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Von Neumanns War
Title : Von Neumanns War
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ISBN : 9781416520757
Language : English
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 400

New series. Mars is changing. Seemingly overnight the once "Red" planet is turning to gray. Something is happening, something unnatural. A team of, literally, rocket scientists figure out a way to send a probe, very fast, to Mars to determine how and why it is changing. However, when the probe is destroyed well short of the formerly red planet, it's apparent that Mars is bNew series. Mars is changing. Seemingly overnight the once "Red" planet is turning to gray. Something is happening, something unnatural. A team of, literally, rocket scientists figure out a way to send a probe, very fast, to Mars to determine how and why it is changing. However, when the probe is destroyed well short of the formerly red planet, it's apparent that Mars is being used as a staging ground. The only viable target for that staging ground is Earth. Ranging from rocket design to brilliant paranoids to "in your face" fighting in Iraq, Von Neumann Wars is a fast paced look at what would happen if the earth was


Von Neumanns War Reviews

  • Andreas

    In the beginning of this book, various professional and amateur astronomers notice that Mars is changing color. It is becoming slowly less red and more grey. Eventually, they figure out that it is being consumed by Von Neumann machines. For those who aren’t familiar, these are machines capable of replicating themselves. A team of Very Smart People in Huntsville, Alabama ends up developing the concepts for and leading the defense. If the location sounds familiar, it is the site of the Marshall [...]

  • Aaron

    I picked up this book because I was in the mood for a good invasion novel. The synopsis had all the things that should go into a good novel describing an invasion of the Earth in the near future.Too bad that was the only place there was anything “good” concerning this novel.This novel had all the potential to be a very enjoyable story, but it lacked many things that would have put it in the “great book” category. The authors manage to bury what little action and tension is in the book wi [...]

  • Chloe

    Mmmmmmm pulpy goodness. You know when people keep telling you that you just have to read so and so? Then you see the cover and the publishing house and know exactly what you're getting into? That's how I felt when I arrived at my in-laws and, after years of begging off saying "ohhhhhahat sounds greeeeaaaaattt" was presented with nearly a dozen John Ringo books- the cream of the crop as my well-intentioned father-in-law said. What to do, what to do? I have been humoring him for years now, so the [...]

  • Stephanie

    The Story: Mars is changing. Its albedo is getting brighter as it turns gray. The US sends a probe to Mars to find out what’s going on and finds structures that are being built by nanobots. Soon they discover that they have reformed most of the planets in the solar system and the Moon is next and then Earth. The nanobots consume everything metal which wreaks havoc once they come to earth. Satellites are down, communication is difficult and most weapons don’t work. A team of scientists and a [...]

  • Roberta

    Honestly, if they'd made the book faster paced and not explained every bit of technology related to what they were doing (I'm sure that is the Taylor parts of the book btw), I'd have given the book five stars. Too much technobabble, but the action sequences and the concept of Von Neumann probes was interesting. If you like alien invasion stories, you should read this one; just remember to struggle past the intensely technical technology oriented passages. I might point out that Heinlein wrote ha [...]

  • Brad

    I'm so fed up with the scientific details and discussions about made up tech stuff that I can't hardly stand to write this much of a review. The premise is interesting but applying it to a full length novel is incredibly boring. After 200 pages I was interested enough that I figured I could skim through the nearly incessant discussions and meetings about ideas and every bit of scientific explanation about those ideas and the repetitive, lame Hooters references and corny humor, but I couldn't man [...]

  • Meg

    Overall this was an enjoyable and well written read, I loved the references to everything hidden throughout the book. I just have 1 small issue. As I understand it terraforming means to make something (a planet) like the Earth. Therefore terraforming should not be what the alien Von Neuman probes have done to Mars and are trying to do to Earth.

  • Jason Bradley Thompson

    Can I give a book 2.5 stars? Written totally without style, but well-visualized enough to be an engaging page-turner, this alien invasion potboiler sees Earth assaulted by swarms of flying alien drones who rip metal out of buildings, vehicles, and human prosthetics, reproducing at lightning speed. The story starts slowly; for the first 1/4 of the book the aliens are only seen in telescopes as they terraform Mars, and then the moon, turning the red planet gray as they stripmine the planet to buil [...]

  • Charlie Moses

    Like some of Ringo's other books, this one was over-filled with scientific explanations. Not that I object to the science - it is science fiction, after all! But there's a limit to how much you can force down the throat of your reader while still maintaining an interesting story line and keeping it moving. I did, as a matter of fact, enjoy the story. And most of the characters, of whom there are many, and at least some of the humor, which was, sadly, rather nerdish. The author answers the questi [...]

