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Archer & Armstrong, Volume 1: The Michelangelo Code
Title : Archer & Armstrong, Volume 1: The Michelangelo Code
Author :
Rating :
ISBN : 9780979640988
Language : English
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 112

It's history in the breaking!After years of meditation and training, 18-year-old Obadiah Archer has been dispatched to New York City to carry out the sacred mission of his family's sect - locate and kill the fun-loving, hard-drinking immortal known as Armstrong! But as this naive teenage assassin stalks his prey, he'll soon find that both hunter and hunted are just pawns iIt's history in the breaking!After years of meditation and training, 18-year-old Obadiah Archer has been dispatched to New York City to carry out the sacred mission of his family's sect - locate and kill the fun-loving, hard-drinking immortal known as Armstrong! But as this naive teenage assassin stalks his prey, he'll soon find that both hunter and hunted are just pawns in a centuries-old conspiracy that stretches from the catacombs beneath Wall Street to the heights of the Himalayas. And Archer & Armstrong will have to work together if the future is to stand any chance of surviving the past's greatest threat!From the New York Times best-selling creative team of writer Fred Van Lente (Marvel Zombies) and Clayton Henry (Incredible Herc)!Collecting: Archer & Armstrong 1-4

Archer & Armstrong, Volume 1: The Michelangelo Code Reviews

  • Jeff

    "On November 13, teenage Obadiah Archer was asked to kill a heretic. That request came from his mom and dad. Deep down, he knew they were evil, but he also knew that someday, he would kill them. With nowhere else to go, he appeared at a seedy Manhattan bar, searching for Armstrong. Eons earlier, Armstrong became immortal, and buried pieces to something called the Boon. Can two heroes share an adventure without driving each other crazy?" Cue Odd Couple music.Archer’s the product of right wing r [...]

  • Mike

    It's not a gut-busting laugh-a-minute book, but it's both got some pretty funny shit scattered throughout, and it brings some fun, silly satire along for the ride. The premise is gold: a kid raised in a creationist theme park is sent out on a mission from god to kill a blasphemous immortal entity and retrieve a holy relic from him. The entity turns out to be a mostly regular, generally atheist guy with 10000 years of laying low under his belt, and this kid is part of a dubious sect with suspect [...]

  • Sam Quixote

    Archer is a ninja assassin who knows every fighting style in the world who’s been raised in a Christian Fundamentalist theme park surrounded by numerous adopted brothers and sisters, all of whom are similarly skilled. His parents send him on a mission to kill the Antichrist when he turns 18, exploring the godless outside world for the first time. Said Antichrist turns out to be Armstrong, a 10,000 year old immortal who loves to drink and fool around who’s also tough as coffin nails. Together [...]

  • Rory Wilding

    When it comes to superhero comics, most likely you've read something from Marvel or DC and although they've provided some of the best material in the genre, there's always an air of familiarity in the storytelling. Although there are many publishers like Image that have tackled superheroes whilst trying breaking away from the conventions, the results can be refreshing if flat-out weird.As my introduction to the universe of Valiant Comics, which itself has an interesting history that went through [...]

  • Afro Madonna

    NINJA NUUUNSSS. PIRATE NUUUUUNNNSSS. LOL it strived too hard to be funny but all in all I kinda liked it. Will reflect over getting the second volume or not for two whole days. Plot is okay, something to think about. I guess. Kinda moved really fast tho.

  • Nicola Mansfield

    I've wanted to read Archer & Armstrong for some time now. I'm not sure what I was expecting but certainly not this! Eccentric, satirical, funny, odd and quirky yet lovable main characters. The book pretty much makes fun of every comic book trope ever invented plus takes swipes at pop culture, politics, religion and everything else, in a light-hearted but bitingly funny way. Meanwhile, there is an excellent plot playing out while our heroes join up for the first time. These are guys designed [...]

