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The Pilot and the Little Prince
Title : The Pilot and the Little Prince
Author :
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ISBN : 9780374380694
Language : English
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 48

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry was born in France in 1900, when airplanes were just being invented. Antoine dreamed of flying and grew up to be a pilot—and that was when his adventures began. He found a job delivering mail by plane, which had never been done before. He and his fellow pilots traveled to faraway places and discovered new ways of getting from one place to the next.Antoine de Saint-Exupéry was born in France in 1900, when airplanes were just being invented. Antoine dreamed of flying and grew up to be a pilot—and that was when his adventures began. He found a job delivering mail by plane, which had never been done before. He and his fellow pilots traveled to faraway places and discovered new ways of getting from one place to the next. Antoine flew over mountains and deserts. He battled winds and storms. He tried to break aviation records, and sometimes he even crashed. From his plane, Antoine looked down on the earth and was inspired to write about his life and his pilo


The Pilot and the Little Prince Reviews

  • GraceAnne

    Beautiful and multilayered. A phrase that normally makes me run screaming is "for all ages" but this might be true in this case. I practically had The Little Princememorized, in both English and French, in college, and went on to read Night Flightand Wind, Sand and Stars. Sant-Exupery's life was romantic and fascinating, and Sis ties the dreams of the little boy he was firmly to the adult he became (and there is a certain amount of reflection of Sis' own life). Children will pore over the art in [...]

  • Warren-Newport Public Library

    Peter Sís is incredible. I could frame each page in this book and hang them up. I love how the illustrations are similar to Saint-Exupéry's but not mimicked. It is still very much Sís. Gorgeous picture book biography of one of my favorite authors. (Amanda)

  • Aline Newman

    Having purchased and read this book, I am so disappointed that I am returning it to the store. Peter Sis is a gifted illustrator. He is less gifted as a writer. Must be he and his editor expect the pictures to carry the story, because there is no narrative arc and no emotion conveyed by the words. None. The pages are filled with didactic, disconnected sentences encircling small pictures that force the reader to keep turning the book in circles. That might be interesting and novel done on one or [...]

  • Jennifer

    I'm not going to lie. I found this disappointing, especially having enjoyed other works by Peter Sis, and I feel like it's overrated because people's love forThe Little Prince (and/or other St. Ex stories) blinds them to the work's faults. At its high points, this book's art, reminiscent of The Little Prince evokes the whimsy of St-Ex's works, and the wonder of flight, and it soars.However, most of the time, I found the book frustrating to navigate (*readers* shouldn't have to use dead reckoning [...]

  • Kristine Hansen

    I hesitate over calling this book a 'kid's biography' when I shelve it, as I'm not entirely sure this book was meant for children at all. Beautiful in design and look - reminiscent of "The Little Prince" - but difficult to navigate, lacking flow and continuity, distracting in how the text is displayed on the page and franklyring.This is what's so frustrating. Antoine's life was amazing - the things he did were astonishing and innovative. The art of the page reflected that, but the facts were tol [...]

  • Donalyn

    A fascinating look at the life of Antoine De Saint Exupery, notable author and pioneer pilot. My only quibbles with the book: I found the delicately scripted captions around smaller illustrations hard to read and I desperately wanted an author's note providing more information about Saint-Exupery. The intended audience for this book, young readers, won't have the same demands, I suspect. A delightful book by one of the best author/illustrators working today.

  • Krista the Krazy Kataloguer

    I really knew nothing about Saint-Exupery except that he wrote The Little Prince, so this book was very enlightening to me. However, I wish the text had been written all in one size of font. The main text was simply written and in a size for children, but then there was a lot of smaller text, often wrapped around pictures. I found it hard to read and hard to follow it chronologically. Sis' illustrations remind me of those of Peter Maxx, who I love, but they can be too busy. I don't understand wh [...]

  • Zahirah

    the illustrations are amazing and the little snippets of info within the illustrations are great too but Peter Sis focused too much on Antoine as an aviator. I am aware that it may be the intent of Peter Sis. but he could add a little bit about Antoine's motivations to continue flying after so many disasters or why he writes. can anybody recommend a good biography on Antoine de Saint Exupery?

  • Marina

    ** Books 167 - 2017 **This books to accomplish Tsundoku Books Challenge 20173,4 of 5 stars! I can't imagine how Antoine de Saint-Exupery before was an pilot. I thought he is an writers in the beginning. The Little Prince is one of my ultimate favorite book all the time. That's why when i saw this books in Big Bad Wolf 2017 i pick it up without thinking anymore. Since yeah it is about Antoine de Saint-Exupery biography but in picture books format. I love this books since it makes me understand mo [...]

  • Kelly

    I, personally, found this picture book very overwhelming. There was a lot of text, and much of the information it presented didn't seem to propel the story forward. The sheer volume of text splattered across the pages made it difficult to appreciate the illustrations. The art is meticulously designed and the surreal quality is befitting of 'The Little Prince' (although the "face of the landscape" spread was a little too reminiscent of Silent Hill for my taste.) Overall, I felt that the design of [...]

  • Kim Kanofsky

    I think this book was beautiful to look at, but I find the winding, wrapping text a bit difficult to follow. The story is in there, but it is hard for an adult, let alone a child, to find. Does this page go across left to right and then down? Does it go down in columns and then back up? Why are there 3 types of text on the same page all telling different parts of what is supposed to be the same story? And some of the illustrations don't seem to match the information on the page. It was a beautif [...]

