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A Place of Confinement (A Dido Kent Mystery #4)
Title : A Place of Confinement (A Dido Kent Mystery #4)
Author :
Rating :
ISBN : 9780749012724
Language : English
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 416

Having refused a marriage proposal forced upon her by her family, Dido Kent has been sent to keep her Aunt Manners company. The atmosphere at Charcombe Manor does little to put the exiled Dido's mind at rest. And when the truth surfaces, that a young lady has disappeared, Dido's skill at unravlling mysteries is put to the test.


A Place of Confinement (A Dido Kent Mystery #4) Reviews

  • Ivonne Rovira

    My dear Eliza,Your sister, Dido Kent, while estimable in most matters, has perpetrated a great injury; for, in producing a novel of her time at Charcombe Manor during April 1807 — a novel so infused with curiosity & suspense — she has inconsiderately ignored her duty to her gentle readers. Surely, a young woman of six & thirty years has developed sufficient sense and knowledge of the world that she must know that such a fascinating tale must lead to her readers staying up all night t [...]

  • LJ

    First Sentence: My dear Eliza, I am in prison and I do not know how much longer I can bear my confinement.Spinster Dido Kent has been sent off to Charcombe Manor with wealthy and demanding Aunt Manners. Upon arriving, she learns that Miss Letitia Verney is missing, though to have eloped to Gretna Green with Tom Lomax, wastrel son of Dido’s suitor, William. There is more than one puzzle to keep Dido busy. Why is Aunt Manners giving her jewelry to George, a brother she dislikes? Why is crying he [...]

  • QNPoohBear

    3.5 stars somewhere between liked it and really liked itAfter refusing to marry clergyman Dr. Prowdlee with his sidewhiskers and pew and a half of children, Dido is forced to accompany her wealthy Aunt Manners to visit her aunt's family at Charcombe Manor. Dido hopes to visit Belfield and see Mr. William Lomax again but her hypochondriac aunt keeps Dido close and Dido feels as if she's in prison. When one of the guests, young heiress Letitia Verney, goes missing, Dido is on the scent of another [...]

  • Malia

    The word that comes to mind when I think of any of the books in this series is inevitably, lovely. That would be an odd thing to say about a murder mystery, but the driving force of these books is not the mystery (though that is certainly engaging) but the wonderful character of Miss Dido Kent, of whom I feel certain, even Miss Austen would approve.Anna Dean has created a memorable and, though this book is set in 1807, very 'real' character who it is a delight to follow around on her adventures. [...]

  • Snail in Danger (Sid) Nicolaides

    I whimpered when I noticed that the American publisher of this series planned to continue releasing it a year after the British editions (which, by the way, have superior covers). This is maybe the best historical series I've ever encountered in any genre for making it feel and sound like the characters are actually living in the time period where the series is set. So I very much enjoy it in that regard.Well, now I've read this. It went by quickly and felt short, like a TV series episode. It's [...]

  • Meredith

    Thoroughly enjoyed the plot twists and the frequent Austen references or quotes, including the tongue in cheek reference to a phrase Miss Kent considers somewhat of a cliche -- do anything rather than marry without affection. What is the anything one can do instead, she wonders.

  • Rachel

    These are supposed to be a cross between Jane Austen and Agatha Christie. It really surpassed my expectations. Good mystery.

  • Rachel Knowles

    Another very readable historical mystery by Anna Dean. In this story, the redoubtable Miss Dido Kent faces her biggest challenge yet. Can she prove the innocence of a man she despises or will she have to watch the man's father, William Lomax, the man she has been in love with for most of the past three books, cut himself off from her forever, refusing to let her share in his shame? As with her previous books, Miss Dean dwells on the difficulties facing single women of little fortune in the early [...]

  • Kathy Moberg

    Another enjoyable, creative addition to the series with lots of plot twists. I look forward to many more installments!That said, I do have one quibble -- the overuse of the word little. One page used the word at least 4 times. There are considerably too many references to little hands, little creases, little this and that and most of all, little faces. I understand where it's coming from, but nonetheless, the word shows up much too frequently and this should have been caught somewhere in the edi [...]

  • Kimberly

    Loved this historical mystery. I suspected the WHO early, but I am always fascinated and surprised by the motive. I never pieced this all together even though the clues were right there for me. Loved it.

