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Hard Hit
Title : Hard Hit
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ISBN : 9780439296809
Language : English
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 128

As she did in her groundbreaking memoir, Learning to Swim, Turner takes on a tough subject through luminous poetry. The result is a shattering and healing journey through one boy's loss of a parent.As the pitcher on his HS team, Mark lives and breathes baseball. Sure, there's pressure from his coach and his dad, who both push him hard, but it's nothing that time with his bAs she did in her groundbreaking memoir, Learning to Swim, Turner takes on a tough subject through luminous poetry. The result is a shattering and healing journey through one boy's loss of a parent.As the pitcher on his HS team, Mark lives and breathes baseball. Sure, there's pressure from his coach and his dad, who both push him hard, but it's nothing that time with his buddy, Eddie, or with his crush, Diane, can't diffuse. But all that changes when Mark's dad is diagnosed with cancer, and everything Mark has ever believed in--love, God, and baseball--is called into question.This profoundly affecting novel in verse t


Hard Hit Reviews

  • Jackson Gallo

    In the book Hard Hit I thought that the theme was its not over until its over. In this book the main character never gave up on his Dad. His Dad had thought him how to play baseball. I think that he didn't give up on his Dad because of some of the morales his Dad thought him.

  • Liam Ferris

    This was a very good book by Ann Turner, it was about a boy who played baseball. His dad had a brain tumor that seemed to get better, but then got worse and he sadly died. In the end, the boy reached his goal of pitching a no hitter against North Hampton High and told his dad just before he died. In the end of the book after the dads funeral, the boy and his friend Eddie, and his sister, buried the no-hitter baseball with some of his dads ashes. Overall i thought this was an amazing book and i w [...]

  • Astrid

    poignant. Each page has 1-3 sentences running down page. Short gulps of thought and emotion. Doesn't dwell on the type of cancer but the effects on everyone.

  • Ian Wiles

    Hard Hit was about a young boy and his relationship with his dad. Mark Warren was the baseball star in his town and he played with his dad all the time, it was his favorite thing to do. About midway into the baseball season the Warren family received bad news from the doctor. Mark has to grieve with the news but is determined to have his greatest game of his life just for his dad. Main characters of this story include Mark, his dad, his mom, and Josie which is Mark’s sister. The Warren family [...]

  • Cole Nemmers

    This is a book that is about baseball. And you you like baseball than this book is good. It is a really short book but it is a really good book and it is really funny but i can be really boring sometimes because you haven't got to the right part of the book. But also the book is really short like i said but it only has like twenty words per page which isn't that good but it's still a great book. This is a really great book over all even now there are not as many words you would think there would [...]

  • Katherine Wren

    Hard Hit is a short, but touching book. I'd recommend it to any grieving child or friend of someone who is grieving. I love the metaphors between everyday, common occurrences and religion (salvation and communion). We find our comfort and our salvation and our resurrection in the simple things; sunshine on hair, soft grass, a dog's wet nose, even a science project. This book expertly expresses both the small beauties in life and the massive gulf of grief and juxtaposes the two in a way that only [...]

  • Owen Conway

    do not let go of the past

  • Tranna Foley

    From Destiny Library record, "A rising high school baseball star faces his most difficult challenge when his father is diagnosed with pancreatic cancer."Touching book written as a series of poems separated into sections titled Wind Up, Strike One!, Extra Innings, and Three Strikes! The father's illness and the family's reactions and changes are shown. Although dealing with a difficult subject, I didn't have the emotional reaction to this book as I did to At the End of Words : a Daughter's Memoir [...]

  • Becky Tucker

    Poetry--Book in VerseThis book is in the form of poetry and so it was short and a quick read. It is about a teenage boy who is the star pitcher on the baseball team, just got a new girlfriend, and is starting to feel a little resistant of his parents and the structure in his life. Then he and his family get the news that his father has cancer and their whole lives are changed. At first, he struggles with baseball, but then he resolves to pitch a no hitter for his dad, who loved pushing him harde [...]

  • Joyce Lee

    This book is about a boy named Matt and he's a sophomore in High School. He is living his life the fullest and hes enjoying his life. Matt gets a Girlfriend and he's is an amazing baseball player at school. He enjoys everything that is happening to him. This all changes until he finds out that his dad is diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer. Matt's life starts changing he starts struggling with baseball and he becomes depressed. Matt and his dad's had a strong connection together. His dad is always [...]

  • Allie Z.

    Hard Hit I gave my book Hard Hit 5 stars because it was really good. Even though it was a poem it still had that flow of a book. When I started the book was kind of hard to under stand because of it confusing repeating of words but in the middle you finally come out of your blonde moment and understand it. I was also the fact that the parent had gotten a type of cancer that mad him really sick the connected me to the book because of a sad time when my mother got a cancer. It truly makes you so s [...]

  • Ania

    Novels in verse are perfect medium to express young people emotions and this is shown in Hard Hit, by Ann Turner. The protagonist, Mark, is a star of a baseball team in his high school, living happily with his family in suburbia until a family drama takes place – his father is diagnosed with cancer. Mark questions God, love, future – the book becomes his memoir of emotions and philosophical questions. The book is divided into 4 parts, verses, double spaced, are printed only on one side which [...]

