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Theories Of International Relations
Title : Theories Of International Relations
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ISBN : 9780333914182
Language : English
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 322

Beginning with an introductory analysis of what the term 'theory' has come to mean to various scholars within the field, the authors next explain and evaluate the conventional and traditionally dominant perspectives of liberal internationalism, realism and neo-realism, and rationalism.


Theories Of International Relations Reviews

  • Moomen Sallam

    كتاب ممتاز للمتخصصين لمتابعة اخر ما وصلت له نظريات العلاقات الدولية، ولغير المتخصصين للتعرف على كيفية تحليل العلاقات الدولة بعيدا عن نظريات المؤامرة، خاصة أن الكتاب يقدم الإطار النظري لبعض المفاهيم التى تستخدمهاالدول القمعية للتدليل على وجود مؤامرة ضد الدولة مثل نشر الدي [...]

  • Yunia Damayanti

    International Relations for life.

  • Tara van Beurden

    This book was the prescribed text for a course I did last year for my International Relations Masters. It’s very readable for a text book, so needless to say, I read it, and quite enjoyed it. It gives a good summary of a variety of theories – I found the strong focus on the international relations aspect very helpful, so as not to confuse in my head these theories in their sociological context (where relevant!). I have come back to this book a variety of times while writing subsequent assign [...]

  • Danu Poyner

    As others have noted, the chief value in this book is its treatment of less dominant approaches such as critical theory, feminism and green theory. These are well-written and researched and throw down significant challenges to the dominant approaches, which it would have been nice to hear responses to. Overall however it declines to draw any weighty conclusions or offer a synthesis regarding the discipline or its object of study from the various perspectives it surveys. Some will no doubt find t [...]

  • Julie

    class text book's dense but great supplemental material to understanding International Relations (IR) Theory. however, I wouldn't say it's intro material--someone who has zip knowledge of IR theory might have a painful time unraveling this onecludes:chart of IR acronymsexplanations of:RealismLiberalism/KantThe English SchoolMarx/MarxismHistorical SociologyCritical TheoryPost-StructuralismConstructivismFeminismGreen PoliticsInternational Political Theory

  • Rachel Matsuoka

    I found a few chapters (i.e. the ones that covered poststructuralism, feminism, green politics, and international political theory) to be revelationary and revolutionary. Other than that, though, I was over reading this book long before I was close to being done. I've read other IR theory books that are much more engaging. However the idea of shedding light on these underrated veins of IR theory is right on. Can't really say I enjoyed this book, and I look forward to selling it on . :P

  • Arys Aditya

    Ini buku yang menemani usia saya berkuliah di Hubungan Internasional. Sebagai pengantar teoritik, simulasi alat penelitian, dan referensi untuk melangkah lebih jauh ke teori yang diminati.Kabar bahagianya, buku ini telah diterjemahkan ke Bahasa Indonesia.

  • Catalina

    Some of the more interesting schools of thought are missing from this edition, such as post-colonialism. Some of the articles are written in rather superfluous language, and many of them have big, redundant chunks of writing.

  • Alexander

    This is a valuable resource, primarily because most of the chapters are devoted to perspectives outside of mainstream IR theory (critical theory, postmodernism, feminism, et al.), although it covers neo-realism and neo-liberalism as well.

  • Rodger

    I assigned this textbook for my spring 2011 master's seminar on international relations. I've frequently used prior editions, though this version includes both updated and new chapters. The additions focus on Historical Sociology and International Political Theory. My students are typically frustrated by the abstraction and breadth of the field reflected in this book's offerings.

  • Galina

    Best introductory text on IR that I have come across. Provides a solid introduction to competing theories in IR. Well worth the purchase for the serious student starting out in IR and those looking to upgrade their understanding.

  • Ashley

    Since this was required reading for me, I do have some mixed feelings. On one had, it was great at teaching me these theories.On the other, it seemed to repeat itself far too often & seemed unnecessarily wordy at times.

  • Jenson Stevens

    Tedious to read for a non-academic, but interesting for understanding different ways of looking at things. Different perspectives apply to various others things—philosophy, architecture, history, politics, etc.

  • Paulina Krumin

    Comprehensive overview of international relations.

  • Bipin Kc

    its a valuable book for the research

  • SpaceBear

    Its on the theories of international relations

  • Matiullah Shah

    i wanna read this book now and i will stay blessed forever.

  • Cecile