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The Art of My Life (New Smyrna Beach #4)
Title : The Art of My Life (New Smyrna Beach #4)
Author :
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ISBN : 9781480010703
Language : English
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 376

Cal walked out of jail and into a second chance at winning Aly with his grandma’s beater sailboat and a reclaimed dream of sailing charters.Aly has the business smarts, strings to a startup loan, and heart he never should have broken. He’s got squat. Unless you count enough original art to stock a monster rummage sale and an affection for weed.But he’d only ever loved Aly.Cal walked out of jail and into a second chance at winning Aly with his grandma’s beater sailboat and a reclaimed dream of sailing charters.Aly has the business smarts, strings to a startup loan, and heart he never should have broken. He’s got squat. Unless you count enough original art to stock a monster rummage sale and an affection for weed.But he’d only ever loved Aly. That had to count for something. Aly needed a guy who owned yard tools, tires worth rotating, and a voter’s registration card. He’d be that guy or die trying.For anyone who’s ever struggled to measure up. And failed.


The Art of My Life (New Smyrna Beach #4) Reviews

  • Dianne

    The Art of My Life has become my favorite book yet, from Ann Lee Miller! Cal has had a lifetime to become as damaged and lost as he is. Never measuring up to what his mother wanted, he turned to his grandparents who accepted him as he was. Unfortunately, their lifestyle involved illegal drug use and Cal fell into that abyss. Mistake after mistake found Cal in jail, still lost. He has been in love with Aly forever, but doesn't feel he will ever be good enough for her. Aly also has her demons. Aft [...]

  • Linda

    ***This Kindle version was given to me by the author in exchange for an honest review.***My first words to describe Cal Koomer's story are pictorial and expressive. I live in Florida. The humidity, bright sunshine and intense heat for two-thirds of the year are often hard for non-Floridians to cope with. I also spent many hours as a teenager at New Smyrna beach with my friends. The author's personal memories are spot-on.Mrs. Miller's descriptive nature, including a male POV, was very different. [...]

  • Melysah Bunting

    The Art of My Life (New Smyrna Beach Series #2) by Ann Lee Miller is a contemporary romance story. Cal is trying to get his life together. He just got out of jail, his best friend hates him, the love of his life has moved on, his mom is always on his case, etc. Besides all that, Cal's grandmother is his drug dealer. Things are not looking so hot.The novel is set around the New Smyrna Beach area. It involves one family's struggle with drug addiction. Cal is a talented artist with a troubled life. [...]

  • Karen

    Title: The Art of My LifeAuthor: Ann Lee MillerGenre: Contemporary RomanceGrade/Rating: 4.5 out of 5The Art of My Life, is a love story. If you’re looking for a messed up kinky billionaire sweeping the beautiful girl off her feet, plying her with expensive presents, and kinky sex then this isn’t the book for you. This book by Ann Lee Miller is a powerful inspiring story about love, hope, failure, forgiveness, and redemption. The story has so many facets that it sparkles and shines like a bea [...]

  • Literati Literature Lovers

    4.5 Star Review The Art of My Life, is a love story. If you’re looking for a messed up kinky billionaire sweeping the beautiful girl off her feet, plying her with expensive presents, and kinky sex then this isn’t the book for you. This book by Ann Lee Miller is a powerful inspiring story about love, hope, failure, forgiveness, and redemption. The story has so many facets that it sparkles and shines like a beautiful diamond.We first meet Cal as he walks out of the Volusia county jail, after d [...]

  • Julie Graves

    We met Cal and Aly in KICKING ETERNITY, this is their story. Cal is just being released from a 3 month stint in jail where he was serving a sentence for carrying marijuana. Taking the rap for his grandparents, Cal neglects to tell anyone that detail. After all, Cal can do no right in his mother's eyes anyway so why bother sharing. When his grandparents give him their boat Cal hopes to open a charter business. In order to get the boat in working order though he is in need of a bank loan. Aly is n [...]

  • The Book Tart

    This review was originally published on The Book Tart thebooktart/book-review/reI just finished this book, literally like 30 minutes ago. I feel like I’ve been put through the wringer and then… hmmm maybe like I was put in a dryer and with a snuggle dryer sheet.This story is intensely emotional. It’s about 2nd, 3rd and 4th chances, it’s about acceptance and love and hope, it’s a beautiful story!The Art of my Life still has a Christian world view but it’s not as overt as in Kicking Et [...]

  • Nikole Hahn

    The Art of My Life by Ann Lee Miller challenges the Christian reader with its sometimes explicit content. The novel thoroughly explores the relationship between Cal and Aly and Cal’s addiction to pot.In her last novel, Kicking Eternity, Cal submitted to his addiction to pot after being rejected by Raine for someone else. Aly is angry because Cal slept with Evie, a drama queen and pot addict. Cal has spent several months in jail and in The Art of My Life he is determined to lead a straight life [...]

