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Markiezin der engelen
Title : Markiezin der engelen
Author :
Rating :
ISBN : 9789010051851
Language : English
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 314

Angélique de Sancé, het vijfde kind van een verarmde edelman, groeit op in de moeraslanden van Poitou, beter bekend als het “Groene Venetië”, dat ligt in het gebied tussen de bossen en de oceaan. Ze is een vrij kind, één met de natuur, die met hulp van de heks Mélusine de geneeskrachtige geheimen van de natuur ontdekt. Het zou logisch zijn als zij een arme edelman zou trouAngélique de Sancé, het vijfde kind van een verarmde edelman, groeit op in de moeraslanden van Poitou, beter bekend als het “Groene Venetië”, dat ligt in het gebied tussen de bossen en de oceaan. Ze is een vrij kind, één met de natuur, die met hulp van de heks Mélusine de geneeskrachtige geheimen van de natuur ontdekt. Het zou logisch zijn als zij een arme edelman zou trouwen, kinderen zou krijgen en haar hele leven zou vechten om in een mager levensonderhoud te voorzien. Het lot heeft echter andere plannen met haar.Als ze zeventien is komt ze terug van haar opleiding in het klooster en is ze gekop


Markiezin der engelen Reviews

  • Tea Jovanović

    Najbolji francuski ljubavni istorijski roman napisan u prošlom veku I posle toliko godina i dalje je jedan od najtraženijih u našim bibliotekama U svetu su prodati milioni primeraka ovog serijala Originalno ima 15 nastavaka Kod 'nas' je prevedeno samo 9 Autorka sada ima već preko 90 godina Deset godina se zakonski borila da od francuskih izdavača povrati autorska prava na svoje knjigeA mi se borimo da dobije prvo srpsko štampano izdanje Držite nam fige :)

  • Her Royal Orangeness

    I know. Just look at the cover, right? Please allow me to explain.I was reading a review for some book (I've forgotten which one), and one of the reviewers said her favorite French authors were _______, ________, _________, and Sergeanne Golon. Who? I recognized all the names except that one.I hunted, and discovered that Golon was the author of Angélique. The cover art made me want to run away, screaming, but the summary made it sound like very interesting historical fiction. I read some review [...]

  • Tea Jovanović

    I zvanično je Anđelika: Markiza od anđela danas ugledala svetlost dana po ceni od 1.199,00 din (iliti 799,00 din na Letećem startu Čarobnjaka)Sledeće 3 čitateljke dobiće na poklon prvi tom Anđelike na Beogradskom sajmu knjiga (o vremenu kada ćemo se tamo družiti i pričati o Anđeliki bićete naknadno obavešteni):/user/show/2/user/show/1/user/show/2Jadrankino prezime znam a ostale dve ljubiteljke Anđelike molim da mi u inbox pošalju svoja prezimena kako bi dobile svoje primerke :)D [...]

  • Marquise

    The story of Angélique de Sancé de Monteloup starts with the heroine as a captivating little girl growing up in the marshlands of the Poitou, in a tumbledown old castle too big and too dejected due to the Baron de Sancé's impecuniousness, follows with her arranged marriage to the "Great Lame Devil of Languedoc," a much older and very rich Count named Joffrey de Peyrac, an union that will bring her both happy times and have her experience the luxurious life of the court, and will also put her [...]

  • Misfit

    Poitou, 1648. Angélique is the daughter of a minor baron, and a very poor one at that. After spending her younger years as a bit of a tomboy, she is eventually married to the fearsome Comte de Peyrac (he dabbles a bit in alchemy and other mysterious doings). It doesn't take long for Angélique to find a man of gold underneath the dross and it's true love forever - that is until some evil baddies plot against Joffrey and…Well, I can't go much further without spoiling, but our heroine finds her [...]

  • Ismar

    Anne Golon – Anđelika, markiza od anđelaRadnja ovog romana od čak trinaest tomova smještene je u Francusku sedamnaestog stoljeća. Sve započinje 1645. godine u zapuštenom dvorcu barona od Sanse Montlua koji grca u dugovima. Pokušavajući očuvati ugled porodičnog imena, te svojoj mnogobrojnoj djeci pružiti barem naočigled ugodan život, baron zajedno sa svojim nadničarima iz dana u dan pokušava zaraditi dovoljno kako bi otplatio visoke poreske namete Njegovom Veličanstvu.Uprkos mn [...]

