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12 Hours
Title : 12 Hours
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ISBN : 9789350880777
Language : English
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"Sensitive, Realistic and Well-written ... 12 HOURS is a perfect blend of Love, Pain and Laughter" - Sanjay Chauhan (Script Writer of Paan Singh Tomar)Every hour of our life scripts a new story. And, every story is colored with a different feeling - Love, Pain, Joy, Sorrow, Trust, Deceit, Excitement, Repentance, Respect, Humiliation, Loneliness and AngerWe all have been a"Sensitive, Realistic and Well-written ... 12 HOURS is a perfect blend of Love, Pain and Laughter" - Sanjay Chauhan (Script Writer of Paan Singh Tomar)Every hour of our life scripts a new story. And, every story is colored with a different feeling - Love, Pain, Joy, Sorrow, Trust, Deceit, Excitement, Repentance, Respect, Humiliation, Loneliness and AngerWe all have been a part of these intense emotions, which our heart experiences. We grow among them, feeling them, living them every minute, every hour, and our life is incomplete without them. 12 HOURS is a collection of twelve engrossing and beautifully written stories


12 Hours Reviews

  • Nibha Khanna

    Reading this Amazing 12 emotions book 12 hours, is not a book its a blend of emotions the day i started reading i feel, connected with it soo deeply the stories they become a part of my life too. I feel it each story had a deep impact on me. I feel the happiness when Vinay a character share his ice cream with dr Anjali his love , I feel sad when I read the story "He lost himself that day" when I read "the reason is you" i feel hope nd desire can be fulfill by a hardwork named character heena her [...]

  • Meghant Parmar

    Get ready to take a dip in a pool of happiness, sadness, truth, lies and other emotions that a man and a woman can undergo in their lives. 12 stories for the readers and the book is not going to disappoint the readers. A cue taken from everyday life of people around you and set with a lot of realism in them. Only a couple of stories are predictable and not up to the mark. Rest you need not spend 12 hours with it. A good 4-5 hours and the book will take you on a ride of your life with some hair r [...]

  • Mohammed Irfan

    Wasted my 12 Hours by reading this book. Since writing a book is an effort of work, I have given 1 star rating.

  • Jalpa S.

    I picked up this book for two reasons 1. good ratings on and 2.I never read collection of short stories and wanted to try one. But probably not good choice to startVery much ordinary story lines with very much ordinary writing style. In most of the cases, I could anticipate with precision how story will unfold and what will be climax!! It was like reading daily news paper or watching high drama daily crime stories.It was easy read but not satisfying one

  • Dhanashri Matondkar

    An easy, quick and enjoyable read. It's much better than I expected it to be because most of the stories have surprising twists and turns which keep you hooked. The only major issue with the writing is the sheer number of grammatical errors. It's strange that these were not corrected while editing the book. Also the juvenile sketches at the start of every story seem unnecessary, though it is a nice idea, it could have been executed better. Overall, this one made for a nice read since I love shor [...]

  • Rahul


  • Purnendu Chatterjee

    Mahi and Rohit,Thank you for giving me such wonderful reading experience. I loved your book. I am not a big fan of anthologies, actually I never read anthology before this and you made me a fan of anthologies.I loved the cover, the colour combination and the back synopsis very much. I bought your book by its name and cover.From 1st to 12th each story is unique in their own way. The 3rd, 4th and 10th are my favourites. I like the way you named your stories. The most interesting part about your st [...]

  • Mini Sapra

    "A complete understanding of relationships, blended with emotions" that's what 12 hours is ! This captivating kit of stories keeps one glued till the very end. Men and women are shown in different colours altogether.Each and every story sends across a strong message.This sensitive, sensible and sagacious collection is indeed a must read.Well done Rohit and Mahi ! I am sureu have won hearts !

  • Ila Garg

    12 HoursBy Mahi Singla & Rohit SharmaReview By Ila GargThe anthology comprising of 12 remarkably beautiful short stories, 12 Hours, has been published by Mahaveer Publishers. All the twelve stories are quite engrossing and deal with the various nuances of human emotions like Love, Pain, Joy, Sorrow, Trust, Deceit, Excitement, Repentance, Respect, Humiliation, Loneliness, and Anger. Though there is a high contrast in all the different feelings mentioned above, still both Mahi Singla and Rohit [...]

