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Dream Team
Title : Dream Team
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ISBN : 9780345520487
Language : English
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 352

They were the Beatles of basketball, the Mercury Seven in sneakers.   In Dream Team, acclaimed sports journalist Jack McCallum delivers the untold story of the greatest team ever assembled: the 1992 U.S. Olympic Men’s Basketball Team that captivated the world, kindled the hoop dreams of countless children around the planet, and remade the NBA into a global sensation.   AsThey were the Beatles of basketball, the Mercury Seven in sneakers.   In Dream Team, acclaimed sports journalist Jack McCallum delivers the untold story of the greatest team ever assembled: the 1992 U.S. Olympic Men’s Basketball Team that captivated the world, kindled the hoop dreams of countless children around the planet, and remade the NBA into a global sensation.   As a senior staff writer for Sports Illustrated, McCallum enjoyed a courtside seat for the most exciting basketball spectacle on earth, covering the Dream Team from its inception to the gold medal ceremony in Barcelona. For the duration of the


Dream Team Reviews

  • Andre

    I was highly disappointed in this book. Instead of being about the Dream Team, it was more about Jack McCallum’s experience covering the Dream Team. It was not about the players, the team, and what they meant to the Olympics so much as it was about the author’s feelings about them. The end product was not very enjoyable. It was, in fact, highly disappointing.The biggest takeaway for me was that McCallum’s just not good at writing long, book-length pieces. From chapter to chapter, the narra [...]

  • evan

    Without giving away too much, here are my top 5 anecdotes from Jack McCallum's incredible book about the original Dream Team.1) Michael Jordan stayed up all night before the gold medal game vs. Croatia: playing cards and smoking cigars until dawn, filming a special video for the NBA, and even getting in a round or two of golf -- all before, you know, playing the game of basketball at the highest possible level, and helping the US secure the gold medal. Which admittedly wasn't that hard, but stil [...]

  • Kate

    Jack McCallum has basically unmatched access to NBA players, coaches, and management, and because of that, parts of this book are amazing. One of the best chapters of the book is an incredible play-by-play of a scrimmage between Jordan and Johnson-led squads that manages to provide both a thrilling account of a close basketball game and insight into the personalities of some of the greatest players of all time. The book as a whole finds a great balance between the individual players and their dy [...]

  • Andrew

    It was fine when McCallum wasn't busy inserting the asides about himself and dishing out gossip like an eighth grader. At times, I felt kind of sorry for him because it sounded suspiciously like he was attaching himself to this athletic collective in the hopes that some of their ____ (fill in the blank - awesomeness, prowess, attractiveness) would rub off on him. I definitely got the sense that some players were people he DESPERATELY wanted (wants?) to be personal friends with (Barkley, Bird and [...]

  • Eduardo Bahena

    The plot is mainly about basketball players for the 90's mostly from Michael Jordans time. It talks about how several players for the NBA had a chance to live a dream and go on to the Olympics and win the Gold Medal for basketball. I think that the book and events moved slowly first of all because the book is pretty long and the NBA season goes by slow as well. It was intresting because at those times players like Michael Jordan Larry Bird and Magic Johnson use to compete to see who was the best [...]

  • Anthony

    1992 seems like a lifetime away, and I guess it was if you are 20 years old. For those of us who can actually remember 1992 and were basketball fans even then, “Dream Team” is a treat. Sports journalist Jack McCallum doesn’t chronicle everything about the ’92 Olympic basketball team and their games and victories. This is not a transcript of the play by play. What he does is give us is insight into how the Dream Team came to be, from getting the go ahead to allow professional athletes to [...]

  • Chris Gordon

    As a huge fan of basketball, I can say that this book did not disappoint. This eponymous book follows the Dream Team of the 1992 Olympics led by such NBA superstars as Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, Patrick Ewing, and Charles Barkley, among other now hall of famers. The perspective is that of a sports writer who tags along with the Dream Team at the Olympic games. Jack McCallum thus has a unique insight into the off-the-court happenings of some of the greatest basketball stars to eve [...]

  • Steve

    This book was difficult for me to score. First off, the subject matter is near and dear to my heart. I love the basketball that was played in the 1980's and 1990's. I was a huge fan of Magic, Clyde Drexler, Charles Barkley and others of the era. I also love hearing about how these guys came together and gave up their summer to be the first group of NBA players to compete in the Olympics. So, most of the content was interesting, especially the 'behind the scenes' stories of the closed practices, [...]