  • Taylor

    I gave this book 4 stars because I really liked how Mark never gave up to be a better baseball player so he could get his no-hitter inning. I also liked how Mark and his dad had a really good connection even though the dads tumor was spreading and he was about to die. I liked that because the whole book was in a way touching because the whole family never gave up on hope and they stayed together during the whole time the dad was sick. I thought it was good because I think that a lot of people ca [...]

  • Joeyr

    I like this book because it happens alot around the world. this book is about a high school kid named Mark. Mark loves baesball but has alot on his mind cause marks dad has cancer. Mark is the starting pitcher but cant really make it to practice as much cause he goes visits his dad at the hospital. Then marks dad passed away and mark was just so depressed. Now for every game he dedicates his games to his past away dad. This book reminds me of my best frind in louisisana his dad had cancer and he [...]

  • John

    It was okay probably just cause I like baseball and if you like sports it is a good option to go to if you need to read a book. I think this could be a real situation in real life because he's got everything he wants a girlfriend, a best friend, a family that loves him, and it helps when your the best pitcher on the team too. His dad gets a brain tumor and gets treatment and everything then on his CAT scan it says it's going away then out of no where he dies only to find out the doctors goofed a [...]

  • Yesi

    Ann Turner is the author of Hard Hit. She found out herself that life is a surprise, and that nobody knows what is going to happen. Mark Warren finds himself in a good life but suddenly the coin turns out to be a suprise, he believes in love,God,and the future. I know that each person has lots of suprises in life, sometimes I get into someone else's shoes to know and feel how that person is suffering. If you get into somebody else's shoes that is suffering, you will know how that person is feeli [...]

  • Heather Fields

    I gave this book a 3 out of 5 stars. I think the idea and the concept of this book is a really cool and it works but I didn't like the way the author wrote it. The book was choppy and written almost in a poetic form and it was alittle boring. the last few pages were my favorite when *spoiler* author Ann Turner, had the son, Mark and daughter Josie and the wife of te dad all standing around his death bed, it really tied the book together and made it a worth while read.

  • Kiersten

    Mark Warner was the star player of his high school baseball team. His life seemed to be good, until his father got a phone call saying that his pancreatic cancer has spread, which changed his life forever. As time goes on Mark explains how he is a teenage boy living his life, while his father is loosing his life. Read this book to find out what happens when there seems to be no hope, and it will have you on the edge of your seat.

  • Marcia

    A moving, beautiful novel in poem form (poem in novel form?) about a high school boy whose dad is dying of cancer. The short book fully captures each emotion Mark experiences and the deep love he has for his dad. Turner is a local author and the book is set in Westhampton, Ma. I appreciated that the family had a religious faith ( Catholic) and the caring relationship Mark has with his younger sister. Very touching and well done.

  • Josh

    I thought it was a great book to read. I would recommend it to anyone. It is about when this kid who is a really good pitcher. One night, he finds out that his dad is dying of cancer. That game he pitches a no hitter, that means that they never hit the ball his dad is really proud of him. I think that Shay would really like this book or anyone who likes baseball.

  • Allisen

    I give this book a 4 because, it was because it was a really good book and really sad at the same time! Here is what the book was about, it was about a little boy named Mark his dad has cancer and Mark is scared his dad is going to die. Then his dad wont be able to teach him, his son how to play baseball and all of the other things his dad was going to do for his son Mark.

  • Jasmine

    This book was pretty good. The pages where really short, so it doesn't take long to read it.Marky likes to play baseball and is a good pitcher.But then his dad is diagnosed with cancer. He has a very had time with it. After a while things starts to get better, but then it gets worse. This book was good, but it was really short.

  • Mary Devane

    In my opinion this book was okay. It is about a boy who is dealing with his father having cancer but he is also a very passionate baseball player. I enjoyed this poem book however it did at times fail to keep you interested. I read this book because a friend recommended it and I am not sure it was worth my time.

  • Margaret

    "I think there's somethingwrong with my eyeseverything looks the same- don't they knoweverything is changed?That I'll never be the same?"It is so hard to put feelings into words - I love it when others can validate my feeling by expressing them in ways I never could. That is what this book does for me.

  • Sara

    Whew! This one made me cry. The hardcover looks a lot longer than it actually is- I probably downed it in 20 minutes since it's double spaced poems mostly one-sided pages. It was nice to see Catholic protagonists- my students will like that.

  • Tamsyn

    I didn't care for this one too much, though there were some touching moments as the boy deals with his father's illness (pancreatic cancer), mostly because I didn't care for the poetry: it was awkward to me. I usually love verse novels, but this one didn't capture me.

  • Williamhernandez

    Hard hit by Ann Turner was a wonderful book.Mark the protagonist was really scared that his dad was in the hospital. The reason why hes scared is because his dad was the only one that helped him with sports.Marks mother was the only one to

  • Shay Karlen

    I thought this was a good book because it was about a kid who was really good at baseball, and he figured out that his dad had cancer. It was tough for him to hear, but he still played and was very sad. I recomend this book to people that like baseball and understand the game.

  • Alexalion

    The book Hard Hit is about a boy who plays baseball for his father. I think this is a touching story. Id reccomend it for anyone who is into sports,or who loves qreat sports story. id have to say i like the book.

  • Olivia

    fairly good read.