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Title : Luke
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ISBN : 9780830838356
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His father and mother were amazed at what was being said about Him." Luke 2:33 "Everyone was amazed at all the things He was doing." Luke 9:43 "He went home, amazed at what had happened." Luke 24:12 From start to finish, the book of Luke is filled with amazement. Throughout the life and ministry of Jesus, those who met him were astonished by their encounter, from the shephHis father and mother were amazed at what was being said about Him." Luke 2:33 "Everyone was amazed at all the things He was doing." Luke 9:43 "He went home, amazed at what had happened." Luke 24:12 From start to finish, the book of Luke is filled with amazement. Throughout the life and ministry of Jesus, those who met him were astonished by their encounter, from the shepherds at the nativity to the disciples at the empty tomb. With careful attention to detail, Michael Card embarks on an imaginative journey through the Gospel of Luke. He introduces us to Luke the historian and imagines his life as a Gentile, a doctor


Luke Reviews

  • Justin Lonas

    Most recognize Michael Card as a singer and songwriter who gave the Church such classics as “El Shaddai” and “The Basin and the Towel”. In recent years, however, he has begun to direct his talents into writing prose. Luke: The Gospel of Amazement represents ­the first installment of a new collection of books on the Gospels: the Biblical Imagination Series.Card’s approach in Luke is to read Scripture imaginatively. This is not to say that he “imagines” the content of Scripture, rea [...]

  • Michael Boling

    Who doesn’t cherish the memories of gathering around together as a family either on Christmas Eve or on Christmas morning to read the story of Jesus’ birth found in the Gospel of Luke. Furthermore, many have fond memories of participating in a church or school Christmas play for which the account of the birth of Jesus found in Luke’s Gospel formed the basis for the script. In the first installment of the outstanding Biblical Imagination Series by musician and author Michael Card rightly ca [...]

  • Joy

    Michael Card did a great job of explaining the journey Christ and His disciples were on together during His ministry here on earth.I enjoyed using this as a basis for a bible study with a friend. I felt it left us with a better understanding and answered many of our questions.

  • Giselle

    I won this book through first-reads!Michael Card provides a conversational commentary to Luke: The Gospel of Amazement. The book is not a theological commentary but also does not lack scholarly insight.As the commentary notes, Luke's perspective of the spiritual life is a journey. We journey with Luke as he tells his gospel story gleaned from edited eyewitness accounts. Everywhere people are amazed and astonished and in awe of the events surrounding Jesus. Card calls to our attention many persp [...]

  • Cliff

    Imagination is a gift from God. With it we realize our creative potential. In this commentary, Michael Card informs our imagination to help us creatively think through the Gospel according to Luke. Card does not recreate the stories by adding new characters or plot twists. Rather he recreates them in our mind much the same way a historical film does with period speech and dress.In this book, Card lends to the reader his research into the grand narrative of the Gospel. As he expounds on the text, [...]

  • Cathi Cantrell

    I received this advance copy from and found this to be a really "amazing" type of Bible-study read. The author was able to open my eyes to the actual author of the Gospel according to the writer, St. Luke. I was able to envision the time in which he wrote and the observations and possible reasons for specifics he wrote, as a physician/doctor back in that time, with comparisons to the writings of Matthew, Mark & John. Michael Card manages to prompt the reader to use one's imagination while r [...]

  • Jacque

    This is a commentary on the gospel of Luke. This was an interesting way to look at Luke. I had never really thought about the number of people who showed amazement in the gospel of Luke.I found this to be a very good book. It gave me a new way to look at a book of the Bible that I have read many times. I think that it has helped me understand the Gospel of Luke better than I did before. This author took the time to help others read the Bible with a mindset of amazement and love.It tells of how J [...]

  • Jason Lewis

    Michael Card offers his perspective of the gospels with the Gospel according to Luke along with his assumptions of some of the history behind how the gospel came to be in todays literature. He chooses to focus the book almost as a combination of both sermon and wider generic understanding and appeal. What readers will need to remember while viewing his book is that this is only one of millions of perspectives and reviews of the same gospel and to accept that everyone is entitled to his or her ow [...]

  • Jordan

    This is something of a commentary on the book of Luke, but as I read it, it struck me more as a Charlotte Mason-style narration. Each section of the Scripture is presented, then Michael Card ruminates. Sometimes his thoughts are just a telling back of the events and aren't especially interesting. More often, he brings historical context to the table, plus some of his own imaginings, and suggests some ways of looking at the account that might challenge you to think outside the box a little bit— [...]

