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Paying for His Mistakes
Title : Paying for His Mistakes
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Language : English
Format Type : Wattpad
Number of Pages : 135

Sarah Crossen is rejected by her mate, all because of something her father had done. Dejected Sarah forces herself to go on. Why? Because she is pregnant. When the pack discovered that she is, she is more hated than ever. Especially by her mate Conrad. Even though he rejected her, she still got herself pregnant! With no one left to turn too Sarah has to face the hardest thSarah Crossen is rejected by her mate, all because of something her father had done. Dejected Sarah forces herself to go on. Why? Because she is pregnant. When the pack discovered that she is, she is more hated than ever. Especially by her mate Conrad. Even though he rejected her, she still got herself pregnant! With no one left to turn too Sarah has to face the hardest thing she will ever deal with in her life.


Paying for His Mistakes Reviews

  • Lee

    I never cried so much over a book -or anything for that matter- in my life. It was a motivating, hope giving, self-esteem lifting, empowering read. It shows anything is possible with the right mind-set and ability to embrace work even when we don't want to. Overall it was a great read.Ps- It might be a good read to me and a bad read to someone else. People and their opinions differ so don't just take my word for it, just give it a go :)

  • Shiy

    This book is a must read. Been two years since I read this book and I still fondly remember this. It has a very strong protagonist with the spirit of a fighter in her. I've cried with her, been inspired by her resilience and immense courage to keep going on despite the odds thrown at her. It's impressive how her character experiences a major character arc shift from a naive, innocent and selfless girl to that of a bold, assertive and valiant woman who is not afraid to fight for herself. Read thi [...]

  • Alla

    Oh wow!I have never read any kind of wolf/shifters book before, but there was just something about the blurb that made me really want to read this book.This is not your typical romance/love story, not at all and so different from what I thought I was going to be readingd then again not.It´s told from many different characters POV (which I really liked) and I have never read that before.This story was absolutely amazing, I couldn´t put it down and finished it in one sitting, I was totally hooke [...]

  • Grace

    5 very bright starsI loved this story so much, I can't put it into words.It was touching and heart-breaking, it was funny and interesting and at times beautiful. And even though this is a Werewolf story, the romance and life of Sarah seemed so real. It made me cry, it made me laugh, it made me sit before my computer for hours completely glued to the pages.Elizabeth Dadelik is a truly inspirational writer.

  • Rosa Martins

    Just another werewolf book, right? WRONG!!! I usually expected more of the same when reading werewolf books on wattpad so this was also my mood when I came across this book. Yet soon I realised I could not have been more wrong. It goes against stereotypes and cliches and presents a wonderfully written and planned story. The struggles seem real and the ending us absolutely amazing. I love that it calls attention to Aspergers!All in all a fantastic read!

  • ~Anna B.~ ♥

    4.5 starsGreat story! :)I was browsing werewolf stories in wattpad when I came across with this story. I'm a fan of happy plots and endings but this was the odd one out. A unique plot with heartfelt emotions. So much heartbreaking scenes that I feel like crying for the heroine. I applaud the author for making this amazing story. :)

  • Shatha

    Best book I have ever read in my whole life !!!!! I coudn't stop crying n heaving even now while I'm writing this ! God wow just WOOOOOOOOOOOOW

  • Gidon Presser

    I have read the original story in its entirety as well as the reposted first five chapters. The story is about a girl who was wronged by everyone who was supposed to look out for her wellbeing! The problem started from the top and went down to the lowest member of the pack. When she was facing life at the age of 18 and destitute until one pack member took pity on her and literally saved her life. The hits just kept on coming from finding out she was pregnant with her mates baby to being kicked o [...]

  • Catherine

    I can barely articulate the depth and importance of this book that the author has achieved. Both the message and the beautifully crafted story kept me turning pages all through the night until I finished feeling utterly awestruck. Sarah has the strength and character that I hope to achieve and inspire in others someday. This story isn't about her fall, but rather about how she got up and helped others. I rarely ever read books multiple times, but this is a book that strike something in the reade [...]