  • Marcia

    I know Peter Sis is an amazing artist. His work is interesting, but I never have really loved it. I also don't have an affinity for the Little Prince, so there wasn't a connection here for me. So many details, side bars, dates, timelines much stuff! I couldn't grasp it all and it didn't come together. I couldn't read this book aloud to kids since there are so many details jamming each page prohibiting the flow, and I can't think of one child who would pick it up on there own and be interested or [...]

  • Karen

    St. Exupery's golden life, full of dreams, fits Sis's style of poetic story telling and illustration - impressionistic, circular like the shape of the world, connected to the universe. This is a special biography to be poured over. It is about details and connections and always something larger. Beautiful.

  • Amanda

    Peter Sís is incredible. I could frame each page in this book and hang them up. I love how the illustrations are similar to Saint-Exupéry's but not mimicked. It is still very much Sís. Gorgeous picture book biography of one of my favorite authors.

  • Edward Sullivan

    A stunningly illustrated and designed picture book biography of the fascinating French pilot and author best known now for writing The Little Prince.

  • Alex Baugh

    Last year was the 70th anniversary of the publication of The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry and in honor of that The Morgan Library in NYC had a special exhibition exploring the origins of this most famous of stories. Having such an exhibit in NYC seems only fitting, since The Little Prince was written in New York while Saint-Exupéry was living here. He had left his beloved France after it had fallen to the Nazis in June 1940.While the exhibit was still running (unfortunately, it ha [...]

  • Mariano Hortal

    Publicado en lecturaylocura/el-piloto-y“El piloto y el principito” de Peter Sís. La ilustración como hilo conductorEl tipo de libro que os traigo hoy me hace cambiar mi forma de orientar la reseña; el texto no podría hacer justicia a un libro ilustrado donde la ilustración es el verdadero amalgamador de la historia, el hilo conductor que sirve para desarrollar la trama. Poner textos únicamente sería injusto y no reflejaría el buen hacer del autor checo Peter Sís, ganador en el 2012 [...]

  • Roseb612

    Jsou tatínci, kteří synům prakticky při narození kupují obří autodráhy, protože bez nich prostě nemohou být (většinou tedy ti tatínci :-) a jsou maminky, které dětem kupují knihy, které nezbytně nutně potřebují (ty maminky samozřejmě) a děti do nich jednou dorostou. Máme takhle doma celou jednu skříňku plnou knížek, které děti dostanou "až budou větší" a zatím si je užívají rodiče. Z té skříňky je i tahle knížka. Jelikož je Antoine de Saint-Exup [...]

  • B-zee

    Biografi singkat Antoine de Saint-Exupéry dalam bentuk picture book untuk anak-anak. Pertama-tama, gambarnya sangat, sangat, bermakna. Bukan cuma cantik, tapi ada simbolisme, dualisme, bahkan emosi di situ. Kedua, riwayat hidup Exupéry walau hanya sekilas-sekilas, cukup memberikan gambaran tentang latar belakang buku-buku yang ditulisnya. Ketiga, semuanya disusun dengan unik, teks dan gambar menjadi satu-kesatuan tanpa format yang kaku.Saya suka sekali, bisa mengenal salah satu penulis favorit [...]

  • Amy

    This was very interesting. I learned a lot of new facts. However, I felt like it was very cluttered too clutteredwith information. I felt that at times the text at the bottom of the page was supposed to be read first before reading all of the little tidbits on each page, but then other times when reading the text at the bottom, I didn't understand the information because I should have read the scattered information first. Still, it's a good biography and would be great for lovers of THE LITTLE P [...]

  • Lois

    Biography of Antoine de Saint-Exupery, daring pioneer pilot, and the author of The Little Prince. Peter Sis wrote and illustrated the well-designed picture book, and like in his previous award-winning books, brings his original style to the illustrations. He created two story lines: one in simple text for younger readers running along the bottom of each spread; and the other for middle graders can be discovered in the words decorating the detailed illustrations. This is a book to read again and [...]

  • Rebecca Honeycutt

    Inventive and gorgeously detailed illustrations make this title memorable, even though the format of the text (average type size and layout on the bottom of the pages, with tiny type arranged out around small, circular inset illustrations elsewhere in each spread) make it difficult to decipher and thus challenging for young readers. In short: visually arresting, but textually confusing.

  • Patricia

    Read for Librarian Book GroupFor some reason, there were three different levels (and fonts) of text on nearly every page in this book. It was confusing and made the information very inaccessible. Overall, a very frustrating book and one that people had trouble coming up with anything nice to say about it.

  • Jennifer Lynn

    I was excited about sharing this book with my son based on the reviews, but the way it is laid out and how things are explained are way too complicated for a kid his age- which is weird considering this is written out to be a younger children's book. I just found it a bit confusing to navigate.

  • Pavel Beneš

    Mám rád Petra a mám rád i jeho knížky. Nemít je, byla by moje knihovna o mnoho pustější… tady není o čem psát. To se musí prohlédnout, přečíst… a nechat se unést příběhem, skrytým ve famózní Petrově kresbě. Je fajn mít přátele, kteří umí takhle nádherné věci.

  • John

    Sis stirs together images and words (as is his wont) to create a biography of his subject's mind as well as his body. Hard to read, like most of his books, and probably more absorbing to adult readers than to children---but a thoughtful view of St. Exupery's inner and outer lives.

  • pati

    Good information in this book, however, the layout of the captioned illustrations make for a bit of confusion. Do I read from left to right or top to bottom?

  • Lynn

    Beautifully done. My question is audience?????? Can't get kids interested. Maybe just here?

  • George

    The combination of long foreign names and the miniscule, loopy-patterned, and italicized writing darting all throughout the pages, my eyes really became taxed.

  • Stefanie

    The design choices make it difficult to read, most of the facts are superfluous, pretty boring overall.