  • Gretchen

    I am not very religious at all, but I have always been interested in reading the Bible. In this book, the author takes the Gospel of Luke, and breaks it down into manageable chunks (never more than 1 page and usually less). He explains the meanings of the passage. Michael Card keeps your interest in the Bible verses, and he is very good at tying it all together so that you also have an understanding of the big picure (how the events in the gospel relate to what is going on during that historical [...]

  • Dave Courtney

    Incredibly accessible and refreshing look at the Gospel of Luke. Card takes a sort of unpolished, undisciplined approach to his commentary which allows him to explore potential themes and motivations that might not get visited in a more structured setting. His desire is to really allow us the opportunity to enter in to the life and mind of the writer, and his knowledge bridged with his creative voice is filled with great insight. I know that it has helped me to read Luke's Gospel with a new set [...]

  • Adam Shields

    Short review: Very good devotional style commentary on Luke. Card does a good job writing for devotional or lay focused reading while still bringing in good insights from his academic background. I will look forward to reading additional books in this series by Card.My full review is on my blog at bookwi/luke-card/By the way, this is the first book that I read on my iPad2. Still really prefer the kindle, but I tend to read my bible on iPad and since I was reading this devotionally, I read it on [...]

  • Laura (Book Scrounger)

    This is a very nice translation/narrative commentary of the book of Luke. It's broken down by chapter, and each chapter is further broken down into bite-sized pieces. If I'd timed this better I could probably have read small enough chunks to read the Christmas story during Advent and the Crucifixion during Holy Week--maybe another year.Michael Card does well to, as he puts it, engage with the imagination, while not losing sight of truth. We are invited to be amazed with the people who encounter [...]

  • Eddy Ekmekji

    I was hoping and expecting more from Michael Card. He does a fantastic job explaining his angle of imagination and his work on the authorship is well done along that angle. But the book is primarily a shallow commentary. I had hoped he would allow more of his artistic and imaginative angle to take us into he narrative. Instead we have somewhat of a disconnected commentary that doesn't do much to be unique or along the lines of his thesis

  • Tanya Marlow

    I’ve been reading this slowly, over the course of a year, as a devotional, and I’ve really enjoyed it. It’s more like a commentary than a devotional, but a more succinct one than an average commentary. It’s broken up into very short sections, which makes it easy to read in bite-size pieces. I was surprised to discover that there details about the context he pointed out that I hadn’t yet absorbed, and thoroughly enjoyed this slow walk through the gospel of Luke.

  • Brenda Storms

    I've read this before and am currently taking a group of high school girls through it as a Bible study guide. Mike has a wonderful skill of bringing the reader through the biblical texts from an 'informed imagination'. In this gospel, one main theme Mike points out is how amazed people constantly werebut not those who should have been. Paradoxically, those who should have been amazed oftentimes were not. This book will challenge the reader to see the gospel of Luke in a whole new light.

  • David Ryan

    I am a fan, officially, of Michael Card. It took me a long time to get through this book. Have had it a while, but took it to congo and used it since then for my reading a chapter a day. Will refer back to it for sermon prep, I am sure. Looking forward to reading his other commentaries on the gospels.

  • Erin

    I graciously received this book through a give away in first reads. I am not a real religious person, but I really enjoyed this book. It tells the story of like and then the author breaks out down to tell the reader what he thinks the passage means. it was a very interesting book to me, even though I am still not sure where I stand when it comes to believing everything in the bible.

  • Sarah Tummey

    If you're looking for a short passage to read every day, this book is not for you, but if you want a really detailed study of the gospel of Luke, it's fantastic. At the beginning I wasn't sure if perhaps it would be dry and too lengthy, but by the end, I was really enjoying it and had decided to buy more of Michael's books.

  • Bruce Baker

    This is a good layman's commentary on the book of Luke. I was a little disappointed with this being the Imagination Series. I think my imagination is more active than Michael's. It was not as creative or provocative as I expected. I need to manage my expectations better.

  • Russ Skinner

    I read this in conjunction with William Barclay's New Daily Study Bible (updated; Kindle edition). In many cases, Card debunks Barclay's observations; in more, reinforces them. I'll repeat this pattern for the other gospels. (They've been great bite-size chunks to read during my commute.)

  • Joyce Oliver stahle

    A very well written book. I learned things about Luke and the gospel he wrote. I am glad I took it slow so I could have the time to mediate on what Michael Card had written as well as what Jesus was saying.A must read for anyone who wants a deeper study of Luke.

  • Chelsea Northrop

    first reads winner

  • Cam

    Easy to understand commentary on the gospel of Luke. Makes me think and imagine!

  • Carl Holmes

    A little brief in his explanations, but good overall. Michael Card reminds me of Eugene Peterson in a lot of ways.

  • Emily

    Rather than blow my mind with every page, this book gave me little sparks of insight here and there that I really enjoyed.