.The fires are out, but the trouble’s just beginning for the treecatsOn pioneer planet Sphinx, ruined lNew York Times and Publishers Weekly Best Selling Young Adult Series. Book Three by international writing phenomenon David Weber. Two young settlers on a pioneer planet seeks to stop a war and to save the intelligent alien treecats from exploitation by unscrupulous humans.The fires are out, but the trouble’s just beginning for the treecatsOn pioneer planet Sphinx, ruined lands and the approach of winter force the now Landless Clan to seek new territory. They have one big problem—there’s nowhere to go. Worse, their efforts to find a new home awaken the enmity of the closest treecat clan—a stronger group who


Treecat Wars (Honorverse: Stephanie Harrington, #3) Reviews

  • Paradoxical

    While I went into this book with rather happily (I mean, treecats, c'mon, you got to love them), I was rather disappointed with the way the book turned. The beginning has Stephanie and Karl who are offered an opportunity to go to Manticore to train for three months in Manticore's Forestry Service. This is a tremendous opportunity for the both of them, though Stephanie feels torn as she'd be away from Anders, who she's in a relationship with. Then, once Stephanie leaves, the book kind of splits o [...]

  • Ben

    This book is the third in the series of YA novels that follows Stephanie Harrington, her treecat, Climbs Quickly. While off planet for the first time on her own, in the company of Climbs Quickly and her human friend Karl, Her friends back home are forced to come to grips with a serious problem among 2 clans of treecats who are survivors of a series of forest fires that have decimated the ranges where they live. With resources scarce and emotions riding high, a potential war between clans erupts [...]

  • Kathy Davie

    Third in the Star Kingdom science fiction fantasy sub series for middle grade readers within the Honorverse overall series and revolving around Stephanie Harrington and her treecat, Lionheart.My TakeAs ever, I adore Weber's writing. And I have got to get reading Lindskold's! So far, I've only read her work when it's in conjunction with either a short story collection or with Weber, and I've been very impressed.I hadn't ever thought of how encompassing a forest ranger's job is until Treecat Wars [...]

  • Isis

    I would really like to thank NetGalley & Baen Books for generously giving me access to an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review. The fact that I received this book for free has no impact on the content of my review. I rate this book 3.5 stars, but as it is not quite equal to the first book for me I am not rounding my rating up.This is the third, and possibly final, book in a series. If you have not yet read books one and two I recommend that you STOP HERE AND READ NO FURTHER, as [...]

  • Valery

    My least favorite of the series thus far, more romantic tension than I prefer and there were several major grammar snafus. But, despite all of that, it is still a good book.For my clean readers:mild language and violence.

  • Marlene

    Originally published at Reading RealityStephanie Harrington may be a bit too close to perfect, but the treecats finally reveal themselves as being all too human in this third book of the YA spinoff of David Weber’s Honor Harrington series.In A Beautiful Friendship, the first book in the series, Stephanie Harrington is the 11-year-old who not only outsmarts her parents and all the other adults on Sphinx, but also manages to out-clever the fully sentient native treecat species that has successfu [...]

  • Jen

    First I would like to thank NetGalley, Baen Book and the authors for allowing me to review an eARC of Treecat Wars.Treecat Wars is the third book in the "Honorverse: Stephanie Harrington" Series. I have not read the first 2 books or the Original Honorverse Series. Treecat Wars is partially about the Aftermath of Book 2, where the newly named Landless Clan is trying to find ways to survive while a neighbouring clan has become aggressive. The Landless Clan must fight to Survive.While Stephanie and [...]

  • Patricia Fontes

    Treecat Wars is the third title in David Weber's Young Adult series based in the Honor Harrington universe. The Harrington family, Stephanie and her parents, are recent settlers on Sphinx and are building their lives on this newly opened planet. In Book One, we are introduced to Stephanie and we learn how Stephanie "discovers" and bonds with the treecat "Lionheart." Much of the entire series revolves around the issue of convincing the authorities of the new Kingdom of Manticore that treecats are [...]

  • eyes.2c

    Treecats, protection and status--an important addition to the Harrington milieu. (3 1/2 stars)Third in the series about Stephanie Harrington (Death Fang's Bane--first human to be adopted by treecats) and Lionheart, (treecat Climbs Quickly of the Bright Water Clan) Continuing the story of the struggles, prejudices, greed and political intrigue surrounding the treecats becoming part of the wider universe.Tree cats on Sphinx are still being looked at to determine whether or not they should be decla [...]

  • Tasha Turner

    eARC provided by netgalley and Baen books. I love David Weber and treecats and was very excited to be approved for this book.The treecats are the book. We see them fleshed out. While the humans are debating how sentient they are and whether to lock them up on reservations for "their own good" (that would be the evil humans) the treecats are fighting amongst themselves over scarce resources and territory. We see them making choices to harm or disable without killing. We see them getting clever in [...]

  • Jeff Crosby

    I like the Honorverse as it is now being called. I've been less diligent in reading through the Honor novels. This new series--Star Kingdom novels--being significantly different from the military focus has appealed to me from the start. I find the treecats interesting, but I have not found the time to begin. As a result, I once again leaped into a series out of order, but I couldn't resist when I got the opportunity to read the eARC of this novel.Despite being the third novel in a series, I was [...]

  • Tony Hisgett

    I didn’t really enjoy this book very much, to be honest I only kept reading to find out how the whole trilogy ended.The problems started when Stephanie and Karl move to Manticore and the story starts to fragment. Until the very end of the book, what happens on Manticore is extremely tedious while on Sphinx I found the Jessica / Anders story a bit of a distraction put in by the authors to appeal to a teenage romance audience.The Treecat sections were interesting but overall the book was too slo [...]