  • Tina

    Don't judge a book by its cover. Really. I first read the first three books when I was 8, and I thought this was the most amazing, entertaining, edge-of-your-seat story that I would ever encounter in my life. Since then, I have read many books that have surpassed these with style and quality, but having re-read them recently, I can honestly say that they are still just as wonderful as they were some 20 years ago. The heroine of the book, Angelique, is beautiful, brave, intelligent, witty, charmi [...]

  • Denis Carter

    Do not let the bodice ripper type cover fool you. Of all the novels, I have read in my life, this is the book I always come back to as the book that gave me a love of reading. Love, passion, adventure, mystery, intrigue, villians, heroes, and a headstrong woman ahead of her time who you will fall in love with. This book has everything! The writing style is superb and as you will get lost as you follow the adventures of Angelique from a young girl into motherhood in her quest to find love. A trul [...]

  • Isidora

    Pošto je jedno vreme baš zavladao trend štancovanja istorijskih ljubića sa imenima junakinja u naslovu, blago-erotizovanim-kič koricama i kao po pravilu mnogo nastavaka (Katerina, Debora, Julija, Marijana,Marija sa Antila, itd, itd), ljudi obično imaju predrasude i ne pomišljaju da se late "Anđelike". Isto sam mislila i ja, ali, kao tinejdžerka sam ipak dala šansu knjigama i bukvalno ih "progutala", naučila mnogo više o istoriji Francuske nego iz udžbenika, zaljubila se u Pariz.i po [...]

  • Gail York

    I love this Series and anyone who does not take the opertunity to read them is missing out in an adventure that will take you from 17th century France to the shores of the Maine Wilderness , from Kings to ,Sultaqns , to Pirates and Indians, not to mention the tangle of religions . The trials and intrigues, of a young girl to a great women of the courts where even the king found her the most beautiful. Husbands Killed , Sons lost , and more adventure than you will ever find while falling under th [...]

  • Rebecca McNutt

    Angelique isn't a bad story for its history and French culture, but the romance part was rather disturbing. Angelique, the main character, is twelve years old and getting it on with adult men. It's a little too creepy for me, even if that kind of thing was acceptable during the book's time period. O_o

  • Jane

    I first read this book when I was maybe a little too young but it swept me away. The formal, poetic language because it was a translation (something I didn't really appreciate at the time) and the extremes of poverty and richness, countryside and the courtAngelique's growth from self-centered teenager to mature woman, all of it stayed with me.The series itself is never content to stay static. She ends up in Quebec, for heaven's sake! Never would've predicted that.I've lost count of how many time [...]

  • Konstantin

    4,5 zvezdice

  • Kitaabi

    Set in 17th Century in a France that is much divided with unrest, revolts and suspicion on political and religious matters this book follows the life of Angélique de Sance de Monteloup from when she is 12 years old and quite the tomboy. While hearing of her little adventures we are at the same time treated to a wonderfully detailed and as it happens historically accurate picture of what France was like for the poor nobility burdened with having to pay taxes they cannot afford while also for the [...]

  • Maria

    только пять звезд я могу поставить - потому что не было для меня в моем подростковом возрасте более влиятельной книги, чем анжелика. период до неё - "волшебник изумрудного города", после нее - "сто лет одиночества". но с 10 до 15 лет - вот они, мои университеты. нет смысла отрицать, [...]

  • ♂♀♂ Mary's Menage Reviews ♂♂♀

    memories memoriesI was around 11 when I discovered this series. I became totally obsessed when I was a teen :)

  • Margo Tucker

    This is a totally amazing series of books. Regrettably the covers lead one to believe it is a raunchy series but the depth and scope of historical fact interwoven with fiction is amazing. It is the story of a young french girl of impoverished nobility who is married off to a french Count who wants the land that is part of her dowry. Both of them realise there is an affinity and their love grows strong before they are torn apart by the Inquisition still rife in the court of the young Louis XIV. H [...]

  • Lilium

    I really can't remember when was the first time I've read this book, all I know I was probably to young because it took me a little more time and rereading it to understand why the hell are all women so mad about Joffrey. Still, I absolutely loved the first book, and ultimately the rest of the series. Angelique was what every girl, especially a struggling teenage girl, wanted to be beautiful, smart, witty, brave and not giving a flying fuck about anybody about herself and her loved ones. Althoug [...]