  • MikeG

    This book deserves a sequel!

  • Chathamharrison

    Spoilers ahead, if that really matters? Pretty sure you should know what you're getting into if you look at the front cover.This book is schlock, a decently-executed thought experiment with unengaging plot added to pad it to book length. It nerds out over hardware specifications and such in a way that only starts makes up for its painfully normative characters and derivative plot. I mean, do we really need another story where the aliens are defeated because of hacking or viruses? The Von Neumann [...]

  • Katattack

    Imagine you had to fight a full blown war against a highly intelligent, technologically superior adversary that can replicate itself in less than thirty seconds. Sounds tough, right? It gets better. Your weapons cannot include any sort of metal and you cannot use any sort of wireless electronics to communicate. At all. Why? Because the metal eating monsters from Mars are here and they don't give a darn about what you think of their presence.Von Neumann's war is a rare bird of a book in which the [...]

  • William Bentrim

    Von Neumann's War By John RingoDepending on the depth of your science background, the title may provide more info than you expect. The book deals a future where the Borg may exist. Ringo's strong point is the camaraderie he illustrates and the loyalty his characters have to their peers. I enjoy that aspect a great deal. The book waxed a bit pandemically but not enough to deter from the plot or enjoyment. Mankind faces an implacable foe and as the world succumbs, the USA fights back. I recommend [...]

  • David Caldwell

    This novel walks a fine line between giving good military/scientific detail and lecturing.At times it slides into the lecturing aspect but overall is very good on balancing between the two.While there is an advantage to using technobabble, it is nice to see authors using real science for a change. The premise of Von Neumann probes makes an interesting and different type of villian.It is easy to see how this could be a multi-volume series.The action is well-paced and balanced.

  • Hutch Morzaria

    In an alternate timeline where Mars probes have failed to land on the red planet a recon flyby is planned to find out what is going on. What they find is scary to say the least and is something that could destroy the Earth itself!Overall a really good book and one that I've read and reread many times. Highly recommended. Read my full review here.

  • Dave

    This was very entertaining and a realistic look at what an alien invasion would probably be like. The characters are likable for the most part and the point of reference is limited to just a few characters - all Americans. At no time do we see what is happening in other parts of the world unless the author sends somebody there.

  • Ron

    A good alien invasion book with typical overwhelming odds against the humans from Ringo.I like the characters, though I felt they didn't have distinct plot lines, some just added for flavor.The technical stuff just got a little overwhelming as well. Lots of hitting next page because I didn't want to learn the minutest detail of rocket construction.

  • Gerry

    If you love SCIENCE fiction (not stuff just pulled out of author's nether regions and accepted as reality) then you HAVE to read the books by John Ringo and Travis S. Taylor. Trust me, having a noted physicist (and accomplished write himself) as a co-author helps though Goddess knows Ringo can stand on his own.

  • Hrairoorah

    Just what you would expect from John Ringo. I have become addicted to his military SF and I have found them all to be enjoyable reads. This one is no exception.I found it well written and compelling. I could hardly put it down and when I was reading, I was totally immersed in the story.

  • Dane

    A fun and excellent example of 'military sci-fi'.Not much in the way of characters, prose, etc. But a nice little story about an alien invasion. A high-degree of attention is paid to realism, and I really appreciated it. "Operation Neighborhood Watch," has become a byword of mine.

  • Lewis Noles

    This book is a good story that I enjoy reading again and again. Hence, I picking it up again for light entertainment amidst all personal improvement and work-related readings.John Ringo and Travis Taylor write enjoyable military science fiction with a dose of science thrown in.

  • Leigh Kimmel

    If the government really has evidence of alien intelligence and is covering it up, why does NASA have to struggle just to get a budget? If you've ever wondered how the government would react to having hard evidence of technological aliens, this book will remove all doubt.

  • Matt

    Not the most well-written or plotted book, but still fun. I may try one of Ringo's many other books in the same military SciFi genre.

  • Peter

    Good read - interesting idea -

  • David

    Tons of action, and more than a little funny if you enjoy sophomoric humor.

  • Steven Scherbinski

    Good escapist fiction. A quick read.

  • Mark

    Very bad. Basically America is good, everyone else is evil and stupid. Poor ending.

  • Bryan457

    Earth is attacked by mindless alien robot probes.This one did not really wow me.

  • True

    Pot boiler. Buy it used if you must, take it as a gift, but don't spend your beer money on it.

  • Ben Eiynk

    A decent one-off book by Ringo/Taylor 'alien' invasion again lots of rocket scientist talk which is good, of course. A little 'deus ex machina' to finish it up, but not bad anyway.