  • Trace Guzman

    Wow. I applaud you, Mr. McCallum, both for the greatness of Dream Team, and the fact that you could experience all of this! The stories he tells in this book will be sure to change the way you look at the Dream Team. He tells it as if he's your dad or grandpa, telling you about his hey-days, with a mix of a documentary-style writing. Whole paragraphs in parenthesis gives a "Oh, and by the way" feel, while writing about a scrimmage like commentating gives a feel of an actual game. Something that [...]

  • Ashley

    Some of my fondest memories include sitting in funky Chicago Stadium and watching Jordan and Pippen play with my dad.I don't remember the Dream Team very well (I was 8 in 1992), but there's no denying their cultural impact. This book did a good job of talking about the interplay between players. It reinforced some things I knew well (Michael Jordan is a jerk) and other things I didn't know at all. (Bird does not seem like he would be a trash talker, but he was one of the greats)I wish the author [...]

  • Brian Jones

    First, let me say that I thoroughly enjoyed this book; much more than many I have rated higher. I guess that I am rating this on a curve because I am a basketball junkie of that era. Said another way: I am the target demographic for this book. This is a good behind the scenes look at how these Greats interacted with each other and generally showed a their reverence for the game. Dream Team may not be the best basketball book that I have read (either "Playing their Hearts Out" or "Art of the Beau [...]

  • Barnabas Piper

    Loved this account of the greatest team ever assembled. They were so iconic in my childhood and McCallum writes it wonderfully. He has sort of an old-fashioned sports reporter style that suits an easy 90s team just fine. It is a great behind-the-scenes look without being tabloid or exploitative. You get a sense of the team dynamic and interpersonal reactions without it being psychobabbly. He writes the games and basketball portions without being overly-detailed. Over all a fantastic read for bal [...]

  • Owen

    If you like basketball, read this book. If you don't you may not even want to read this review.For people around my age, this book covers a seminal piece of our childhood. I remember being angry that they hadn't won the gold in 2008 (mostly remember my dad being angry about it). Then there was the slow rumbling about pro players going to the next Olympics, then the rumblings about who might go (Magic out of retirement?! Bird? Sir Charles? Michael?), then I remember getting giddy when I heard the [...]

  • Rosenkavalier

    Angola is in troubleIl Dream Team e' uno dei più efficaci argomenti mai proposti a favore del politeismo. Fare l'elenco dei nomi di questo Pantheon cestistico sarebbe superfluo, quindi farò un elenco di soprannomi (nella mitologia sono anche più importanti): - Magic - The Hick from French Lick - Air - The Glide - The Stock - The Round Mound of Rebound - The Admiral - The Mailman - The Hoya-Destroya Dei tre giocatori mancanti, due non dispongono di un soprannome (Chris Mullin e Scottie Pippen) [...]

  • Hunter

    Dream Team by Jack McCallum (New York Times Bestseller), is a book about the 1992 “Dream Team” of basketball featuring Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, and Magic Johnson. It talks about how the law was changed for NBA players to compete in Olympic competition just 8 months after the 1988 Olympics where the U.S.A. won bronze. It talks about how the 1992 “Dream “Team” dominated the competition and not only changed basketball for the U.S. but the entire world as well. This book is worth readi [...]

  • Jake

    A really well done by the only writer who could do it. McCallum was granted unprecedented access to the great stars to get their perspective, including the notoriously difficult interviewees Larry Bird and Michael Jordan. He is also great at giving each star fair and equal face time (I enjoyed that Karl Malone was such a contrarian), while still acknowledging the fact that the Bird-Magic-MJ troika loomed over everyone. The Chuck Daly stuff, on the coach of whom I knew so little about, was great. [...]

  • J.A.

    I was a basketball-loving fifteen-year-old when the Dream Team went to Barcelona for the 1992 Olympics. I collected newspaper stories about the team, and still have the old Sports Illustrated articles. As such, the most revelatory portion of this book was the chapter on the impact of the Dream Team on future international players. It describes a 14-year-old Dirk Nowitzki, who played handball in Germany, wanting to play basketball - not like his mom and sister or his countryman and idol Detlef Sc [...]