  • Ruth

    "c1957. One of the very few books that I have read time and time again. Normally when I am going through a lot of stress and strain. The stories transport you back to France in about the mid 1600s into the Court of Versailles. Its a love story, an adventure story and so so readable. I think every woman would want to be Angelique in some way or other and of course Joffrey de Peyrac is just to good to be true but with enough quirks to make him believable. What makes Angelique such a great characte [...]

  • Anne

    A wonderful series, I read them all, a huge adventure and wonderful characters. A timeless series. The films were also wonderful.

  • LJ

    Angelique - ExSergeanne Golon - 1st in seriesLouis XIV has assumed power in France, and in the province of Poitou, Angelique de Sance de Monteloup, daughter of an impoverished nobleman, runs wild with the peasant lads and stable-boys. Too soon involved in the intrigue and lawlessness rife in seventeenth century France, Angelique is married to the sinister Comte de Peyrac. Rich and powerful, holding the key to some of the deepest mysteries of science, he arouses her body and mind and makes her Qu [...]

  • a hooded figure from your friendly neighbourhood dog park

    [With all the confusion over the different translations (into Russian) and the Old Editions vs. New Editions debacle, I'm not sure what I've actually just read, but I suspect the old one bc it was still part of a 13-book series.]OK, so the thing is, this series is, like, Gone with the Wind's pretty French cousin. It suffers from the same problems - racism, gay people are creeps, eyeroll-worthy romance (I like de Peyrac! when he's talking about science and progress, not being a romantic novel cov [...]

  • Nyamka Ganni

    I loved reading it. also i liked the film though!

  • Nicola

    Remember reading this while frying on the beach in St Tropez 1980h

  • Adelein

    Sergeanne Golonin Angelika on oivallista luettavaa historiallisen romantiikan nälkään! Kuvankaunis Angelika seikkailee 1600-luvun Ranskassa, hurmaa miehiä, selviää pinteestä toisensa jälkeen sinnikkyytensä ja oveluutensa avulla. Nopean tapahtumatahdin ansiosta tylsää hetkeä ei tämän kirjan parissa tule!

  • Margaret Higgins

    my new guilty pleasure reading books that were racy when i was 11-14. they are so tame but fun in a weird sort of way

  • Tatiana

    This book is a true marvel. I like the entire series about Angélique, but I find this first installment extremely powerful. The writing is literary while remaining flowing, the style is often striking for the senses - you can see and feel the atmosphere as if you were at Angélique's side, but at the same time emotional depth and characters psychology is central in the book (and the series more generally). Actually, there is a wide gallery of characters, and each one of them, even the smallest, [...]

  • The Idle Woman

    First of all I must confess that I am not a big reader of historical romance so please bear in mind that you may not share my opinion if this is a genre you're more familiar with. Set in 17th-century France, this follows our tomboyish heroine Angelique from her free-spirited childhood in the Poitevin countryside to her arranged marriage. Betrothed to the Comte de Peyrac, whom she has never seen, Angelique is shocked by her first meeting with this scarred and forbidding figure. But, with time, sh [...]

  • Georgiana 1792

    Troppo Eroina!Dopo l'entusiasmo iniziale, sono rimasta un po' perplessa: ma Angelica non sarà un po' troppo 'Eroina'? Troppo intelligente, bella, curiosa, mi sembra che gli autori l'abbiano utilizzata come 'Prezzemolino' per sfoggiare tutte le loro conoscenze storiche: la politica, l'economia, addirittura la filosofia e la chimica del tempo! E ancora questo è solo il primo capitolo E' vero che la ricostruzione storica è minuziosa, ma mi sembra che abbiano messo in mostra un po' troppo le loro [...]

  • Marie

    Critique complète sur mon blogL’histoire commence en 1638, Angélique de Sancé issue d’une famille noble mais pauvre du Poitou a alors sept ans. À quinze ans elle sauve un Louis XIV encore adolescent d’une tentative d’assassinat fomentée par des frondeurs, le Prince de Condé à leur tête. Le premier tome s’achève quand âgée de dix-sept ans, elle épouse le Comte de Peyrac de douze ans son aîné.Il m’a fallu deux jours pour terminer ce premier tome. La Marquise des Anges, co [...]