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Class Two at the Zoo
Title : Class Two at the Zoo
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ISBN : 9780822571322
Language : English
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : None

It's a field trip to the zoo! The teacher and students see parrots squabbling and cheetahs running. What they don?t see is the crafty anaconda that slithers out of its pond. . . One by one, the students and teachers are gobbled up by the sneaky snake. That is, until one little girl catches the snake in action. Can she save the day?


Class Two at the Zoo Reviews

  • Richard

    As I was reading this book silently to myself about halfway through it I found myself reading the book aloud. This doesn’t usually happen to me when reading, but Jarman has written this book in a way that has to be read aloud. The rhyming sentences would be perfectly suited to reading to a school class, as I can just imagine every child being on the edge of their seats and hanging off every word.The story revolves around a year 2 class that take a school trip to the zoo. They gaze in wonder at [...]

  • Lee Peckover

    Read with my year 1 class today as Julia Jarman is visiting our school soon. This went down quite well. Children liked the pictures but did not enjoy this quite as much as some other books they have read recently.'I like how it rhymes''They look gross after the snake bit''It isn't as good as The Lion Inside but they both rhyme'Using our whole class rating system, this received 21/30 thumbs up. Not bad, but we've read better!

  • Anyla

    Julia was born in March in 1948. She studied English and Drama at Manchester University and became a qualified teacher.She is a British author of books for children of all reading ages and ability. Her first book was published in 1985 “When Poppy Ran Away”. This is a story about a teacher bringing her class two to the zoo. The children are so wrapped up in looking at “hippos hopping in the mud” and “monkeys eating chocolate pud” that they don’t realise the anaconda is following the [...]

  • Zainab Jalil

    This is a story about a teacher bringing her class two to the zoo. The children are so wrapped up on looking at “hippos hoping in the mud” and “monkeys eating chocolate pud” that they don’t realise the anaconda is following them and gobbling up their classmates one by one and then their class teacher. Molly acts quickly and gets a stick and put it in between the monsters jaws and rescues the teacher and the rest of her class. They leave the zoo and the teacher says “Let this be a ter [...]

  • Aimee

    Class two goes on a field trip to the zoo. Little do they know that an anaconda is watching their class just ready to gobble them all up.The author and illustrator really worked together to make this book an entire experience. The text is not written in straight lines. The text actually follows the movement of an actual snake slithering around. The illustrator brings color, detail and excitement to every single page. The shape of the snake changes when a child is swallowed. The reader can actual [...]

  • Ashley Fischer

    The cover of this book sets up the story and provides a perfect opportunity to ask student’s what they think will happen at the zoo and if they think Class Two will have a good experience. The illustrations of the book really set up the feeling of chaos in the story. The illustrator uses font and placement of text to move the reader and illustrate what is happening. The text jumps and moves through the story and gets bigger as the noise gets bigger. The illustrator also sets the mood through e [...]

  • Whitney Bailey

    Make a list of all the rhyming words in the book.Look for examples of alliteration, e.g. 'koala kissing a kangaroo'. Can you make up your own alliterative sentences featuring animals, e.g. 'dogs dancing daintily with deer.Rewrite the story from the anaconda's point of view.Find all of the words used to describe how the anaconda eats the children: gulp down, make a meal ofCreate a new story from another characters point of view

  • Lana Hoffman

    A class field trip to the zoo turns scarey when an Anaconda is on the loose.This book is very clever. I think that children in kindergarten and first grade will love the illustrations. The rhymes in the book make it a fun read. In kindergarten we teach children how to recognize rhyming words and this would be a great book to use when helping them master that skill. It's a silly story that will have the class laughing out loud.

  • Susan

    If you were looking for a rollicking rhyming, totally good-timing (okay, I'll stop) book to read to first and second graders, you couldn't go wrong with this pick. Would be especially fun after a visit to the zoo (trips to the Bronx zoo are de rigeur here in Westchester County - you haven't lived until you have shepherded a clutch of first graders in the pouring rain through the Bronx zoo).

