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Run Rabbit Run
Title : Run Rabbit Run
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ISBN : 9781849392495
Language : English
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 221

Lizzie is lucky. Her dad refuses to fight in the war unlike the other dads in her street. ‘I won’t kill anyone,’ he says ‘War is wrong.’ But she knows that lots of people don’t agree with him and when Dad is threatened with prison, he takes Lizzie and her little brother, Freddie, on a long and adventurous journey hiding from the authorities. Even when they are separated anLizzie is lucky. Her dad refuses to fight in the war unlike the other dads in her street. ‘I won’t kill anyone,’ he says ‘War is wrong.’ But she knows that lots of people don’t agree with him and when Dad is threatened with prison, he takes Lizzie and her little brother, Freddie, on a long and adventurous journey hiding from the authorities. Even when they are separated and all seems lost, Lizzie’s special star in the night sky gives her hope that one day her family will be together again.


Run Rabbit Run Reviews

  • Shivani Patel

    I read this book maybe 2 years ago and I can still imagine vividly how everything in the story goes and what the effect had on me. The book starts off introducing lizzie, her father and her brother. Her father is a conscientious objector which means he is against the unnecessary killing of war and war itself. When the police say they are going to arrest him for his decisions against the war, the father, lizzie and her brother are then on the run away from the police and coping against abuse as t [...]

  • Jane

    I loved this book by children's author Barbara Mitchelhill. The book is for the children's audience but is easily enjoyed by adults too. I loved the story about Lizzie, Freddie and their dad. The book has a good moral about the waste of lives at war and shows people's attitudes towards those who were brave enough to take a stance as an objector. Despite the underlying theme the book works well as a children's adventure with the emotional element thrown in. We see young Freddie distressed when se [...]

  • PrettyFlamingo

    Recently I am finding a strange synchronicity with books; I read one and then find the next one has a character with the same name as the previous one.I finished The Friendship Test on Friday and started Run Rabbit Run on Saturday, both featuring Freddies. But two very different Freddies. Our little Freddie here is only six. His dad Will is a conscientious objector who refuses to fight in WW2; Will recently lost his shopkeeper wife when a German bomb decimated their family shop. Now, it's Januar [...]

  • Alex Baugh

    There are not too many books written for young readers about conscientious objectors. Dorita Fairlie Bruce included a character who was a CO in her 1944 novel Nancy Calls the Tune. In 2003, M. E. Kerr wrote Slap Your Sides, a novel about a no longer very religious Quaker family whose eldest son refuses to fight in World War II. Laurel Lee Gugler wrote A Piece of Forever in 2008, a postwar story of a young Mennonite girl whose non-violent beliefs come into conflict with Veteran’s Day celebratio [...]

  • Serendipity Reviews

    Lizzie's dad is a conscientious objector to killing people and refuses to fight in the Second World War. Often seen as cowards, Lizzie suffers the abuse from the children at school due to her father's refusal to fight. The police come looking to arrest Lizzie's father, so they all go on the run in the middle of the night, in a desperate attempt to stay together as a family. For a while, they manage to live happily in the idyllic Whiteway, until their past catches up with them and pushes them on [...]

  • MeruChii

    So as I was walking around the bookshop, I found this book which had an awesome book cover and cute name; I decided to give it a chance. I don't usually kid's books but this book was an exception. It was wonderful. Although it is from a child's point of view, it didn't miss the tense events in the book. So this book is about a girl who has run away with her brother and father because her father didn't agree to participate in the war because he is a conscientious objector.  Conscientious Objecto [...]

  • Teresa

    I'll be honest, the author sent this book to me to read, as she knew I'd leave a review. I don't usually pick up children's fiction, unless you include Harry Potter or Lord of The Rings/The Hobbit. However, I must say - remembering it's aimed at 9 to 12 year olds - it was a great read. In fact, I enjoyed being taken back to 1942, wartime Britain, and getting an insight to what life was like. I actually think this book would work well in schools - history told through fiction. The author isn't he [...]

  • Charlotte Jones

    Going into this book, I was surpised at the simplicity of the writing style, but if you bear in mind that the narrator is an eleven year old girl, I think that the writing really suits the age group of the protagonist and draws you into the story. I think that although the writing style was quite simple, there were still some really emotional moments which made me realise how heartbreaking some of the events that these characters had to endure were.This is a novel which is based on real life eve [...]

  • Kirsty

    Run Rabbit run is a wonderful little book about a conscientious objector during World War Two and his family who are on the run from the police. It is told from the point of view of Lizzie the young girl of the family.With my teachng head on I thought this would be a fab book to give youngesters an insight into life during World War Two and the issue of conscientious objectors which is something I haven't seen done before in a YA novel.I enjoyed the story itself. It went along quite nicely with [...]

  • Hatty

    Run Rabbit, Run is quite a difficult book to review. Personally I think it was a great little book that wasn't too challenging but remains factual and gripping. However, I feel it is aimed at children younger than myself and unfortunately I was reminded of this all the way through the book which rather ruined the reading experience. On the other hand, given that the main character, Lizzie, is only 10 or 11 it is quite good if the reader is also that age as they can connect in terms of maturity l [...]

  • Aline Antunes

    O livro é realmente muito bem escrito. O contexto - Segunda Guerra Mundial, Inglaterra - é muito bem feito; as descrições e os diálogos, assim como os comportamentos das personagens, convencem bastante (e são muito, MUITO emocionantes). Até mesmo algumas notas de rodapé com observações históricas são utilizadas, para explicar alguns eventos que podem ser desconhecidos - principalmente para os mais jovens, acredito. A história é bastante dinâmica, interessante e empolgante; certame [...]

  • Alison Brownlee

    A really good story about a family struggling to stay together during the days of World War Two. You feel really sorry for the children and their dad who was a conscientious objector but taught the children, along their adventures, that is is far braver to stand up for what you believe in than to do what others expect.

  • Hayley

    Really enjoyed with the themes of WW2 and escaping the horrors of war with a father who was a conscious-objector. Ideal book for those in year 6 who tend to study this time period. Very personal b but ends well!

  • Lesley

    This was an enjoyable read and very good for children studying WWII as it gives another perspective.

  • Amelia