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The Amber Treasure (The Northern Crown, #1)
Title : The Amber Treasure (The Northern Crown, #1)
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Language : English
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597 A.D. Treachery in Dark Ages Northumbria. Cerdic is the nephew of a great warrior who died a hero of the Anglo-Saxon country of Deira. Growing up in a quiet village, he dreams of the glories of battle and of one day writing his name into the sagas. He experiences the true horrors of war, however, when his home is attacked, his sister kidnapped, his family betrayed and h597 A.D. Treachery in Dark Ages Northumbria. Cerdic is the nephew of a great warrior who died a hero of the Anglo-Saxon country of Deira. Growing up in a quiet village, he dreams of the glories of battle and of one day writing his name into the sagas. He experiences the true horrors of war, however, when his home is attacked, his sister kidnapped, his family betrayed and his uncle's legendary sword stolen. Cerdic is thrown into the struggles that will determine the future of 6th century Britain and must show courageous leadership and overcome treachery, to save his kingdom, rescue his sister and return home with his u


The Amber Treasure (The Northern Crown, #1) Reviews

  • Joyce

    This YA novel about the Anglo-Saxons in 6th Century England had some interesting historical information. It also had quite a bit of violence, with lots of "gushing blood", and battle scenes that seemed to go on forever. I found myself skimming a lot to get past it. The enemy Welsh characters, with one exception, were extremely one dimensional. (Translate: all bad.) Having read a book just previous to this about the Saxon invasion of England, with many a Saxon massacring the Britons who dwelled t [...]

  • Lisa Yarde

    In Richard Denning’s The Amber Treasure, a young man’s initiation into the warrior class of his society sets him on a perilous journey, pitting him against merciless enemies and exposing long-buried family secrets. Set in sixth century Saxon England, the coming of age of the hero Cerdic immerses the reader in a vivid, brutal story of revenge and warfare. The bonds of family and kinship propel much of the action and remain a persistent theme. At the opening, the remnants of the Saxon defense, [...]

  • Christina

    This is YA historical fiction set during the very early medieval period in England. I've always been a huge fan of Bernard Cornwell's Saxon Tales and thanks to shows like Vikings and The Last Kingdom, there's a little more interest in the period. It remains pretty obscure however, which makes it fertile ground for creators of fiction. Cerdic is a young English warrior and the book follows his first battles against the invading Welsh. It gets off to a pretty slow start. The author is really well- [...]

  • Brandy

    As published at Layeredpages: Right off, I was impressed with the extensive research done in preparing for this writing in order to remain true to the time period. The story takes you on a journey of the tumultuous travels of a great sword. While this story does indeed feature several great swords, it is the story within, of a boy growing into a man, which grips your heart. The characters of the villa and their allies are well developed and endearing. Descriptions of the countryside, towns, peop [...]

  • Sarah

    Historical fiction is a personal favourite genre of mine. Richard Denning has well researched the Dark ages and the reader is instantly transported into the dark ages.Vivid description is used throughout the novel and transports the reader to the dark ages. All characters have a purpose within this novel. All characters have a purpose within the novel and help to transport the reader to this time. I could relate to all the characters that are present throughout the novel and this is something th [...]

  • Bettie☯

    author brought to my attention by Brazilliant!:O)

  • Thom Swennes

    Cerdic was born fourscore years after the first half-millennium had passed. The Romans have long deserted the great island in Western Europe and the Anglo-Saxons are forced to protect their villages, homes, and fields in Northumbria from the invading Welsh lords from the west. Every boy was expected, at a very tender age, to train at the art of war, in the all too common and expected event, that the day would come that they would be forced into action. Life in a hard and brutal time is not certa [...]

  • S.C. Skillman

    A brilliant evocation of the conflicts and challenges that faced the people of Dark Age Britain. The extended battle scenes between the Romano-British (whom the author refers to as Welsh) and the incoming Anglo-Saxons are powerfuly described. I found the story a little slow in getting off the ground at first, as the author sets the scene but then the action takes over and we are swept along by Cerdic's tale and intrigued by the Welsh slave Aedann, and the question of where his loyalty lies. High [...]