  • Timothyarnold1973

    I got more out if this than I thought I would. A few takeaway points.-Though from a talent standpoint Isiah Thomas unquestionably belonged on the team it's hard to get too worked up over his exclusion. He had alienated Jordan, Bird, and even to some extent his buddy Magic. It's a reap what you sow type of deal. I found it interesting that when Stockton went down with an injury and was considered being replaced the names floated were Joe Dumars, Kevin Johnson, and Tim Hardaway-I have always been [...]

  • Lukas Kott

    Lukas Kott Dream team book reviewI thought that this was one of my favorite books I read. It was very factual but the facts interested me. I liked knowing what went on before the dream team played their games. I got to know more about each player and get a good background on each player. I learned a lot of things about what really happened and what the experience was really like. I felt like I was actually at the games and the practices. It seemed as if I was in the hotel being with the team the [...]

  • Brian

    I read and loved Jack Mcallum's chronicles of the Nash, Marion, Stodemire and D'antoni era suns while I was travelling about 5 years ago and loved. It was a drag reading it though, because you already knew that the suns weren't going to make it past the conference finals and lose to the Mavericks. But the best part was seeing how the players and coaches interacted with each. How much NBA coaching, isn't so much coaching but just managing personalities and maintaining a delicate balance of compet [...]

  • Samantha

    Boy, this book brings back the memories for me. I was fascinated with the Dream Team even if they killed everyone in every game. This book brought back a lot of memories. It is full of stories. It starts from the beginning with them trying to get the pros to even be allowed to play in the Olympics then goes to gather/picking the team to practicing to playing the game. It follows up with finding out where everyone is now. There were a lot of stories that you've probably heard before and many you [...]

  • Joseph Pacey

    Anyone who is a fan of basketball, especially those of us who were caught up in the Dream Team phenomenon, should read this book. Given that it has been 25 years since the Dream Team was formed, and I was only 11 at the time, some of the details had faded and softened. But McCallum's retelling and further insights to what has already been written documented about the team are pure basketball gold. The individual stories of each of the members as told by McCallum are captivating (if already famil [...]

  • Nathan

    I'm not a fast reader, but I read this in only a few days. It was like a walk down memory lane. When the Dream Team came together I was in the midst of my obsession with basketball, the NBA, and the Chicago Bulls (I'm still a huge Bulls fan), and I remember going from finding out there would be a Dream Team, to seeing who was actually going to be on it, and then watching on in awe as they obliterated their competition. Seeing all those living legends of basketball playing together was almost a r [...]

  • Zack Davoodi

    Reads absolutely brilliantly and full of excellent stories about the greatest team that will ever be assembled. I'm quite fond of Jack McCallum's style and this doesn't deviate one bit. Picked this one up after reading his Phoenix Suns book, and this was even better."On the Dream Team, Magic was the public voice and Bird did the private things that set a tone. One Day he left his practice gear in the wrong place, and a team manager, Jay Price, now an assistant at Illinois, couldn't find it. 'I'l [...]

  • Leslie Wilkins

    I entered the giveaway contest for this book with my husband in mind, and he was SO excited when I surprised him with the book when it came in the mail. He's thoroughly enjoying it. Though he loves basketball, he doesn't usually read non-fiction, but this book is definitely keeping his attention. Thank you, GR, for the giveaway!

  • Mike

    I originally gave this two stars, but I think it was because I'm used to reading fiction (action, climactic scenes, etc). This is a very factual account and it wasn't all that exciting of a read. However, I'm raising my rating to three stars because it's all I've talked about this week so it is definitely interesting and worth a read.

  • Chip

    Very interesting, insightful and fun (and literally at times laugh out loud funny) read re the (hard to argue) greatest team of all time. Four stars rather than five only because, well, given the subject matter not like it could have real depth.

  • Mark

    I can never get enough of this team, and Jack McCallum is fantastic. If you like basketball even a little bit, read this book.

  • Anne

    Good behind the scenes look at an exciting time. A bit dated in terms of the portraits of boys being boys but still a good read.

  • John Lamb

    I don't even like basketball, but this managed to grab my attention, especially through the rapport the players had with each other and the resulting trash talk that came with this rapport,