  • Caleb

    Sadly, Treecat Wars, like Fire Season before it, lacked the magic that made the first book in this series great. I don't know if it's Weber and Lindskold trying to make it more YA acceptable, but there isn't that extra something in this book that takes a book from good to great.That said, it's still a solid book. I enjoyed watching some of the secondary characters come into their own. The setting and plot were solid as well. the only thing I would have really like to of had is a map.

  • Bill

    A good collaboration and I hope Lindskold will write more in the Honorverse. In case you missed it, see Changer of Worlds for the treecat 'breakout'.

  • Daniel

    This review originally published in Looking For a Good Book. Rated 2.5 of 5It is a little strange that while I consider myself a 'cat person' (I've always had at least one, if not two cats living with me as long as I can remember) and I really like YA books, I have never been drawn to books which prominently feature feline characters. I was drawn to this book by one of the authors whose work I was curious to look at.This is the third book in a series but I didn't feel that I missed too much by n [...]

  • Cherry Mischievous

    My Thoughts:Unlike the previous books, this one has a more layered plot this time. The authors threw in a couple of unexpected twists, which is great! So the character development and the world building has long been established a long time ago with the previous books. And also like the previous books, this one is also a very good read! This being the third installment in a trilogy, I was kinda hoping for a great grand finale to the Stephanie Harrington series but it wasn't it was just kind of a [...]

  • Sylvia McIvers

    Well, this went in a new direction. Book 3 of a YA series, you don't have to know the first 2 to like this one.Stephanie & her treecat have an offer to go to forestry college - an amazing offer since she's so young, but she earned it. This takes her to a completely new stage, and gives some other people in her home-town a turn on the page. Meanwhile, the human settlers are limiting the space treecats can live after a fire burns them out, hence the war. (with all these settlers, are they all [...]

  • Zachary

    This is the third book in David Weber's little prequel series to Honor Harrington. It's also squarely aimed at a YA audience, but it doesn't pander to them. He carries over the depth of the universe he's created for that other series and even hints at the political intrigue that is part of the more adult series. I enjoyed this book quite a bit - as I've enjoyed the others. This one had a little less action than I prefer, but it had its moments. If you have read the other books in the series, it [...]

  • Bill Scheidegger

    Like the other books in this side story prequel, I was not the target audience. However, once you get past the teenage angst and puppy love parts of the story, it is pretty good. May main interest in this series was the Treecats themselves. The interactions between clans was an especially intriguing part of the plot.

  • Karen

    I am really thrilled that we are getting to see the history of human and treecat relations in the Star Kingdom. The characters are growing well and the stories are exceptionally well written. Great for YA and adults alike.

  • Raymond

    Very good series.Hope to see it continue.There is a vast backstory to the Honorvirse and these books are a very good start.

  • Angel

    This was a good book for the series, though not my favorite. There were some dangling ends, so I'm hoping the next one will be released soon! My 12 yr old really enjoyed it.

  • Greg

    I did not enjoy this book as much as the previous two in the series. Would read a fourth if ever written.

  • Andrew Grabon

    A great third book in the seriesAnother great chapter in the overall Honorverse. Looking forward to seeing more in this series. Always nice to have prequels filling in information.

  • Mark

    Originally published at Walker of Worlds.Set in the same universe as Weber's Honor Harington series, Treecat Wars is the third novel in the prequel Star Kingdom series, one which is being co-written by Jane Lindskold. This series is aimed straight at the YA market, and focuses on a teenage Stephanie Harrington and the events following her discovery of the treecats on the planet of Sphinx. The first novel in this series, A Beautiful Friendship, was a massive hit for me, setting everything up nice [...]

  • Bjoern

    Treecats fighting not just for their life, but for their lifelyhood, human playing politics with the treecats and their status in human society and - oh joy - all the blessings of your typical teenager hormonal crises, work together to make this third novel in the Treecat series a very ambiguous narration which suffers slightly under the unbalance between the mushy-fluffy human parts and the very serious (and in my eyes far more interesting) treecat story.The biggest boon on the human side of th [...]

  • Kitta Cat

    Treecat Wars is the third book in the Stephanie Harrington series, a YA spin-off of David Weber's bestselling Honor Harrington series. In this installment, the planet Sphinx is still recovering from a devastating fire season. As a result the full-time members of the Sphinxian Forestry Service are overwhelmingly busy, so when there are two open places on an accelerated Forestry Service training programme on neighbouring planet Manticore Stephanie and her friend Karl, 'provisional' rangers, are of [...]

  • Kathy Martin

    Spinx's human and treecat populations are dealing with the aftermath of the fire season. Because all the rangers are needed, Stephanie and Karl are given the opportunity to go to a special forestry course on Manticore. While Stephanie is excited for the opportunity, she is very hesitant to leave her new boyfriend Anders behind. She is also worried about taking Lionheart away from Sphinx.Staying at home are Jessica and Anders who are dealing with a new group of anthropologists who have to come to [...]

  • Hannah

    Stephanie and Climbs Quickly have been together for several years now, but they still aren't completely able to communicate. So when Stephanie has to go off world to take classes for her job she has to figure out how to tell him that they are going off world. With limited communication she figures out how to explain it, but while she is gone her friends on Spinx, Jessica and Anders, have to help the treecats. The Fire Season caused so much damage that a lot of treecats are suffering. There is a [...]

  • Christina (A Reader of Fictions)

    I'm not going to be writing a formal review for this one, because I had to read it but never would have picked it up otherwise. Much as I love cats, the whole science fiction alien cat thing really didn't hold much appeal and still doesn't. Whenever the roving third person limited POV went to the treecats, I was soooo bored.Actually, I was bored for the first half of the book. I didn't even read the first two books in the series and there was still so much recapping that I was going "I get it. S [...]