  • Rebecca

    It is well done for what it is. Very well written. The lower rating is entirely due to my personal taste, which does not run to copious detailed description of battles and death. I expect it would easily get 5 from someone with different preferences.

  • Darrell D. Warner

    CaptivatedKept my interest all the way. The story caught me up and kept me going on, this could have been the story of my ancestors.

  • Thomas Walsh

    The Amber Treasure by Richard DenningPublished March 2010 by Mercia Books Category: Historical FictionLong before we read a word of “The Amber Treasure” the ardent and tedious research done by the author becomes evident. Richard Denning provides the reader with place names, maps, and a bibliography for further reading. These items give us an insight into Sixth Century England, and the Anglo-Saxons, just after the Roman Occupation, where the novel takes place.For a Yank, like me, this periphe [...]

  • L.A.

    Article first published as Book Review: The Amber Treasure (Book One of the Northern Crown Series) by Richard Denning on Blogcritics. In a wonderful novel from the depths of the dark ages, we follow the life of a young man, Cerdic, born to a family of warriors. In a time of epic battles, where heroes and warriors reigned supreme, we travel the trails of a group of warriors, hoping only to maintain their hold on their homes. Set in the Kingdom of Northumbria, and littered with places and people b [...]

  • Pat Roberts

    While not the caliber of Bernard Cornwall historical fiction, this is not a bad read. In fact, I may continue checking in on the various characters who were fleshed out well so the reader could create a bond with them. Of course not all the characters in subsequent books will show up. This is a story of war and conquesta price is paid in the form of human life.

  • Brian Wilkerson

    A Trickster Eric Novels reviewRichard Denning asked me to read his novel "The Amber Treasure". It takes place in fifth-sixth century British Isles and involves territory wars between the Saxons and the Romano-Britons. I will examine plot, characters and polish and then assign a gradeOTThere are two plot threads here, personal and impersonal, and they are skillfully woven together. On one hand, the protagonist is looking to rescue his sister and retrieve a family heirloom, but on the other hand, [...]

  • Gary Sedivy

    Before there was England, there were the small tribes and kingdoms, the Saxons, the Angles, and the Welch. This story is set about 600 A.D. According to the author, most historical records are lost. Only a few places and names of,kings still exist, without much flesh on the bones.This is a pretty good tale of battles between some the tribes, told in the first person. The teller is a young teenager, whose father is a lord of a minor town. They raided by some Welch warlords, who want their country [...]

  • Sabrina

    Cerdic was my idea of a warrior. He wasn't made perfect and drool worthy, he was just a boy with dreams of becoming a warrior, as most boys his age, not realizing the horrors of war.Unfortunately for him, his dream comes true all too soon and not only does he have to fight, but he has to step into the leadership role very quickly. What is a boy/young man to do?! He made mistakes, lots of them. Some got people killed, others you just shook your head at, but the point is, it's a normal progression [...]

  • Terriann Rea-gaustad

    This story takes place in a time that isn't much written about so that makes it interesting to start. The Saxons are still fighting the Welsh, and it was a rude, crude, violent time in history. There was really only one true surprise in the plot for me, but I wasn't bored at all reading it. I finished it in 2 days because it kept me so interested that I carried my Kindle everywhere with me and read more at every opportunity. That's pretty rare for me, so that was a clear sign that I really enjoy [...]

  • John Mccormick

    A quality readI will be honest prior to reading this book I had never heard of this author but having bought an Fire having previously always been an hardcopy reader, I was looking to download some books to give it a try. being were quick to offer some suggestions, and I selected half a dozen at the excellent price of nothing yes Free, but there's a famous saying there is no such thing as a free meal, well in my case as an avid reader there is no such thing as a free book. Yes the books were c [...]