  • Leo

    Meet Archer, a brainwashed 18-year-old that has been sent to kill Armstrong, an immortal drunken being. But thank goodness Archer soon finds out that he nothing but a pawn in I'm not sure what but something big involving people who want a lot of power, so the usual. There's a lot of whatever-kicking in this volume with bubbles explaining what kind of technique it is, which I guess would be interesting if I stopped to read them. Also, there's more humor than I expected originating from the differ [...]

  • Ctgt

    Pretty decent buddy story(although they don't start out as buddies) and I enjoyed the way Van Lente developed their relationship gradually through the stry arc. Art was fairly standard fare although I thought henry did a really good job with facial expressions which can be the downfall of mant artists. 3.5 stars

  • William Thomas

    I'll admit that when it was announced that Valiant was being resurrected after all these years, I rolled my eyes and groaned audibly. Really? These are properties someone decided to invest time and money on instead of some new creator-owned series? But here I am a year later eating my words with every new title I pick up under the Valiant banner. Like XO, AA is an extremely entertaining, hugely fun book packed with straightforward action and pages full of fantastic banter. It's engaging and brin [...]

  • Chris Lemmerman

    When reading Valiant series, I've tried to draw the comparisons with other Big Two books, to make them easier to sell to other people. With Archer & Armstrong, I've come up short. It's almost like Cable & Deadpool, or Wolverine & his many teenage girl sidekicks, but neither of those is accurate enough. Which probably makes this a first for me when reading through the Valiant Universe.Obadiah Archer is a teenager trained from birth to kill one man, known as Armstrong. But when they fi [...]

  • Chris

    Volume 1 of A&A was pretty decent. Some of the humor fell really flat, but there was an occasional decent joke. The 1% sect jokes are usually the worst, just awful. Especially the cultish gibberish mixed in with things like "profit margin" and other idiotic "bank talk."I, generally speaking, like the two main characters. Some of the extra characters are not much more than fluff. Some of the motivations and decisions of the main characters, Archer in particular, don't fit his character at all [...]

  • Alex Sarll

    Never read the original version of this (or indeed any other Valiant comic ever), but this is top fun. A boozy, horny immortal (Mesopotamian, but otherwise very similar to van Lente's take on Marvel's Hercules) teams up with the fundamentalist-raised super-assassin sent to end him by evangelists who live in a creationist theme park and are in league with The One Percent, an ancient sect who worship the demon Mammon and are planning to stabilise the Euro by blowing up Greece. In other words, it i [...]

  • Daniel Butcher

    MattI told you to read X-OI'm even bigger on this.I need a 6 stars here.Mattyou'll ask whyossbows, immortals, fundamental religion, conspiracy theoriesed I say more.Dialogue is so rich!

  • Gabrielle

    I really enjoyed this book, fast paced and direct to the point, the art is also superb in its own way. I am looking forward to Vol. 2

  • Stefan Fergus

    I don't really know what I thought of this.

  • Dave

    Excellent characters and concept. The humor melded well, but I got overwhelmed with the speed of the story and overdone, in my opinion, action.

  • M.i.

    This was a fun introduction into the craziness that is archer & Armstrong.

  • tony dillard jr

    One is an ancient immortal warrior who has seen it all, done it all, and has the dad bod to prove it.One is an enhanced teenage fighting machine, bred and trained for the sole purpose of completing the mission: Destroy Armstrong!When the two meet, they uncover a global conspiracy as old as Armstrong himself. This Illuminati known as the 1% is seeking to find the super weapon that gave Armstrong his powers and immortality. Hoping to keep the parts of the device from being found, Archer joins Arms [...]

  • Johnnie

    One of Valiant's stronger 2012 relaunch debuts that I've read so far. It's wacky and fun, and the humor works more often than it did in Quantum and Woody. It's essentially a buddy cop story, with a loud-mouthed immortal drunk Sumerian paired up with a naive, idealistic killing machine raised in a Christian fundamentalist theme park. It's super weird and tons of fun. Definitely worth a look if you want something really different and irreverent.