  • Amber Stokes

    Despite the difficult issues the characters face in The Art of My Life, there's a breezy, sweet relief to the story. The setting with its small businesses and its sailboats at docke honest, head-on presentation of struggles both universal and typical for new adultse final baring of souls and revealing of secrets All in all, it's an engaging, character-driven read.I really liked the fact that there were two main romances, and might I add that the characters have some great names? Cal, Aly, Fish ( [...]

  • Wall-to-wall books - wendy

    4.5 stars!This was a good book that just kept getting better. As I kept reading I kept liking it more and more. This is a suspenseful love story, I would call it. It had all the great components - a great guy, a great gal, great friends and family, drug addiction, jail, the ocean, a sailboat, a bad guy, a gun, and love! Sound like a good combo?This book starts off two years after "Kicking Eternity" (the first book, reviewed - HERE). I think I actually liked this one better. It was way more suspe [...]

  • Tracy Krauss

    The Art of My Life is the second book by author Ann Lee Miller that I’ve read, and with it, she has officially been placed in my ‘favorite authors’ file. We met the main characters Aly and Cal in a previous book by Miller called Kicking Eternity, (which made my top five list for 2012). Aly is a self deprecating nymphomaniac on a path of destruction while Cal is an eccentric artist and surfer; the rogue son of a pastor. They have both grown and changed since book one, Cal through spending s [...]

  • Marilou George

    Cal has just been released from jail after an arrest for possession of marijuana and his ultimate goal is to make something of his life and to earn the love of Aly, the only girl he has ever loved. He is faced with many hurdles as he attempts to re-gain his life and mend relationships that have been damaged. He struggles with his addiction as he learns to love and respect himself and appreciate the talent he has as an artist. There is a great deal of family history and drama he must deal with in [...]

  • Anne Campbell

    Wow, Ann Lee Miller. I was impressed by your first book, Kicking Eternity, but this one has the first one beat. Thank you so much for the privilege of being one of your first reviewers. Ann is an amazingly talented writer. If you have read Kicking Eternity (which by the way, you can download for free), you know what I'm talking about. She grips you on the first page of both the first one and this one (The Art of My Life) and won't let you go EVEN AT THE END. I can't wait for the next book!Do you [...]

  • Nona King

    It’s a common malady, that sequels pale in comparison with their primary counterparts. Not so with The Art of My Life, by Ann Lee Miller. Kicking Eternity, book 1, introduced the characters of Cal and Aly, a somewhat star-crossed couple who had been friends for years and never been lucky enough to move past that point. Add into that Cal’s tendency toward addiction to marijuana, Aly’s addiction to sex, and they were delightfully flawed individuals whom tugged at your heartstrings.In The Art [...]

  • Judy

    The Art Of My Life by Ann Lee MillerSmyrna Beach Series Book 2John Calvin Koomer, who goes by the name Cal as in Calvin and Hobbs, because he was always more restless and into things like the mischievous cartoon character. Rather than follow the guidance of his father, Pastor Jackson Koomer, he related more to his hippie type grandparents Henna and Leaf, who provided him with all the pot he wanted. Cal has cared for Aly for some time but really messed up a few years ago by hanging out with Evie. [...]

  • Lynn Worton

    Review 6******I was given a copy of this book by the author in return for an honest review.This is a fantastic romance! But it is also a story of one man's chance to turn his life around.Cal is a fantastic character. He is a wonderful artist, but he has a problem; he is a marijuana addict. He has always loved Aly, but feels she deserves someone better.Aly is also a wonderful character. She also loves Cal, but doesn't believe that she has a chance with Cal. By going into business with him, she ho [...]

  • Terri

    I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.After reading Tattered Innocence by Ann Lee Miller and enjoying it I thought that I would like to read some of her other works. For those who have read Tattered Innocence you will find this story has many themes similar from the opening with the different sailing terms to the story based around a sailboat.The main theme of this read is about forgiveness. Each of the characters had some kind of indiscretion that they [...]

  • Miranda

    Overall, this wasn’t a bad book. It was well written, with a plot that kept me wanting to read. The only things keeping this from going from a book I liked to a book I loved were the characters.Again, it’s not that the characters weren’t well-written. Quite the contrary – I thought they were well developed and consistent. The problem was that I just didn’t much care for them as people. This is more of a personal thing on my end, though, because of the religious traits of the characters [...]

  • Rachel

    I read this book while on a cruise in Cocoa Beach Florida, which I thought was funny because I was only an hour away from New Smyrna Beach where the story takes place. I find that all of Anne Lee Miller's books are relatable in some way, but personally I loved The Art of My Life the most because it was the most relatable to my personal life. There is just something about Miller's writing that makes me never want the story to end.The characters are the driving force behind the plot and are extrem [...]

