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A Most Suitable Duchess
Title : A Most Suitable Duchess
Author :
Rating :
ISBN : 9780821771228
Language : English
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 220

A Duke Desperate To Wed Marcus Heywood, the new Duke of Torringford, must take a wife in three weeks or lose the country estate he's unexpectedly inherited. But how can he possibly find a suitable mate in so short a time? His brother, Reginald, suggests an advertisement in the papers, something Marcus refuses to consider, until a wine-fueled evening when he pens one in jesA Duke Desperate To Wed Marcus Heywood, the new Duke of Torringford, must take a wife in three weeks or lose the country estate he's unexpectedly inherited. But how can he possibly find a suitable mate in so short a time? His brother, Reginald, suggests an advertisement in the papers, something Marcus refuses to consider, until a wine-fueled evening when he pens one in jest. Now, in a horrible mix-up, the ad has been printed and Marcus is mortified. Yet a week later, he is no closer to being wed than before. That's when the lovely Miss Penelope Hastings suddenly enters his life and his heart. A Spinster Longing For Lo


A Most Suitable Duchess Reviews

  • Misfit

    " I do not want you to be my duchess, I want you to be my wife.This was a very enjoyable book, despite the short length at 200 or so pages. A nice set up with the arranged marriage and then watching the relationship develop slowly to a satisfying ending (thank you for that epilogue!), with a surprise return from the past who gets a (view spoiler)[beautiful smack down from the duke (hide spoiler)]. One of the better freebies I've picked up over the years.

  • Tracy T.

    This rating is for the story alone because the narration gets a 1 star. (audible review)This was a really enjoyable story. I liked Penelope and the Duke of Torrington. They made a good match. Penelope was a strong female character, always a plus.The story line and plot was fun and entertaining. I enjoyed the twists and turns. There was some good dialogue and witty banter going on. There was no sex in the story but there was attraction and chemistry. This really was a great story, its too bad the [...]

  • Christopher

    If I had known the heroine in "A Most Suitable Duchess" believed she had lost a great love five years ago - at the advanced age of sixteen - I probably wouldn't have read it. In some ways, the story still should have been my kind of book. It's a marriage-of-convenience in which both characters want to make the best of their marriage and situation, which I really liked. The premise is well thought out (perhaps too thought out - the hero and heroine don't meet until 20% into the book). And the her [...]

  • L. (Slay the meaty ones!)

    Unbearably dry and passionless.

  • Natasha

    Marcus Heywood is the new Duke of Torrington. According to the terms of the former duke's will, Marcus has to marry by his 30th birthday, or he will not inherit the unentailed properties and fortune amassed by former duke. In a drunken stupor Blame it on the alcohol!, Marcus's younger brother sends an ad to the local newspaper advertising for a wife. Unbeknownst to her, Penelope Hastings is recommended as a possible bride for the new duke. When a scandal erupts over Miss Hastings being intervi [...]

  • Joan

    Thoroughly enjoyable - I loved the characters and the development. An easy read with good dialogue and details. It's clean (squeaky clean in fact) but a pleasant change from some of the more 'steamy' historical romances that seem to be more concerned with sex than anything else. ;)

  • Heather

    Marcus Heywood, a distant cousin of the Duke of Terrington, unexpectedly inherits the title. Unfortunately the late Duke's will contains a provision that unless Marcus is married by his 30th birthday (less than a month away), he won't inherit the properties and personal fortune. This isn't a problem for independent gentleman farmer Marcus, but his relative left thousands of pounds of debt that Marcus is honor bound to pay. Over drinks, Marcus and his brother jokingly write up an advertisement fo [...]

  • Pat

    Very enjoyable "marriage of convenience" romance. I found both Marcus and Penelope to be enjoyable and sympathetic characters. I liked Penelope's strength and poise but did find it rather frustrating when she seemed to be on a slippery slope of infatuation at one point. Ultimately it was a lovely tale with a sweet HEA.

