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The Journals of Rachel Scott
Title : The Journals of Rachel Scott
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ISBN : 9780849975943
Language : English
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 192

Written teen to teen as a first-person narrative, this is not a book about the Columbine shootings - instead, it's a story of faith, told in Rachel's own words. The book includes first person narratives, journal entries, drawings from Rachel's diary, and notes from her parents and friends at Columbine High School. Additionally, "me pages" (what makes me angry, what I'm aftWritten teen to teen as a first-person narrative, this is not a book about the Columbine shootings - instead, it's a story of faith, told in Rachel's own words. The book includes first person narratives, journal entries, drawings from Rachel's diary, and notes from her parents and friends at Columbine High School. Additionally, "me pages" (what makes me angry, what I'm aftraid of) encourage teens to explore issues central to their lives and faith. Highlighting Rachel's faith journey from the time she became a Christian, through her joys and doubts, her hopes and dreams, this story is a triumphant testimony that teens


The Journals of Rachel Scott Reviews

  • Katelyn Powers

    I read this book at age 12. It was the year after I had become a Christian, and it RADICALLY changed my life. This is about a girl killed in the Columbine High School shooting for her belief in God. She was one of two killed for being believers. It was the first time I had anything of this type of tragedy had been brought to my attention. This was a collection of writing she had been doing when she died, and her vulnerability and transparency changed me forever. It caused me to start writing poe [...]

  • Meg

    I hate using the cheesy cliche that her death serves as an inspiration in some capacity, because in all reality, she was inspiring those around her by just being herself (and of course through her religious beliefs). I wanted to read this, not because she was religious, but I wanted to get to know this girl. I remember the Columbine shooting when I was in 8th grade, and being on lock down, and how none of us knew what "lock down" meant--or what was going on. It was the start to years of more sch [...]

  • Kay Baird

    How much of this content is actually from Scott? The heavy agenda of Nimmo made me doubt her assertions that she said what Rachel really meant. Creeped me out.

  • Rachel

    This book is a super quick read that provides a lot of food for thought, especially for a teen-aged reader. Each chapter finishes with a challenge to think more deeply about a spiritual concept, and to make decisions that will change one's life. Rachel Scott was sold out for God, and her journals convey that truth eloquently. The author who compiled her writings gives her work a very teen-girl voice, but it works, mostly. I highly recommend this book to any young reader interested in giving thei [...]

  • Hope

    This book was very good. It encouraged me to question myself on whether I would stand up for my faith like Rachel did. Like "She Said Yes", this book is a biography/autobiography of a victim of the Columbine Massacre. Unlike the book about Cassie Bernall, this book is not so dark. Yes, Rachel did illegally smoke as a teen, but really, it is not really bad. Overall, I would recommend this book to any one teen or older who is looking for a good, Christian, book to read.

  • Marc

    I saw the movie I'm Not Ashamed on July 11 and was so impressed with the authentic portrayal of a Christian in Rachel Scott (the highs and lows, the good and bad) that I decided to read the Journals of Rachel Scott book. You may remember Rachel Scott as the first person killed in the Columbine shootings. I was initially disappointed that the book is not an unabridged record of Rachel's journals themselves (like with Jim Elliot, David Livingstone and others), but I quickly found that the author, [...]

  • Masternamer

    Inspired to write, inspired to live, and most of all a desire to love. Read this at the perfect time. My heart is broken for the youth of our nation; those wandering my neighborhood, those sitting in my church, and those hiding in the shadows contemplating their existence. I see a generation succumbing to the darkness, an empty hopelessness that our "American Dream" has feed them. They've tasted it, only to vomit up the sugar-coated refuse that it is, only to return to their vomit because they d [...]

  • Angela

    I gave this book 3 stars because it is an inspirational and uplifting book, but I just wasn't liking the format of how it was written. I like that they took her own words from her journals, but at times it worked and at times it didn't. I wanted to read her story, but I just don't believe the author brought out enough about her. But as far as it being hopeful , uplifting , and inspiring, it was all that, but could have been written better to hold your interest more. I love her story though and h [...]

  • Tina Rae

    Well, I didn't actually like how this book was formatted. It wasn't actually written by Rachel. At least, most of it wasn't. Her family hired someone else to write as if they were Rachel. I honestly think that was just dumb since Rachel had been writing journals since she was much younger and had a lot of completed ones. I personally think her family only wanted certain parts of the journals published so Rachel would be portrayed as they wanted her, not as she actually was. Hence, why I didn't l [...]

  • Bree Peterson

    This is the final book (that I am aware of) about Rachel Joy Scott, martyr at Columbine High School. Her journals take you to the next level of her personality: her struggles, victories, prayers, drawings, musing, and a small glimpse into how much she loved her Lord. Over the time I've gotten to know her, Rachel has become one of my heroes, and although I'm not excited that the Columbine shootings happened, a rose has grown from that and it is beautiful.

  • Jerry

    A Quickie ReviewWhile most of this book was not actually written by Rachel herself, there are enough of her own writings to give an intimate portrait of a modern Christian martyr. Even though I knew how the book would end, reading it still brought a tear to my eyewhich rarely happens.Score: 4/5

  • Teresa in Ohio

    Rachels. Challenge was brought to my school and it has enlightened my son. There are many things to take from this event. I have decided to start a journal with my children. And really work. On the 5 principles of. The challenge in my life.I wish this book was her. Journal unedited and santized for th readers

  • Danielle

    Very inspiring and I love reading Rachel's original works. My biggest problem with this book was that it was written in first person (although this did allow for some funny anecdotes). Overall I would definitely recommend this for anyone who admires Rachel as a role model in faith and absolute courage.

  • Rachel

    Amazing Book! JustWoW

  • Heather

    Story of faith among tragedy. Great book though easy read. Helped me explore my faith more.

  • Diana TheBookNerd

    Rachel's story is AMAZING! She was just a normal teenager, who had the same problems we had. Her Faith was such an inspiration! Now she is in a better place with God our Father.

  • Marybeth Taylor

    oh my gosh this book was so touching I was in tears at the end!

  • Rita

    so amazed to see such a strong faith in a young person inspiring and heart-wrenching

  • John

    This is a book thst all teens should read. Adults will learn from it also. It could be used in Bible study for teens.The life of Rachel Joy Scott was cut short (too short) by two teens who had nothing but hate for the world and those in it when they went through Culumbine High School on a shooting rampage on April 20, 1999. This short book looks into the life of Rachel Joy through her journals that she kept and wrote her deepest secrets. A very touching and emotional book that will bring you clo [...]

  • Caroline

    A really interesting look at the first victim of the Columbine High School shooting. Rachel Scott wrote about very prophetic, often cryptic, things such as her own death. Whether you believe in the same things she did or believe that she knew she would only live for so long, it's a very eye opening look at one of the more prominent people that lost their lives at Columbine.

  • Shasta Bos

    Definitely geared toward teenagers but it was still so very inspiring! Rachel was an incredible young lady! I will be tucking this book safely away so that my own daughter can read it when she enters her teen years.

  • Cws


  • Christina