  • Sha

    *3.5 stars*There are points in this where shit makes no sense (Archer has magical powers? How on earth did he get himself out of being manacled down to a sacrificial altar?), but and the shifts in alliances were a bitweird. But Archer and Armstrong make a FANTASTIC team, and I need to read more.

  • Elinor

    Du très très bon ! Même si le revirement d'Archer est un peu rapide, c'est une très bonne lecture. Décidément Valiant est une valeur sûre, je n'ai pour le moment jamais été déçue par ce que j'ai lu d'eux j'hésite même à tenter des titres qui m'intéressent de prime abord moins comme Bloodshot, en espérant être agréablement surprise.

  • Amy

    hmmm ok. secret societies galore plus a few immortals mixed with European history a la "Davinci Code" it pretty much works though the angst gets a little heavy on Archer's end (good thing Armstrong is pretty much boozing and chillin through the centuries he needs to make that boy unwind!)

  • Megan Murphy

    How could this get any better-Archer a kid raised in a cult sent to kill a heathen god. And Armstrong a booze-guzzling man who has lived many lifetimes. Their kick-butt combination teams are what legends are made of! Definitely another great story from Valiant.

  • deflime

    5, spoiler freeWhat really needs to be said? It's everything you want it to be. A fun-filled ride with quirky characters, just what I was hoping for. Clayton Henry's art has that classic comic feel but he is clearly at the top of his game and the panels are well-detailed and masterfully done and lend well to the tone of the volume.

  • Reed Benson

    Conspiracies! Cults! An immortal drunkard brawler teaming with the sheltered master of every fighting style who was sent to kill him! And a surprisingly non-dismissive take on faith!It's not as cool as X-O Manowar, but it's certainly goofier.


    Good stuffI loved the Valiant stuff from the 90’s. Glad their stories are still being told. Well done retcon of an older title from decades ago.

  • Abhinav

    You can find the full review over at The Founding Fields:thefoundingfields/2013/04/Shadowhawk reviews the first volume of the rebooted Archer and Armstrong series from Valiant Comics.“A surprise hit full of uniqueness and modern-day relevance to religious politics, this is an absolute must read because of its mythic storyline reminiscent of an Indiana Jones movie and a duo of awesome, misfit characters.” ~The Founding FieldsI don’t recall how I got interested into Archer and Armstrong in t [...]

  • Matt

    Collects Archer & Armstrong issues #1-4Spoiler-free review: This is a fun story that mixes history, religion, secret societies, and superhero fighting. I feel like I don’t want to give too much away here, so just go read it. It isn’t my favorite graphic novel of all time, but it is definitely one of the best I’ve read recently. I’m looking forward to reading on. Also, Valiant tends to only include four issues per trade paperback, so this will be a quick read for you.Spoiler-filled re [...]

  • Unai

    Cuarta y ultima de esta remesa de Valiant que va a sacar Panini por el momento. Y tras haber leído las 4, puede decirse que se han dejado el plato fuerte para el final. Y tan para el final porque hasta enero no estará disponible, pero ya lo podéis ir marcando en el calendario como compra obligada. Y es que si bien las 4 colecciones son mas o menos atípicas y particulares cada una en un estilo bien diferenciado, esta es sin duda la mas loca, divertida y entretenida.Aquí nos encontramos hace [...]

  • Fizzgig76

    Reprints Archer & Armstrong (2) #1-4 (August 2012-November 2012). Aram is a guy who likes to have fun…and has been having it for centuries since he cannot die. Archer is the son of religious fanatics who have taught Archer that Armstrong is the enemy. When Archer learns that his life is a lie, he finds himself teamed with He Who Is Not to Be Named in an effort to stop his parents and other members of the Sect before the boon which gave Armstrong his powers is reassembled for their own evil [...]