  • Cynthia

    The Art of My Life by Ann Lee Miller reminded me of books by Christian Romance author, Grace Livingston Hill. Like Hill, Miller’s story deals with real problems that readers face everyday.Miller uses all the senses to describe this tossed salad called life for the young characters who have problems with marijuana addiction, abandonment issues, spending time in jail, being hijacked and running from themselves. Drizzle this with the dreams of owning one’s business, passion, love, and forgivene [...]

  • Sara Palacios

    I received a copy of The Art Of My Life in exchange for an honest review.The Art Of My Life by Ann Lee Miller begins as main character Cal is released from jail after being arrested for possession of marijuana. His ultimate goal in life is to become a better man and to have Aly, his life long love, return the feeling. Throughout the course of the book, Cal is faced with many obstacles and he must learn to overcome them if he ever wants to move on and make something of himself. He jumps through h [...]

  • Fran

    4.5 stars for this continuing story of Cal and Aly. I really looked forward to reading this book after Kicking Eternity. Ann Lee Miller has a way of taking you back in time to those early young adult years. This story brings Cal and Aly back together again after Cal finds himself, yet again, in the turmoil of bad decisions he continues to make. Even though you want to just shake him into reality, it becomes clear as the story progresses that his mistakes are not quite what they seem. You see gro [...]

  • Cathleen

    I received a copy from the author in exchange for my honest review.It was fun to read book #4 in the New Smyrna Beach Series. I had read book #3 a while back and it was great to find out what happens to the people I got to know in book 3.In this book Cal is just released from jail after taking the fall for his grandparents pot dealing. He has good intentions in making things better and clean up his act. He wants to prove to Ally that he has changed and that he is good enough to be her boyfriend [...]

  • C.R. McBride

    I really enjoyed the first part Kicking Eternity where we first meet Cal and I loved him immediately. He is passionate and wears his heart on his sleeve; his heart definitely rules his head.The Art of My Life see`s Cal in a downward spiral trying desperately to grasp onto anything he can to try and turn his life around.Aly has turned it around; she has a successful job and is living a clean honest life at last. When Cal returns she doesn`t want him in her life, he humiliated her and broke her he [...]

  • Katie

    “The Art of My Life” is the second book I have read by Ann Lee Miller. I give this book four stars (the same as I gave “Avra’s God”) although, personally I preferred “Avra’s God,” I don’t think this book deserves anything less than four stars. “The Art of My Life” tells the tale of Cal and Ali who to begin with are clearly very different people. The book begins with Cal leaving jail. He’s given a chance to ‘restart’ life but will it be different the second time around [...]

  • Pamela

    You can read the summary of the plot above, so I'll merely add that I loved reading The Art of My Life. My biggest complaint is that Ann writes her characters too realistically. I expect to stroll down Smyrna Beach and see them at the docks. I find myself mentally giving them advice and encouragement when they're floundering--and then realize I'm actually giving myself advice and encouragement. Most of us can relate to feeling unable to measure up despite our best efforts. Or feeling like the pe [...]

  • Cheryl

    This is a well written story that explores overcoming sin and and dysfunctional families. Some of these characters have had a really rough life. Whether they brought in on themselves or they are a victim of circumstance becomes less important than how they move on and make the most of their lives. I am always impressed with a story that deals with overcoming one's weaknesses in a positive manner, especially by turning to God. I did have some difficulty relating to these characters. Probably only [...]

  • Ginger Solomon

    "The Art of My Life" by Ann Lee Miller. This is a sequel to "Kicking Eternity", which you will need to read to understand all the backstory/issues.I enjoyed reading this story, but be forewarned there are tough subjects covered--seeking sex to compensate for a lack of love, and using drugs to "escape reality"--and a fair amount of foul words. Ann uses the first two effectively to show us the pitfalls of these vices, and how much God loves all of us, despite our sins. All in all, I thought "The A [...]

  • Marcie

    This story challenged me on so many things in my own life. The way I mother my children, the way I respond to my own mother's desires for my life, the way I run from my own sins and problems. Knowing Cal would reach a resolution at the end of the story that I wasn't necessarily ready to reach in my own life made me put the book down for a week but then I missed the characters and found myself reaching for the book while cooking or instead of watching tv with my family. I enjoy reading and this b [...]

  • Katie Bennett

    What can I say about The Art of My Life? This book was amazing. Before reading this book, the first and only thing that I read by Ann Lee Miller was Kicking Eternity, which I enjoyed so much. The Art of My Life blew it right out of the water! Reading about the internal struggles between so many of the characters introduced in the prior New Smyrna Beach books, it truly feels like you get to know each of them and find yourself rooting for them all in their own struggles, with whatever it may be. I [...]