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The Battle for Jericho
Title : The Battle for Jericho
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Language : English
Format Type : Kindle Edition
Number of Pages : 240

A battle is brewing in the conservative little town of Webster’s Glen. Gay activist Dylan Cussler stirs up the establishment when he moves in with his boyfriend and sues the state over its gay adoption ban. Sixteen-year-old Jericho Jiles and his best friend, Mac Travis, decide to do their bit to convince Dylan and his boyfriend to leave town. But when Dylan turns up beforeA battle is brewing in the conservative little town of Webster’s Glen. Gay activist Dylan Cussler stirs up the establishment when he moves in with his boyfriend and sues the state over its gay adoption ban. Sixteen-year-old Jericho Jiles and his best friend, Mac Travis, decide to do their bit to convince Dylan and his boyfriend to leave town. But when Dylan turns up before they can finish trashing his house, Jericho panics, leaving Dylan unconscious and wounded.Drowning in guilt, Jericho returns to Dylan’s home to make amends. He is surprised when Dylan forgives him and opens his eyes to the world around him. So


The Battle for Jericho Reviews

  • Anna(Bananas!)

    What a hilarious, poignant, awesome book. READ THIS! I enjoyed it so much. It's a gay young adult novel, written in first person, and the MC Jericho is a blast. I laughed throughout the book at his random asides, felt real affection for him and his friends, worried over him like a mother, and was relieved and thrilled with the ending. It's just good stuff. Trust me. There is a lot of religion in this book, which might put off some people. Personally, I could very much relate, because of how I wa [...]

  • Silvio

    The Battle for Jericho is surprisingly not a very hard read. It's more like a gentle, tender, emotional love song. A mixture of satisfying triumph after the struggle for one's true self despite of the resistance of his carved into heart beliefs in God; absolute happiness for a newly blossomed and hard-earned love; desperate longing for the acceptance of whom he cares about; and pain brought out by the bigoted attitude of everyone from friends to families.One of the most extremely well done thing [...]

  • Becky Condit

    A Highly Recommended Book!Gene Gant’s THE BATTLE FOR JERICHO is one of the most beautiful books I’ve read. There are many characters in this story, including God Almighty, but please don’t assume this is a paranormal book. It definitely is not. God assumes His place for each character based on their beliefs and depictions in the story.This is a YA book. There is no graphic sex, no erotic moments, just realistic references and thoughts of teenaged boys learning who they are and who they lov [...]

  • Amos Lassen

    Gant, Gene. “The Battle for Jericho”, Dreamspinner Press, 2013.Making AmendsAmos LassenIn the small town of Webster’s Glen, there is trouble. Dylan Cussler, a gay activist moves in with his boyfriend and then sues the state because of its ban on gay adoption. Two of the locals, Jericho Jiles and Mac Travis, his best friend decide to find a way to get Dylan and boyfriend to leave town but things do not work out as planned. Dylan shows up as the two are trashing his house making Jericho nerv [...]

  • Dumbledore11214

    A friend at Good reads recommended this book to me and I am very happy with the recommendation. I really liked Jericho's voice, his narration felt very believable to me as a voice of a sixteen year old teenager. But I always want to put a qualifier - I am not a sixteen year old teenager, have not been one for quite some time, so young people may react completely differently. I have read a lot of young adult coming of age novels in the last couple years where teenagers are struggling with their i [...]

  • Trisha Harrington

    Review can be found at Greedy Bug Book Reviews: Greedy Bug Book ReviewsThis book was provided by Harmony Ink Press in exchange for a fair and honest review.

  • Aislinn

    Interesting story of Jericho, a teenager from a strict, religious family in a small town in Tennessee. He's a typical teen, impulsive and self-involved at the beginning of the story, believing the words of his church and community about the evils of being gay. After unintentionally injuring a gay man during an ill-advised attack on his home, Jericho starts a journey of self-discovery that takes him down a path he never expected.At turns funny, exasperating and moving, Jericho is a flawed but lik [...]

  • Bey Raines

    Great book! Funny, with characters who seem very real. Will write more later. When I came back to finish my review of this book, I saw Trisha Harrington's review for Greedy Bug. I want to respond to her review, and there are going to be major spoilers here. So if you haven't read the book, you probably shouldn't read my review.Trisha Harrington says this book is depressing because the characters experienced things like abuse, the death of younger siblings in their past, and a gay bashing. I read [...]

  • T.M. Smith

    Jericho Jiles is your average everyday teenager with slightly over bearing and definitely strict, religious parents and a couple of best friends that are going to get him into more trouble than he realizes. When a gay man and his partner move into the neighborhood and petition the court to allow them to adopt, Jeri’s little town is in an uproar. Of course Jeri thinks it’s wrong, evil and disgusting. Because that is what he has been taught to think. But when a prank goes wrong and Jeri winds [...]

  • Jamie Deacon

    Coming to terms with being gay is difficult enough, particularly as a teenager. For sixteen-year-old Jericho Jiles, whose devoutly Christian parents have brought him up to believe the Bible’s word is law, it’s an even greater struggle. During the course of the novel, as his attraction to the same sex becomes harder to ignore, he is forced to question not only his sexuality, but everything his family stands for and the religion he has lived by all his life.Things are going well for Jerry. He [...]

  • Jay

    Title: The Battle for Jericho (Audiobook Version)Author: Gene GantNarrator: Paul MoreyCover Artist: Anne CainPublisher: Harmony Ink PressReviewer: JayGenre: Young AdultType: RomancePairing: Questioning, Undecided, Gay, & HeterosexualLength: Novel (7 hours & 48 minutes)Heat Rating: ♨♨Book Rating: ★★★★☆All I can say is read or listen to this story. The story is written from Jericho’s perspective and is for the young adult audience. There is no graphic sex but more of a fade [...]

  • Dale Lowry

    For the first several chapters of this book, I wasn't sure if I would like it. When I finished chapter 6, I was like, "WTH?" But I kept reading anyway, because it would either be an interesting train wreck, or it would get better. I'm happy to report it got better, and I ended up loving this book. There are problems (mostly the WTFery with (view spoiler)[the farcical contract (hide spoiler)] in chapter 6), but the story and first-person narrative sucked me in. This wasn't the book I expected fro [...]

  • Mike Oaks

    A pleasant surpriseI wasn't sure what to expect going into this book. How do you lose your best friend and get him back? How to figure out who you are? I found many surprises in the pages and some good laughs going over the WHO contract. Great read.

  • Heather K (dentist in my spare time)

    Free for the next 5 minutes until 3:40!! 8/16/13dreamspinnerpress/storSorry guys, I was with a patient and didn't get to this sooner :(

  • Xavier

    3.5 A wee bit heavy handed and dramatic but it was an entertaining read, I suppose.

  • K

    Harmony Ink tweetaway freebie 16.8.13

  • Elisa Rolle

    2013 Rainbow Awards Honorable Mention (5* from at least 1 judge)