  • Beverly

    This book makes me very glad I wasn't born in an earlier era when women had no rights. At the beginning, Dido Kent is a 36-year-old woman who is sent to care for her wealthy aunt in hopes that the aunt will settle at least part of her fortune on Dido and her family and for not considering the matrimonial interest of the Reverend Prowdlee with his pew and a half of children. She and her aunt are visiting her aunt's brothers at their childhood home where a young woman has recently gone missing. Th [...]

  • Michelle

    This is the 4th book in the Dido Kent series. Dido is sent off to be the companion for an elderly aunt by her sister-in-law after refusing to consider a proposal of marriage by the odious clergyman, Dr. Manners who is looking for a new wife to take care of him and his brood of children after his wife’s death. Her aunt takes her to her childhood home, but upon arrival, it appears that there is a mystery. Miss Verney, a visitor to the manor, has disappeared and it is feared that she may have elo [...]

  • Pauline Ross

    This series is a collection of little gems: beautifully written tales that never, ever impose modern sensibilities on the characters, and manage to combine Jane Austen’s wit and observational skills with the amateur sleuthing of Agatha Christie’s Miss Marple. The romance is subtle and clever, with the obstacles being intellectual and philosophical ones, rather than the usual tired old tropes. This is the fourth book of the series, and although the romance finally reaches a satisfactory concl [...]

  • Maureen Hetzel

    An enjoyable series that creates situations totally in synch with the times represented and relies on the deductive skills of the main character to solve the mystery. Delightful!

  • Kimberly Ann

    This was the first in this series that I've ever read. book 4. I've never been interested in this series, but when this came in the summary sounded interesting.Miss Dido Kent is a spinster living w/ her brother & sister-in-law.who wants her to wed the widowed preacher. The preacher has "A pew and a half of children", and Miss Dido Kent has no interest in either the preacher or his children.Miss Dido Kent is happy as she is (and secretly in love w/ another man) , however as punishment for tur [...]

  • Marci

    In this fourth installment of the series featuring Regency spinster Dido Kent, she must solve twin mysteries of a missing heiress and a murdered man from a foreign land while tethered as a companion to a very cranky widowed aunt. Unpleasant relatives litter the landscape, and nearly everybody is acting a part to conceal something. Even Dido begins to act in ways that are against her principles and scruples, feeling the pressure brought to bear upon women in powerless positions who nevertheless a [...]

  • Yvette

    Best book of the series yet. I know I said that of the previous book, but seriously, guys. This book is all sorts of intriguing mystery, heart-tugging romance, and satisfying courage. I am so glad I picked up this series. It really does get better and better. Beset by even worse challenges than the third book, we see poor Dido struggling to keep her composure and grace. Still, she has her sense of humour and love of mysteries to keep her head afloat.Are young men grown so very indolent that youn [...]

  • Susan in NC

    Not my favorite in the series (that would be the previous entry, "A Woman of Consequence"), but still very enjoyable once I got into it! I so enjoy Dido and her interactions with the various interesting characters Anna Dean creates in her mysteries - I love the glimpses of her correspondence with her sister Eliza, through which Dido works out the mystery she's currently embroiled in. I've even come to enjoy her relationship with her suitor, Mr. Lomax, who finally seems less a rigid, priggish sor [...]

  • Jennifer

    It's been awhile since I finished a book! (Side note: That's almost unbelievable to me, yet I've had a rather busy month. Seriously, I need to pick up the pace if I want to hit my reading goal this year.)Anyway, this one was a good one to get me back into the swing of reading. The mystery was interesting, with a few red herrings thrown about to keep things moving. The plotline bogs down only occasionally, and at times I thought that Dido wasn't only a keen observer, she was clairvoyant (a bit ha [...]

  • Melissa

    I thoroughly enjoyed this book and thought that the mystery was a good one-that was not clear until nearly the final pages of the book. Interesting series-hope it is not too long before the next installment is released."Dido Kent's sister-in-law Margaret is attempting to marry her off to the ghastly clergyman Doctor Prowdlee, with his abominable side-whiskers. Dido, however, is determined to refuse him. As punishment she is sent on a journey as companion to her rich, hypochondriac Aunt Manners - [...]