  • Nivedita Singh

    Mahi Singla and Rohit Sharma have beautifully crafted anthology of 12 stories. They have done complete justice to every story by their good research and hard work. This book is definitely a page turning and delighting. The best part is anyone can read it; I am going to recommend it even to those friends who feel that they cannot read a novel because they are too lengthy.The book has covered various emotions like love jealousy, care, anger, craziness etc. The characters are so real so when you re [...]

  • Payal Mishra

    After reading Rohit Sharma's first novel, I was eagerly waiting for his second book, and when I came to know that his next is released, I grabbed it immediately.Coauthored with Mahi Singla, 12 HOURS is a collection of twelve different stories, with varied tastes and emotions. Each and every story has been researched and written exceptionally well by the author duo. The sketches are beautiful and the cover page adds to the glory.The stories are not like chiclit college stories, that's what I like [...]

  • Mayank Kashyap

    12 hours written by Rohit sharma and Mahi singla is a collection of 12 beautiful short stories. The stories are based on different human emotions and relationship. The authors have done a wonderful job with this book which is really commendable.All the stories were good but I would like to mention the names of my favorite stories: My share of ice-cream, He lost himself that day, Forgive me if you can and I'm leaving you.The book maintained its standard through out which is rare for any short sto [...]

  • Samridhi Chopra

    I am not a short story fan, but I picked 12 HOURS for 2 reasons - I loved Te Amo ILU and, the cover of 12 HOURS is beautiful.Well 12 HOURS is a collection of twelve different short stories. Good thing is they all are different, unlike many other anthologies which just focus on love stories. Another plus point is the messages that the authors have tried to convey through each of the story. I completely loved it. Being a woman, I could feel all the emotions. It is a must read for everyone, and it [...]

  • Arun Prabhu

    Excellent bookWriting short stories and getting them successfully published is and art. stories should grip you and create interest. 12 Hours has done that perfectly given that it is a maiden effort of one of the co-author. i have read many of the recent love story novels , as there has been a spate of them, every one trying to en cash upon this very emotion and truly speaking non of them except one or two appealed me. but this book has taken a different approach by capturing the emotions in dif [...]

  • Anuja

    3.5*The stories were fresh and something that we don't get to read that often but I sincerely feel that the presentation and language could have been better.It is really great that the authors came up with stories which dealt with so many emotions. I would also like to applaud the fact that they made wonderful use of the sketches drawn by the talented young boy. Including the sketches along with a few details about the main character was a good, innovative idea. The book is an easy and quick rea [...]

  • Soumya Singh

    VeRyyyyyy INNOVATIVE.I have read the first novel of rohit sharma te amo i love you n it was indeed the most romantic novel i came across n nw after a long wait i have got the privilege to read his 2 nd novel 12 hours written by rohit sharma and mahi singla. a collections of 12 beautiful and innovative stories written with such an amazing creativity . In this novel will unfold the hidden emotions inside you love ,pain,romance,passion,care , jealously, trust. n every sort if emotion u can think o [...]

  • Sampada Shikarwar

    I read each & every story slowly & peacefully aahh!! Too good superb writing worth spending time even during exams seriously you guys have displayed & expressed each & every emotion very nicely & covered almost every kind of phase & emotion of everyone's life One can very well connect with these emotions Plus 12 HOUR is a book i can suggest my mumma to go through Idea of anthology is superb i usually can't spend hours in reading so its good to read small stories just to [...]

  • Shiv Tiwari

    A beautifully written book reflecting each and every emotion of human life. This book will keep readers hooked until the end. Short stories should have a detailing which must be short and at the same time enough, I think that justice is done to the stories by the authors. The writing style is very lucid and simple yet it shows the immense effort and research while carving out each of the stories. The plots are defined in a very creative way. The protagonists in most of the stories are described [...]

  • Monigingir Pal

    Thank you Rohit, Mahi and for the book. It was fresh, dark, complex, it kept me hooked. In every story there was an unexpected twist that kept me thinking for a long time. The stories were real, a lot of people would connect to them, that is an incredible feat. Honestly, I was expecting a bunch of love stories, 12 hours turned out to be so much better. It played with our insecurities, passions, deep dark emotions that are hard to suppress sometimes and impossible to express. All the best for yo [...]