  • Cozen

    This is a Wattpad original and for the most part, my number one favorite. There are editing issues to note but being this is a sight for unpublished works, you can forgive the minor infractions. That being said, I wanted to point out that I LOATH tragedies to the umpteenth degree. While this was a highly impacted story full of drama that had me crying and gripping my ipad to the point of breaking it It was well worth all of it after chapter 20. I can only hope she has continued to write because [...]

  • Vanessa

    What a wonderful and beautifully written story. Sometimes you find yourself wanting that "happy ending" to be cliche, but when the author decides to take it to a different level creating the book in a way where your not just pleased with reading it but you are touched by finding that it gives you something that you didn't even know you were missing. Loved this book. I really hope and pray that the author writes more she has an amazing and wonderful gift that needs to be shared with the world. Th [...]

  • Saki

    Apt title for the bookSarah had a normal life of a werewolf until her mom died.Then everything went upside down.her father bece an alcoholic thief, the pack blamed her and her mate rejected her.To top it off she became pregnant with her mates childd that's just the tip of the ice Berg. She is strong willed and leads her life through the Bloody mess.Now the review, I loved the book. It was like watching a movie in fast forward. Sarah is that girl who endures and picks up the broken pieces.while d [...]

  • Kelly

    I have never cried so much over a book from Wattpad. This is one of my favorite books period, and even had my teacher get a wattpad account so she could read it. When you're school mission is to "develop values driven women leaders" you have to read this. I read this expecting it to be an easy to read uncomplicated Wattpad Werewold Rejection book (you know what I mean, those annoying ones where the guy can do whatever he wants to the girl but she forgives him in the end) but I was pleasantly wro [...]

  • Beshoo

    I first read this on wattpad few years ago and it was really awesome it was the first supernatural book I've ever read and honestly I really loved it and it stuck with me, usually I read good stories on wattpad but eventually forget their name or some times the plots too but this book was different, and it's the first book that I haven't forgot the name of.And while I was reading it I used to cry a lotd I don't think there's a word to describe how good it is.

  • Arisha

    . ohgod. This book was amazing it felt like i was Sarah everything she felt i felt i can sort of relate to her like other people are stubborn and wont listen and understand things. When she felt sad i almost cried and when she was happy i was staring at the screen with joy. When she was in pain my heart hurt for her. Elizabeth out done herself writing this novel. It was actually a bit inspiring but most of all it made u feel like you were the character

  • Rocky

    Casually scrolling through wattpad, it was an early night and I felt like a good read. Boy, did I get a good read, it's a great book, it had me crying endlessly Sniff Sob Sniff Unlike most of the cliche werewolf books, where 'boy meets girl, rejects her and then wins her back' it revolves around an independent girl who suffers great hardships, yet still manages to rise to the top.

  • Shreya Kishore

    It was a nice story but sad, so very sad. At many times I just gave up hope. I was like just get together already. But it all worked together in the end. I didn't really like how everything tied up into a bow but I am not the author.

  • Melania Ramona

    This really was an interesting, inspiring story. Somehow, I didn't expect it in the beginning. I thought it would be like so many other stories I'm so glad it was different. I would like to read more about Sarah's life.

  • JustSoTypical

    I loved that the main character didn't need anyone it shows true independence it actually gave me encouragement and pride in knowing that the writer didn't write another story in which a damsel in distress needs a hero to save her!

  • Faith

    So sad that she has to go through that. Most of the Wattpad book made me want to scream at her mate.

  • Elissa

    Read this when it first came out on wattpad and loved it! Anything Elizabeth writes on wattpad I devour!

  • Helen

    DNF. I hate Conrad HATE!

  • Nishaat Mangera

    This book was AMAZING!!! Enough said.

  • Hafsa

    Amazing story

  • Lessthan3

    A truly refreshing book compared to others.Definitely one of my favs on Wattpad :D

  • Hafsah

    A very unique ending for story from this genre and such captivating story line, elements of mystery of how the story wold proceed with surprises at corners, it was beautiful.

  • Giselle Osorio

    I loved this story because it wasn't like the cliches romantic stories. This girl stood beside and cared for herself right after all the things she went through. She was such a strong character.

  • Trisha

    It was interesting, as my first Wattpad storybut the misspellings and typos were very distracting. They made me lose focus of the story and really took away from me enjoying it.

  • Allana

    Absolutely fantastic!

  • Micol