  • Joenna

    A cute rhyming book about a class trip to the zoo. The kids see lots of animals but don't see the anaconda slip from it's home. The snake starts eating everyone! It's up to one student to open the jaws and go inside to save all the other students. Great for read aloud! Although snakes eating people may not be for everyone!

  • Amber

    I saw this book read aloud by Robson Green on the kids' show Bookaboo. It was very similar to A Nice Walk in the Jungle by Nan Bodsworth.

  • Ashley

    2007 - Fantasy. This book is about a class who visits the zoo. They are paying attention to all other animals except the anaconda. While they are not paying attention, the anaconda preceeds to eat almost the entire class. This book is very funny. Lynne Chapman did an outstanding job with the pictures.

  • Rita

    The author seems to force some of the rhymes. The snake eating the children will most likely scare younger ones who are already afraid of snakes. It might be funny to share with 1st or 2nd graders going to the zoo. It will remind them that they should pay close attention to everything around them when they are on a field trip.

  • Dolly

    Funny, rhyming story about a class being stalked by an anaconda at the zoo. Not sure that I like that it shows a snake escaping his pen and terrorizing a class, but it is funny. Probably not good for kids who are easily scared. We enjoyed reading it together a couple of times, but we talked about what was realistic and what was not.

  • Bill

    An anaconda escapes and devours most of a class. The remaining kids resolve the situation by jamming the snake's mouth open with a stick and pulling the victims, dripping with saliva, one by one from the mandibles of death. I had to have a ten minute damage control conversation with my five year-old afterward about how local snakes (thankfully) are no danger to him.

  • Amy

    This was a cute book for Storytime. I was a little worried at the beginning of the book as the Anaconda starting eating the children. Thank goodness for Molly and her quick thinking which enabled her to rescue all of her fellow classmates.

  • Rosa Mackenzie

    Cute animation and rhymes. Did not like storyline at all. Maybe my kids of 2 and 4 too young to hear about large snakes devouring a couple of children on a school outing. Possibly more suited to older children.

  • Jacqui

    Oh man, we got this book out of the library and I so want to buy it! Class two go to the zoo and get eaten by an anaconda. Ruth just loved it and wanted it read over and over and over and It rhymes too so big thumbs up for this one!

  • Nicole

    I checked out the version with book & audio at the library. Carmen got into turning the page when it chimed! The story was so cute I took it to school & read it to my kindergarten classes. Carmen enjoyed the messy kids at the end, "Eww! Yucky!"

  • Molly

    With a heroine named Molly how can you go wrong?!?!The rhyming text describes a school trip to the local zoo. Everything is going fine, until the students and even the teacher are swallowed up by a giant snake!

  • jacky

    Funny story about a field trip to the zoo. Well, probably funny. A big snake eats about half the class, so if you have sensitive child, or one that is already afraid of snakes, this is not a good pick. Otherwise, its fun because the kids are saved and there is nice word play.

  • Judy

    Funny rhyming good book to read

  • Dee-Ann

    Great rhyming book, full of silly shocking suspense. Watch out for the anaconda.

  • Kaylee Gallup

    Great book because children just love silly books. This one should get them laughing.

  • Pauline

    My class make me read this to them every day.

  • Michelle

    I think this may make children afraid of snakes. Also, monkeys can't have chocolate!!!!

  • Philippa Rae

    Great fun tale about a school class at the zoo.

  • Zachary B

    This is a really cute book. It reminded me a bit of Bark, George by Jules Feiffer and John Lithgow. Both are big hits with kids.

  • Kate

    The children at storytime really got into this one it was super cute how relieved they were when the little girl saves all the other children from the snake.

  • Lauren

    Love love love this book! Simply because it was written about my class at first school! Julia Jarman visited my school when I was there and decided to write a story about our trip to Marwell zoo! :)