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Two Shy Pandas
Title : Two Shy Pandas
Author :
Rating :
ISBN : 9781849394093
Language : English
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 32

Panda longs to play with Pandora next door, but he's too shy. Whenever he sees Pandora he runs away. Meanwhile Pandora longs to say "Hello Panda!", but she's much too shy, too. Will these two shy pandas ever muster up the courage to speak to each other?


Two Shy Pandas Reviews

  • Sheri

    Panda neighbors each realize that more fun can be had with a playmate, but taking that that first step towards friendship is scary. After watching and wondering, who will overcome their shyness to realize a little bravery can lead to great rewards? A nice enough book with an enjoyable storyline although the panda artwork didn’t catch my eye as much as others books have.

  • Ayşe Saruhan

    Çok güzel :)

  • Peacegal

    Themes: overcoming shyness, making new friends

  • Rachel

    Both panda's are shy, but desperately want to make friends with one another, and it is only when they become worried for the other that they finally meet. Taking a chance is difficult for shy people, but these two panda's show that the risk was worth it, as it turns out for many others too. The rhyme that goes along with this tale is very sweet. The one issue is with the name of the female Panda, Pandora, it immediately conjures up images of disaster to those aware of the reference, and this sto [...]

  • Gözde Yeşilsefa

    İsimlerinin Panda ve Pandora olması çok şeker, çocuklar için akılda kalıcı. Bunları okuyunca yemin ederim çocukluğumu yaşayamadım mı acaba diyorum? Bende aşırı utangaçtım küçükken, en azından biri ile tanışmak çok zordu benim için. Acaba biri bana bunu okusa ve cesaret verse her şey farklı olur muydu? Cesaretlenir ve aksiyon alır mıydım? Bence denemeye değer. Etrafında küçük bir çocuk olan herkes bunu ona okumalı. Tek puan kırdığım yer Pandora'nın kı [...]

  • Kristin Rosenberg

    The story is told from the perspectives of two pandas who are neighbors. They each want to befriend the other, but they are both too shy to make the first move. When they both seem to disappear during the winter, they each gather up the courage to go check on the other. This is a very sweet book with a nice, light amount of text, perfect for sharing with a small friend in your life.

  • Samantha

    Two shy pandas are anxious to make friends with one another, but it's not until the snow falls and they worry about each other that they venture out of their houses and finally meet.A cute story about friendship and overcoming shyness

  • Barbara

    This is a sweet book in rhyme about being shy, misunderstandings and developing friendships. This would be a great book for a jumping off point in a discussion about being shy or making friends. The illustrations will give children and their caregivers much to talk about and and enjoy together.

  • Jen

    This book could encourage children to make friends with their neighbors, it's ok. Most of it rhymes, and then the last line doesn't match the rhythm OR the rhyme- this makes the ending unsatisfying. I'm glad they showed the girl panda playing with trucks and the boy panda dancing.

  • Paula

    Panda and Pandora live next to each other but never speak or play together because they are much too shy.

  • Becky Shaknovich

    While the story was super sweet, the art was nothing special.

  • Kimberly

    Aw A sweet book about overcoming shyness and making friends.

  • Msjennifers Corner

    Very cute. Parents looking for a good making friends book for their shy guys will like this story very much.

  • Edward Sullivan

    Cute pandas, pleasant story about friendship,

  • Kathy Gallagher

    this is a very sweet book about overcoming shyness and making friends I suggest for ages 5 and under.

  • Kelsey

    Age: Preschool-KindergartenGood for shy kids reluctant to make friends

  • Kymberly

    So cute! How two pandas want to play with one another but are too scared to ask and really find out both were afraid to ask. Best thing to do is be brave and just ask.

  • Rachel

    A good message about friendship, but not much else, there was also one picture in during winter where the grass was green, it threw me off.

  • Marina

    Cute story about overcoming shyness to make friends but sometimes it rhymed, sometimes it didn't which really halted the flow of the story and was a bit distracting.

  • Elizabeth

    The rhymes are awkward (and that's not counting rhyming "up" with "up"), but maybe they work better with a British accent. The story itself was fine, but it was hampered by the attempts to rhyme.