  • Dr Swati

    I just finished reading your book 12 hours and I must congratulate you on your fabulous work I mostly am a thriller fan but short stories work for me once in a while all your stories are extremely engrossing with perfect descriptive emotions. My personal favourites have been I AM LEAVING YOU as it somewhat relates 2 my life and HE LOST HIMSELF THAT DAY as this one focuses on the men who should realize it could be their sisters as well Once again congratulations and all the best for all your ende [...]

  • Priyesh Mathur

    As you know I am not a good reviewer. Few days back I received a book 12 hours. This book is like book for everyone. You covered every aspects of life love, romance, fight, anger, women empowerment All the stories are just PERFECT Out of all stories "My Share Of Ice cream" is just AWESOME Every story starts with beautiful sketches. By this characters are flowing in front of reader's eyes. Some stories make you cry some make you laugh Overall book shows different colors of life. I give 5 Star rat [...]

  • Seema Saxena

    "EACH AND EVERY STory HAS DIFFERENT ESSENCE"As Bacon said "Some books are to be tasted, others to be swallowed, and some few to be chewed and digested" I found 12 Hours from some few to be read wholly, and with diligence and attentionz just Awsome book. from its cover to synopsis,its each and every story has some teaching.They keeps us connected as its characters give us the feeling that they belong to us.I loved the book very much.kudos to Mahi Singla and Rohit Sharma.All the very best to both [...]

  • Sunita S

    12 HOURS is a well written collection of stories. It is generally tough to maintain reader's interest in each story, but 12 HOURS succeeds in this aspect. Every story is different and beautifully written. The reader actually feels the emotions. The sketches are good, and the concept is very innovative. The cover page is a major plus. Over all, 12 HOURS is one of the best short story collections which I have read.

  • Kashish Khan

    I am highly obliged to you dear author for writing such an awesome collection of 12 stories in "12 hours" by you. It was a pleasant experience reading those fictions of different prospects of love that you have revealed in your stories. I have also gone through "Te amo, I love you", an overwhelming love story I have ever read Truly I was in a different world while reading your books and I am looking forward for your next print Well done Rohit Sharma & Mahi !!!!!

  • Dipshi Sinha

    Hiiiiii Rohit and Mahi I like ur '12 HOURS' book tooo much.Every story xpres different emotions.I like these 3 stories mch 'A Selfless Love' ,'A Picture Perfect Familiy,& 'Beg Me ,To Get Me Back'.These story touched my heart.It is wel writen,crafted & interesting story.I like the way u write.I m eagerly waiting 4 ur nxt edition.

  • Ashish Gupta

    I was amazed by Te Amo I love you, and 12 HOURS has proved that Rohit is one of the best fiction writers in our country. The preface tells that the book basically belongs to Mahi Singla, so hats off to her. Brilliant work by the authors. My favourite story is Story number 3.Keep writing well guys.

  • Ammu Nair

    It has the best stories i have read in any anthology. All emotions well put.My favorite ones will be the 1st,2nd(it will be my all time favorite) ,5th ,6th . whenever i see an index I usually check up how much is still pending to get the book completed but the fact was i didn't bother to check it except when i was writing this review.Awaiting more such fab anthologies and duo of rohit and mahi.

  • Sushmita Basu

    Just finished reading '12 HOURS'. Liked and enjoyed each and every single story. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for writing such beautiful stories. Authors like you keep up the habit of readers keep reading more and more books. Not yet read Te Amo I Love You. Am eager to read. Will surely give you feedback

  • Nishant Jha

    One of those breezy reads which can definitely be finished in one-gol 12 stories are pretty decent but nothing spectacular about this book for me. an amateurish attempt! and on the top of that 2-3 spelling mistakes which for me are a big no-no! Give it a shot if you like the short-story genre!

  • Himani Gupta

    ☆☆☆☆1/2 A very beautifully written Anthology. As a reader you will feel all the emotions clubbed together in one book. While reading this book. I cried, I laughed, I loved each and every moment and I too smiled with some of the stories. Very beautiful imagination. A must read book. Good Job done by the Author. himanipassion/1/previo