  • Louiseann Walter

    ENTERTAINING!This was an unusual story. Very ENTERTAINING and DELIGHTFUL. It shows how jealousy and greed can make people do bad things but sometimes good comes from it. Glad that the brother and his future wife got what they deserved but I would have cut him down to size and her with him but Penelope was right they deserved each other!

  • Aisha

    Enjoyable I truly enjoyed this book. The story was well developed as were the characters relationships. I like that Marcus was his wife's champion even as the started to become friends in the marriage of convenience. I love that the ending was happy for them in the end

  • Cynthia

    BeautifulWhat a wonderful story of finding true love in a newspaper advertisement. He gains a title and needs a wife. Her brother's betrothed thought she would answer for her and ended up finding her sister I law her true love.

  • Anne Blyth

    An enjoyable read.

  • Mary Weibling

    I liked it. Easy read.

  • Carol Mello

    A very satisfying romanceThis was a charming short novel about a marriage of convenience. The novel is mostly about the characters of the bride and groom and the development of trust and love between two virtual strangers. There are three characters who cause problems for the protagonists. Two are villainous and one is just selfish. So this is a more calm romance than others, not tempestuous. I have grown out of tempestuous romances as I have gotten older. I liked them when I was young but now I [...]

  • Hyrum Littlefield

    EnjoyableThis was a good read. It was your typical regent romance but very well written. I did enjoyed relaxing while I read the novel.

  • Debbie

    This was a fairly short read but really cute and enjoyable. I really liked the main characters and the plot felt natural and not too contrived. I'll be looking for others by Bray.

  • Nikki Kitchen

    This is a quick and easy read. It's entertaining and a clean romance. There isn't action and adventure, so if that's what you're looking for this isn't for you. This is a book about two characters who married under rather strange circumstances, became friends, and fell in love. I'm going to read more from this author.

  • Sommertime

    This book relied too much on misunderstandings and had no imagination. The h pines away over her lost love who just disappeared when she was 16. I guess she never bothered to grow up in the years since then because she decided to never marry because no love would ever match that of her infatuation when she still had acne. Most of the conflict would have been cleared up with a simple two sentence conversation.

  • Sa

    A breezy, pleasant read which I finished in a few hours.I wish the couple were warmer towards each other though.I was slightly disappointed that there aren't any steamy scenes.I love romances even without the steam if the couple have great chemistry, but this couple lacked intensity.Still pretty good though.

  • Elaine

    Lots of mix ups that lead the hero of the story to finding himself a wife. We find that even a girl from a modest family can fit in very nicely as the wife of a duke. Despite at first feeling very unsure of the situation she soon realizes that it was Fate that brought them together. Very easy reading and likable characters. A romantic tale that is sure to please.

  • Shiela Arevalo

    I've always been a fan of regency romance and this one made me love it even more. I like how they slowly growing fond of each other. Indeed their interests differ with one another but they made it not as a hindrance but as a way to know each other more. I just wish that Penelope got a chance to confront her brother and her sister-in-law. That would be epic!

  • Ileane Hernandez

    CuteCute story, liked the premise, but the dialogue left a bit to be desired. Quick wrap up, with the heroine realizing some truths about herself instead of being rescued by her husband.

  • Talitha McHatten

    Good clean readWhile not exploding with adventure of truly dynamic characters, this story was interesting, with a well developed plot. I wished for more development and closure for the heroines brother and his fiancee, but overall a good read.

  • Emily

    This was my plane read for a flight to Seattle. To start with, it was too short. I underestimated how quickly I would make it through and was forced to read on my iPad, egads. The story was fine, but not particularly engaging. Passable, but not recommended.

  • groundmar

    It started out good, then lost steam and kind of dragged.

  • Evette Bytheway

    Great love story. Very easy read.

  • Lisa

    A little regency.

  • JoeyHatesJazz

    Light reading

  • TinaRoper

    FunThis was a fun read. Just the right amount of drama, love and happiness. I'm glad I stumbled upon this book.

  • Laura Beagle

    Sweet old fashioned romance