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Granny Grommet and Me
Title : Granny Grommet and Me
Author :
Rating :
ISBN : 9781921720161
Language : English
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 32

My granny and her friends go to the beach, and I go too. When they hit the surf, they duck and dive and twist and turn. It looks like lots of fun. But I don t want to go in the water. There are strange things under the waves.

Granny Grommet and Me Reviews

  • Judy

    This is probably a good one for reading aloud to youngsters afraid of swimming in the sea because of the shadowy, mysterious stuff under the water. It may not work I'm saying this, because I relate to that fear of the shadowy, mysterious shapes under the water, (sea swimming was ruined for me by watching JAWS at a tender age) and reading this book didn't fix that for me. Ha ha! But hey, it is a good way to start, and it is great for getting the message across about the loveliness to be seen unde [...]

  • Dimity Powell

    As my Miss 10 stated, highly likable because hit features the beach and dogs. So if these tick your little ones boxes, then this is a keeper. Personally I loved the surfing granny concept and the gentle persuasive touch these women have on our hesitant main character. Fears and the awesomeness of the ocean are examined and overcome with Wolfer's enjoyable prose but it's Blair's sublime illustrations swelling with texture and life that really pulled me. Highly recommended.

  • D.peabody

    A lovely story of a child overcoming nervousness of the Sea with his surfy Grandma and her friends.

  • Megan Higginson

    A delightful story about a boy spending the day at the beach with his surfing grandmother and her friends. But will he ever be able to put his feet in the water?