  • Jane

    This is the best Dido Kent book yet. This is a gentle series of romance and mystery. It is perfect for those who love Jane Austen. The romance is mostly of the meaningful glance and ardent touching of hands variety. The mystery is a set of little puzzles to be worked out.Dido is a spinster of 36 who has the unfeminine habits of thinking for herself, showing too much interest in unseemly matters like murder, and speaking her mind. She is dependent on her brothers for her living. However, she has [...]

  • Beth

    This was an enjoyable read set in Regency England, the fourth book in the Dido Kent series.Part of it is set out in letters from Dido to her sister. She has been sent to attend to an elderly, wealthy aunt in the hopes that the aunt will settle some money on her so Dido can help her family. When they arrive at the home they are visiting, a young woman appears to have disappeared and then someone is murdered. The guilty party appears to be obvious, but Dido is not convinced, so sets out, in her no [...]

  • Holliekins

    This was a Christmas present for me as it combines two of my literary loves - the Regency period and some sleuthing! A Place of Confinement is part of a series of books about Dido Kent, a thirty-something year old unmarried woman, who is sent away with her aunt after turning down a marriage proposal from an unsuitable man. While staying in her aunt's brother's house, a young lady in his care goes missing in a suspected elopement, but all is not what it seems and Dido must interrogate and spy on [...]

  • George

    # 4 in the Dido Kent, 36 year old spinster dependent upon her family for taking care of her mystery series. This story opens on on April 18,1807 with Dido serving as a companion for her wealthy Aunt Manners at Charcombe Manor as a sort of punishment for Dido not wanting to marry the vicar where she was staying with her aunt and uncle in the last novel. They arrive to discover a wealth young lady has disappeared and the owner as well as guest appear to be in no hurry to find her. As in Dido’s o [...]

  • Joan

    I was given this book as a challenge - I was in the local charity bookshop and asked my spousal unit to find any book for me to read. He came back with this and at first I was a little dismayed but he reads the books I buy for him, so I decided to give this one a chance. And this is a lovely book. Great characters, a decent well-thought-out plot and the historical aspect was very well done. My real niggle is the frequent use of italics when Dido is writing her letters. I find italics difficult t [...]

  • Susan

    Penniless spinster Dido Kent is in love with William Lomax, who is not yet able to marry her, but her sister-in-law says it's her duty to marry a boring clergyman. When Dido refuses, she's sent to be companion to her aged great-aunt, who is visiting her girlhood home. When they arrive, they find a missing heiress. The man they think she eloped with is William's dissolute son, Tom. And things get worse for Tom and for Dido's romance after that. There's nothing for Dido to do but start investigati [...]

  • Janice Liedl

    A more satisfying outing for Dido Kent than the previous volume, at least for me, the only complaints that I have deal with the title (too revealing, I'm afraid - suggesting a major plot development at the outset) and some secondary characters who were entirely too stereotypical. However, Dido's situation, enforced companion to her querulous Aunt Manners and accompanying that lady on a visit to her natal family, opens up an interesting exploration of motives for marriage and old secrets that lea [...]

  • Barb Moore

    Dido escapes plans to marry her off to an unpleasant widower with a "pewful" of children, only to be trapped as the dutiful traveling companion to her wealthy hypochondriac aunt. While visiting Aunt Manners's relatives, Dido is mystified by an apparent elopement, her aunt's disappearing jewelry, and the murder of a stranger--who is not a stranger to at least one of the household. Slightly Gothic details create a fun atmosphere for the reader, as do the clues which are there for the reader to unr [...]

  • Aldara Vázquez

    Esta es la última de una serie de 4 novelas ambientadas en la inglaterra del siglo XIX, un ambiente de la época de Jane Austen, pero a parte de su vena romántica, es sobre todo de misterios, asesinatos que hay que resolver, y cosas así, pero de manos de una mujer, en una época en que la mujer no podía hacer prácticamente nada más que buscar marido o ser institutriz.A mí me gustó por la ambientación en esa época, que las hace diferentes a otras, es muy ligero de leer, y te intriga sab [...]

  • Patricia

    I remembered this series so enthusiastically and have waited for a while for a chance to read this book, so perhaps my expectations got the better of me. This was a good book although not living up to my memory of the other books in the series and not living up to my expectations. I would rate this cozy mystery 3.5, and I am rounding up to 4 just because I do look forward to more books in the series and consider Dean to write very smoothly.