  • Linda

    This author gets a good, solid three stars from me. His mechanics of good writing are fine. He knows his subject, and he knows where he wants to take the reader. I was never tripped by the plot, names, titles or places, which was a miracle for me. I do like this author's style. His chief characters have room to grow.In sixth century England, the Welsh were fairly well established. The massive immigration from the continent of loosely connected tribes had pushed the Welsh westward where they rema [...]

  • Jonathan Widell

    The parallels with the Lord of the Rings and the six movies it has spawned so far are so strong that I have to say that this book reads more like a novel that some near- anonymous writer has penned based on a movie (which is what was done with Star Wars) than a book that somebody would make a movie of. One does not feel immersed in the period. The prose is too straightforward and factual. Expressions such as "grinning like an idiot" or "smiling stupidly" sound too modern and insipid. The author [...]

  • Michael Derczo

    I found this novel to be thoroughly enjoyable. It represented the essence of historical fiction. Within the obvious detailed research about the Dark Ages in the United Kingdom, Richard Denning has done a superb job in bringing each of the characters to life in this absorbing tale. Cerdic, the protagonist, I related to as he grows in so many ways, particularly as a person of honor and a respected leader. The book portrays convincing the human dimension of the time period whose history has been la [...]

  • Beverly McCall

    This historical fiction by Richard Denning does an excellent job in detailing life in the Dark Ages as we witness the coming of age of the protagonist, Cerdic, and his close friends during the sixth century waring period between English and Welsh. After having their lands taken away and enduring lives under the domination o the English, the Welsh tribes unite to push back the foreign invaders. I like the way Denning uses Cerdic's eye witness accounts as the voice. We get experience firsthand the [...]

  • Patricia

    The waning years of the 6th century were chaotic, dark and bloody as the Welsh and Anglo-Saxon forces fought to control the area we now call Northumbria. Boys dreamed of becoming warriors but when young Ceddic and his friends go to war they learn the harsh reality that many men are killed or wounded.This novel reads like a story told by bards and it has a 'narrative' feel. The author has several favorite phrases and repeats them often enough that after a word or two you almost anticipate the end [...]

  • Keith McArdle

    I'm a big fan of historical fiction, having read Bernard Cornwell's Saxon series, Agincourt and Sharpe series, I stumbled upon Richard Denning. The Amber Treasure is the first book of his that I have read (or am reading) and I'm impressed. It is easy to see that this author has a deep knowledge of the history of Britain and this lends an authenticity to the characters that brings them to life. Have thoroughly enjoyed this book! Recommended for any fans of Bernard Cornwell.

  • Tanzanite

    A nice coming of age story set in 6th century Britain that focuses on a group of young men who yearn for war only to find that it’s not as glorious as they thought it would be. Touching on love, friendship, betrayal and courage, it could easily be for a young adult. I enjoyed the story and cared about what was going to happen next but it was rather lacking in historical details.

  • deeann linford

    Interesting look into dark ages historyGood story telling, the tempo was kept up throughout the book. The look into the lives, loves, battles, courage, and politics of the dark ages was thought provoking. This a good clean read for young adults on up. War scenes, killing, blood, and violence present.

  • Carol and Gary Curtis

    Good story. It was mostly a tale of fighting armies through the eyes of the lord's son but still full of action. I would have rated the book a four star but there was little outside of the conflict to be interested in but still a good story.

  • Tim Schiraldi

    Fun book about the Britons and Anglo-Saxons in the 6th century. not much is recorded or known for sure about the happenings during this period, but the author weaves an interesting and believable story about the wars, people, and life in the age. On to book two - Child of Loki.

  • Donald Houston

    History at its best!Denning has made obscure history come alive! Little is taught of the history of the Angles or the Welsh in England. This Brook foes DSO in an interesting and well researched yarn!

  • R.B. Nease

    This is the first book in a long time that I just couldnt finish. I got through five chapters before I had to give up on it. Because I couldnt finish it I wont rate it, it just might not be my cup of tea is all.